September 14th, 2014

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59 Responses to “worldly”

  1. worldly is where you like to explore the world a lot

    By drew riddley on 09.15.2014

  2. of the world

    By grounsell on 09.15.2014

  3. she fits 3 times around the world. wrapped tight, her limbs locked together, she feels safe. she likes to watch people walk past – if she’s positioned just right she sees them walk past her navel, look back in confusion for a moment, and then continue on, having convinced themselves they were making it up.

    By ella on 09.15.2014

  4. there i saw a man doing things to wordly

    By star on 09.15.2014

  5. I counted about three and a half minutes before Amelia brought up one of her worldly experiences. My guests could barely get a word in edgewise before she flicked her pedantic wrist and continued on a yarn about her transcendent six days in India, steamrolling any polite interjections that failed to steer the conversation elsewhere.

    By asavas on 09.15.2014

  6. Wordly wise. That’s what they said that one becomes with age. However, those whoever came up with that did not have a family member with Alzheimer’s.

    By Roobaroo on 09.15.2014

  7. A worldly point of view is when people think of earthly things, such as clothes, money, toys, etc. It is best not to be stuck on these worldly things.

    By Aeimer22 on 09.15.2014

  8. oh where oh where can my baby be?
    the lord took her away from me
    she has gone to heaven so i have got to be good
    so i can see my baby when i leave…this world

    By Benjawan Tang on 09.15.2014

  9. She stopped in that instant and within a blink of an eye she was captivated. His love was all she could think about, and it was anything but worldly. She breathed in him, and from that moment forward, lived only for him

    By Belle URL on 09.15.2014

  10. These rooms, full of paperbacks and origami, so banal in their decay. I was never fond of my grandfather’s study but inside it the very destillate of his person remained, long after that 6 foot coffin decended into the damp glistening earth.

    By berenique on 09.15.2014

  11. yes. wordly. that is the word.

    Worlds apart and now were birds
    how could anyone be a turd if worlds are worlds and turd are turds?
    but wait, we are not worlds, the only alternative is we are turds
    this is the hard truth of life, when turds and worlds and strife and knife.
    but who is purple and who is green?
    is salad green? is it also mean?
    but what about other things that we see, lets talk about those
    lets speak about toes
    I have ten but you have nine? why is that when you’re so fine?
    nevermind you are not fine, i see your pain and ill raise you mine
    I’ve been abused ive been refused but most of all Ive been confused
    though all of this is nothing when, you are just a turd.
    and I am just a bird.
    and together we live in this great big world
    so we call ourselves worldly.

    lets talk about worldly

    yes. worldly that is the word

    By yes URL on 09.15.2014

  12. cultured. Being able to travel and take-in cultures while being able to see everything with a new perspective. Someone who can empathize and take that new perspective to apply it to their own lives/culture/world view. Someone with multiple world views.

    By Courtney on 09.15.2014

  13. i don’t know what to white, never been one at good whit all that worldly stuff.
    As you speak, i can hear the words swim so easily out of your mouth and others mouths too and i wonder whats its like, to be able.

    By emil on 09.15.2014

  14. Lack lustre-
    Soulless, energy sucking void-
    Do not creep where I sleep
    Do not tread where I dare to walk

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 09.15.2014

  15. well i could not think of anythink about it. all i know is a man with knowledge of many works is worldly. he will be able to have a upper edge in any conversation because of his knowledge.

    By xxyyzz99 on 09.15.2014

  16. sometimes you make me sick. so sick that i would like to throw you in a fuckin ditch.. bitch. but anyway, you are much more than that, you make me want to live. i miss you..

    By jimbo on 09.15.2014

  17. there’s no words in my world.
    Worldly isn’t a word what i could use of me.
    What are they, really? Just screams in the wind.

    By fail on 09.15.2014

  18. a word that describes words. i actually have no idea what to write about here. I don’t even know what is this word about. i give up.

    By Christy on 09.15.2014

  19. I believe that I am quite worldly in that I have traveled extensively and am quite well read. However, today with the internet maybe one doesn’t even need to travel to be worldly.

    By Elizabeth on 09.15.2014