December 16th, 2015

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46 Responses to “united”

  1. The family stood at the edge of the cliff. Their arms were wrapped around each other as they formed a continious line, mother, father, daughter, son, and uncle. Each of them knewe the commitment they had made, each one knew the consequence of what it was they had decided to do together.

    By Murray Ingram URL on 12.16.2015

  2. oh my gosh , what this united? i don’t know , but i writing about the zombies, zombies is a green and blue , have a lot blood of the moth

    By Bárbara URL on 12.16.2015

  3. united states of america is where im from im an american dick big for sure i didnt mean too though is wasntalways this easy

    By jared sanchez on 12.16.2015

  4. What weapon can we use against such evil in the world? What can possibly help us defeat something so unbearably malicious that neither words or thoughts can fathom it?

    Something can help. There’s something that can be used; the greatest weapon of all, in fact. We are united. United together as one, all over the planet; united in hope, not fear. And that is what we will use to conquer the evil. We’ll never be broken, so long as we are united.

    By Pookie Fethers URL on 12.16.2015

  5. United in us. United States of America. United Nations. It’s all about being together; going through life as one. Yet, secrecy and untold plots still taint the atmosphere like a sour scent in the clean air. What does united mean if discord still creeps in like a vine and jealousy scars and masks what is true? The price of united is steep. Acceptance and tolerance are seeds that take centuries to bloom and sprout and form a union. The gardener must first uproot the greed and fear that divides unity before planting the seeds of peace and togetherness. The gardener will be waiting for a while, for unity, like the cedar, does not grow quickly.

    By Teeny Duckie URL on 12.16.2015

  6. Together we stand at the gates of our hell. Fed up with the anxiety. Whether we die or live on, this day will always be remembered as the day our courage stood strong. No matter what be on the other side, the ones beside us are stronger.

    By Rachel on 12.16.2015

  7. “I hardly find this country united at all these days,” grumbled Vincent, a sentiment all too familiar and all too common among practically everyone I knew. “Everything is polarized. Liberals become more liberal, conservatives become more conservative. The enemy line is drawn. Forget terrorism or nuclear warfare; the real conflict is at home.

    “What ever happened to flesh and blood?” he continued, swirling his glass of gin.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.16.2015

  8. United under one god, they said. United as one, they said. United as equals, they said. Except for most, they specified.

    By Sam Filbet on 12.16.2015

  9. They used to say that we were united as equals. She never believed that. She believed in fighting for the war, and remembering to wear your mask.

    By Sam Filbet URL on 12.16.2015

  10. United we stand, United we fight. United are are, United I light. But once the light leaves the sky, are we still United at night?

    By Ambrosia Anderson on 12.16.2015

  11. today, I had Chinese.

    Life is never more fun than when you’re the underdog competing against the giants.

    Doesn’t this seem like a quote about depression?

    By babington on 12.16.2015

  12. we stand drunk I fall
    into the wall
    because I dont care
    and i dont care at all
    not because
    im not a fool
    and not because
    I went to school
    but only cause
    I think I’m cool

    By Colton Adrian URL on 12.16.2015

  13. People say that is our nation. I care nothing for americanism. At least, I don’t want to. I hear about trump and bushy and Isis and how United are we really? If we are so unkind to each other? I want to feel that united feeling. Like I can hold hands with anybody in this country and feel that i can.

    By Lisa on 12.16.2015

  14. Separation is something we all have experienced. In our waking life, our eyes wandering the faces of strangers hoping for recognition. We wander. They wander. But we do not notice their stares either. We are blind, and they are blind, by our own search.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 12.16.2015

  15. “United we stand.” She thought it was funny how the words came to mind while staring at a broken flag pole, bent from the force of protesters.

    By Ann URL on 12.16.2015

  16. “United we stand,” she thought it was funny how the words came to mind while staring at a broken flag pole, bent from the force of protesters.

    By Ann on 12.16.2015

  17. United we stand, so the adage goes. But what does it take for such different parts to fit into a whole? The process of coming together isn’t as easy as a jigsaw puzzle with neatly cut holes and knobs. We have to iron out our differences, buff the rough edges until they can sit side by side, within one another.

    By Ashi URL on 12.16.2015

  18. god this year has been trouble
    the divided mind united untied and tried
    to unify, the sighs the lines opined
    never meant to make a big deal
    but nothing kinda came up
    so the little deals became big
    all the things that never quite mattered
    became bigger than nothing
    background back then back again

    By matt on 12.16.2015

  19. United we stand divided we fall. What does that even mean at all. I can’t explain, but there is nothing more to tell. The hacking of time would begin and end without a care. I can’t disarm what hasn’t been elucidated. I can’t charm without a hand in the

    By Crazypen on 12.17.2015

  20. work together and complete a task
    form a group to complete an exclusive task or come out together to have the work done

    By Rahul Gop on 12.17.2015

  21. United, or untied, what will it be? When they come, will we stand together, or will we fray like old string, too brittle and scared and forgetful of our purpose? There isn’t any question. We will be united, because if we are not together now, we will be no more.

