December 17th, 2015

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30 Responses to “shaken”

  1. i’m shaken because of an earthquake caused by groudon the legendary pokemon and the sun is scorching so we all are baken.

    By D.A.T guy on 12.17.2015

  2. “Hey! Hey, you!”

    At first, I didn’t know who was talking to me. I was still lifting myself up from the pavement, not sure if it had been a bicyclist or a bison that had bowled me over. When my vision cleared up just enough, I saw my classmate Marshall limp up to me. He had always had a bad leg.

    “You there!” Marshall said as he helped me to a bench. “You okay?”

    “Yeah, fine,” I murmured. “Just a little shaken up, is all.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.17.2015

  3. Esmeralda grasped the glittering golden statue, so small, it hardly fit into the palm of her hand. All was still; unusually still. The statue glowed in the dim, flickering light from her torch. She brought it close to her face, and could see her greed reflected on its shiny surface. Just then, a deep, unearthly groan penetrated the atmosphere. Pieces of debris fell from the temple ceiling, as if they had been shaken loose by the hands of some celestial immortal. Esmeralda tucked the golden idol in her messenger bag and immediately tensed, hearing another deep moan, but this time it was beneath her. She drew her small dagger and held it, feigning bravery and toughness, with her right hand, and the flashing torch in her left. Suddenly, the ground split and yawned open, like a tremendous mouth. Esmeralda wobbled, unbalanced and attempted to steady herself. She pitched forward and the idol rolled out of her bag. With her mouth open wide, and unable to do anything, but grasp at the empty space, she watched as the marvelous golden statue tumbled into the dark depths, forever belonging to the sacred temple.

    By Teeny Duckie on 12.17.2015

  4. I was shaken from my core, from the essence of my being. I was being uprooted and there was nothing I could do about it. My views were shifting and my eyes became new; they lost the little shards of devil’s glass that once owned me. The Snow Queen had let me go. In front of me was my best friend, the one I loved first, and behind me was the snow queen, the ice in her eyes melting into tears.

    By bugubugu on 12.17.2015

  5. hans christian anderson snow queen inspired

    By bugubugu on 12.17.2015

  6. I was shaken out of my sleep by a great hurricane. No, I was not a little girl from Kansas, and this story does not involve any witch, flying monkey or great impostors. Well — maybe a little bit of impostoring. But that was from me: I was the grown ass man shaken out of his sleep by a hurricane who ended up having to care for a lost child and its pet.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 12.17.2015

  7. bouncy, bad if done to a child, good for chicken, we shake salt from a salt shaker. Sometimes when people are nervous or cold they will shake

    By jk on 12.17.2015

  8. I was shaken. The call was bad. It came from a credible source–the doctor. They had put her in Hospice; we know what that means. Shaken. No. More then shaken, trembling with fear. It couldn’t be. She was too young, too new, too full of life. Too loved by me.

    By jk on 12.17.2015

  9. i looked into his eyes. his blue eyes were as cold as the ice they resembled. i felt my muscles contract repeatedly as i shook in his presence. he didn’t love me. it was over.

    By m on 12.17.2015

  10. A decade of
    trauma – of
    mixed messages &
    less than

    I’d nearly
    given up
    at least

    a day.

    by me
    by us
    by good
    bye –
    woke up
    one day &


    By dinamspice URL on 12.17.2015

  11. I am shaken by love. By Its unbelievable power yet complexity.

    By crystal URL on 12.17.2015

  12. i am shaken by the fact that apology is hard to ask for and forgiveness is equally hard to be given. Where does it end? if it has to end in peace. and not by dismay? How can one not be shaken by the experience of which the destination is forgiveness or dismay.

    By Prasita URL on 12.18.2015

  13. The thing was clearly shaken, its brother or sister squashed flat on the driveway and crawling with ants while the chick they looked at stared into the road.

    By FuMashu on 12.18.2015

  14. im shaken cause i unable to come to terms with whats my reality i believe i can be but its not for me im interested in it all and i know i can so whats the problem with the system i shaken cause im not sure whats the next step but im willing to jump in and be shaken again and again cause im here to live to take to make and to shake al

    By Roderick Gordon on 12.18.2015

  15. She was shaken by his warmth, his tight grip of love, so suffocating yet wanting. She held on as her knees grew weak, she was in his control. There is no escape now. All she could, was. shake.

