December 16th, 2015

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46 Responses to “united”

  1. We talk about being united – a united front, a united movement, a united people. Well, this is rather bullsh*t, if I say so myself. It’s one thing to claim unity, and another to actually show it. When push comes to shove, unions, and unity don’t seem to matter. It becomes every person for his or herself. It may sound cynical, but all this talk of being united is never actually put into practice.

    By Marni on 12.17.2015

  2. When we stand together, indifferent to our differences, united in our love for our families and children, entitled to our religious beliefs, and unbending in our intolerance for injustice, poverty and hatred or the denial of freedom to all human beings and their right to exist in peace, then we will be one.

    By nyla on 12.17.2015

  3. united by the master builder putuveous the old guy

    By Jenny on 12.17.2015

  4. united by the master builder putuveous the old guy with the sucker as a staff and emit a dummy / smart guy

    By Jenny on 12.17.2015

  5. “…think maybe I better ask…well it’s true that we loved one another…..well love really bores me…you know I gave that horse a carrot so he’d break your foot…will the two of you cut it out and tell’em what it’s really all…”

    We keep losing reception through the mountain passes, not that I needed it to know the words lost to the ether. It’s whatever. In the back seat one of the dogs yawns and whines. “No worries, pet.” I whisper so no one wakes up, “things are gonna look up soon enough. It just takes time.”

    By Quicksilver Screen on 12.17.2015

  6. hmm…
    not sure what to write but hear goes
    the dog and cat joined forces to defeat the evil T-rex

    well i did it and still have time so i will just type things
    boom boom boom

    By Ellie howard on 12.17.2015