    By FuMashu URL on 12.17.2015

  22. ‘We are united’ he claimed, despite everyone saying that they weren’t. That was the problem: the press was always hounding them and speculating and trying to bring them down and reporting bad things when really they should be getting behind them. To sum up. Nobody thought anyone was united.

    By Steve O URL on 12.17.2015

  23. Heartache to heartache we stand. She paused the video and ran for the door. A mail carrier had her sign for the box, and it was dragged back inside. Oh what was it this time? The champagne had been ridiculous, but this was getting pathetic. After finding some scissors and tearing through the bubble wrap, she discovered his latest trick.

    By Stephanie Y URL on 12.17.2015

  24. Thats a good word i think for todays society. We are not united as a people at all.Everyone is becoming more hated to other races and it is sad that we have set ourselves back so much. We need to remember that we all bleed the same color and if we get to know each other we might just realize that we have more in common. We need to stop pointing fingers and help those who need it.

    By Nina Negron on 12.17.2015

  25. The ties that held them together were stronger every day, and yet the distance between them seemed to grow more expansive. It was a contradiction of terms. It never occurred to her that perhaps he didn’t quite notice it, either.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 12.17.2015

  26. They stood in a single file line, a true reflection of unity. Even through all of the turmoil brought upon these people, they loved each other and supported each other like no other group ever has. They are a people who are truly admirable.

    By Outsider URL on 12.17.2015

  27. When the first suicide bomber on U.S. soil struck, there was mandate from the people for Congress to put aside their partisan bickering. Left, right, independent, the President called for a united coalition. Politicians on both sides wore their most cooperative expressions, biding their time until the people forgot and they could get back to business as usual.

    By Soft URL on 12.17.2015

  28. Until all the people of this world are united, whether we agree with their beliefs or not, we will never know peace.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.17.2015

  29. together we are all one in America, no matter what color our skin is or what we look like we are one united family

    By skyler69 URL on 12.17.2015

  30. together– of one mind– loyalty– I love this word– we need unity in ourselves and in our world. there is too much separation– focusing on the differences not the similarities.

    By magster URL on 12.17.2015

  31. united we stand… divided we fall! <3

    By Alexyss Jacobs on 12.17.2015

  32. One day there was a girl. She was alone for the most part. She had one close friend though. The two were united very deeply. They were almost always together. But the one girl, named Casey, was depressed. She felt horrible almost every day.
    The only time she was happy was when she was around the other girl, named Kayla. But even that sometimes didn’t help. It was hard for Casey. Her parents were divorced, and she had just lost her cat, named Isabelle. Isabelle had been her best friend, and now she was gone. Her last meow had been like a question, asking why she was being taken there, when could they go home?

    By Lauren Zrowka URL on 12.17.2015

  33. There was a girl who was in love with flags… she had alot of flags… Her show was fun with flags.

    By Meeo on 12.17.2015

  34. We stand united as a family. We don’t like each other. We just tolerate waking up to each other’s faces and then accept that we have to spend out precious time on this earth with shitty people that we don’t like.

    By Polly URL on 12.17.2015

  35. together
    we stand and fall and build and rise back up again
    we are one, we are all we are back from our fall
    in light in darkness
    in shadowy blankness
    we are united.

    By Mala Ramos URL on 12.17.2015

  36. We are a choir, singing familiar Christmas carols
    The voices, we have practiced for months
    to get the precise harmonies
    There was no sides, no division
    All the voices are needed to hear
    the complete message, united.

    By Silvercchile URL on 12.17.2015

  37. Один, сплоченный, союз чего то или кого то, общий.

    By Владимир on 12.17.2015

  38. together we stand united, free and strong because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us free and strong.amen.

    By i am crazy URL on 12.17.2015

  39. united my heart longs to become. united my family thrives to be. united my community aches to become. united my nation used to be. united this world shall once day exit.

    By Montse on 12.17.2015

  40. united, as in united states. how ironic. this is one of the most divided countries on the planet. Its so divided that there are multiple worlds existing here at once, but invisible to each other, like different dimensions, defined by class, race and/or ethnic identity, age and gender, and political philosophies. It’s not a different perspective, its a different life and a different reality. people in the USA don’t get along, for the most part and don’t help each other, and are anything but united.

    By kristen on 12.17.2015