    By Keira on 12.18.2015

  16. bad news– unpleasant surprises — disappointments– chicken covering :)

    By magster on 12.18.2015

  17. If you’d
    poured me
    smooth, I would have
    so gently glided down –
    Didn’t I promise
    you a sweet

    I was shaken
    to oblivion – crash &
    crack & then you wonder
    why I walk a crooked
    line when we are

    By dinamspice URL on 12.18.2015

  18. He was shaken by the magnitude of his life. He had manifested for almost 18 months to get the means to live the life he wanted and finally succeeded. The world would just from this minute.

    By trkstr67 on 12.18.2015

  19. I am alive. I am trembling.I am afraid. I don’t know. But I don’t want slow save contentedeness. I want this. I am shaking.

    By Mai-Lee on 12.18.2015

  20. She thought all that sweet talk wouldn’t even budge an inch on where she sat, but as the evening went on, she found herself shaken by his captivating charm. She made it a point before the night ends that she would tell him that he should do something about the trembling she was feeling later tonight.

    By nom de luc URL on 12.18.2015

  21. There are so many things that have shaken me from delusions of what I thought I knew. Mostly loss, but also love, and discovery. I guess sometimes you have to be shaken of your former self to grow to a newer one. Shaking off old hurt, philosophies, ways of dealing can be a great thing if what grows beneath it is something more evolved.

    By mutecalliope on 12.18.2015

  22. David remained silent as his mother reappeared to take her morning coffee. He tried not to stare at her tight face, ashen from dried tears. Her hands trembled as she poured the cream, and he had swallow down the apology threatening to spill from his lips. “I still love you. Of course I do. You’re my son. Just give me some time to get used to it,” she whispered. He bowed his head and nodded.

    By Soft URL on 12.18.2015

  23. I was shaken to discover that I wasn’t a single thing. That I was many, like pixels or a face in a broken mirror.

    By St Vitus on 12.18.2015

  24. what was shaken was never quite known to those sitting in the room. Was the building, the earth or was their reality. Time would only reveal the apparent.

    By Montse on 12.18.2015

  25. I was shaken when I saw the scary game of cat and mouse and how the evil cat came down from his empire and played a trick on the people of his town. The evil cat ended up being really nice in the end. I should not have been scared.

    By Lisa on 12.18.2015

  26. “I hope this hasn’t shaken you up too bad.” “I’ll be ok, just need a minute.” “I am sorry though, I had it all planned out, how I was going to tell you. What I would say, how I would say it, how you would react. It’s all different than the plan.”

    By PlanetEarth on 12.18.2015

  27. foolish confidence
    believing in love
    running without eyes
    into clouds of incense
    so beautiful it
    doesn’t seem real

    By katiekieran URL on 12.18.2015

  28. i’m shaken the snow globe and making a lot of snow in the fake land and then stop to see the snow falling slowly.

    By D.A.T guy on 12.18.2015

  29. This has happened to you, and you’ve overcome it. You’ve thought, “What the hell just happened?” And if you were lucky, it wasn’t anything that lasted for too long. Maybe turbulence during a flight, or someone running a stop sign and hitting your car, but you’re all okay or maybe you’re standing at the counter of a store one day, and the person next to you, who was just talking about how bad she’d been feeling yesterday, and how much better she feels today, collapses right there and by the time the ambulance gets there, she’s not there any more. Just like that. Nothing really touching you too much; you can come back from that. And then there’s the other kind. The kind that superstitious people won’t even write about because we all know what kind of shaken that is, too.

    By nyla on 12.18.2015

  30. “…not stirred?” the bartender impishly quips as he shakes the cocktail tumbler.

    Personally, I don’t give a damn as I’m not ordering this drink. Rather the guy next to me is trying to show off for this single mom type he probably found on some social media app or website under the lonely hearts section, re: “Could you be…?” Or maybe he swiped right when he meant to swipe left and is making the best of it. Desperation drives the lonely into the other’s arms.

    As for me?

    I gave up martinis awhile ago, what’s the point of pretending this scene means anything…if you’ve ever wanted someone with the clarity of a thousand suns, then no drink will ever dull the ache of what is not.

    All sobering thoughts are the ultimate in buzzkills.

    By Quicksilver Screen on 12.18.2015