December 15th, 2015

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98 Responses to “blurred”

  1. not shiny, scary, fog, smog, frog, log, rhymes are cool. I am a pillow, I like the color yellow because all the people say ayoo i like mayo. Red is the color of the day it dosent matter if you’re blurred or delayed! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    By Ryan Bartel on 12.16.2015

  2. I woke up dazed from what I am looking at I was confused where I was not knowing where to go or what to do. I sat there in the staring at the blurred picture it urged me looking at it just wasn’t right and I knew that. After all that time I was hit with a rock and fell down in a well and I was dead.

    By Aidan Beck on 12.16.2015

  3. Mine.

    By Aidan Beck on 12.16.2015

  4. The identity unknown hiding always behind the fuzzy messed up space. Only a few people know what’s behind. Some say its just a face some say it’s a criminal. It is unknown what behind the blurred spot.

    By Logan C on 12.16.2015

  5. Thank you for your time have a nice day

    By Aidan Beck on 12.16.2015

  6. I was in a middle of a edit I was in video star than I saw it! the blurred effect it almost made me cry I used it and loved it and ill never forget that day! I used it on Golden Tate when he destroyed the stupid cowboys it blurred right as he hit him!! then came the cc lens and it was beautiful.

    By Tyler boyum on 12.16.2015

  7. There I was standing in school when this blurred vision came on. It was weird, I couldn’t see anything, all I could see was fuzzy stuff. I could hear but couldn’t see. What comes to your mind when you think of the word “blurred”? I think of blurred vision.

    By Caitlin on 12.16.2015

  8. The world blurred in front of me as I stumbled into my house. Well, it is not my house but I am staying here for a while. I didn’t want to stay here, but I had no choice.

    By Carissa l on 12.16.2015

  9. When I was walking in my apartment someone problem 5 rooms to my left started to scream. I’m a vampire and don’t show up on cameras, however the cameras must have a heat source detector in them, there for it can detect my heat, however I’m more blurred on a normal camera. Then I heard sirens and knew it was all over. – Na’ama M.

    By Na'ama M on 12.16.2015

  10. My vision is blurred when I don’t wear my glasses but I don’t like to wear them so vision is always a little blurred. I don’t like to wear my glasses so don’t make me let me have my blurry vision.

    By Josie H on 12.16.2015

  11. unable to see or be seen clearly

    By Jaime K. on 12.16.2015

  12. ? hello ? hello ?

    By Tyler boyum on 12.16.2015

  13. hi

    By Ryan Bartel on 12.16.2015

  14. how I feel about life situations– not seeing them clearly but obscured– like I can’t make a clear vision appear–

    By magster on 12.16.2015

  15. a blur in your face dark scary blur

    By Jenny on 12.16.2015

  16. the lines were blurred…they usually are. nothing is concrete, right? there’s always room for interpretation of the lines. not black. not white. not even gray area…just blurred. wonder if they will become clear later? no way to tell I guess….

    By heyitsme on 12.16.2015

  17. It wasn’t my place to speculate as to why his expression seemed pained. Maybe it’s the casting of shadows that hint at a frown, did I do something I shouldn’t have? I can’t tell, has my perception of this event been blurred? I think my vision is perfect, my eyes are dialed in at 20/20. Now in hindsight, have I misread the creases? Why do I feel as if I am sinking too…

    By Quicksilver Screen on 12.16.2015

  18. One day a banana peeled.The banana was embarrassed and cried his way out of school.he got an office referral for skipping class.Then he decided to be emo and wound up in an alley for the rest of his life.He was addicted to eating trash and was allergic to the light.He was rotten,mushy,and had mold growing on him.One day the sun told the banana”Come out and play”.He rejected it and died sad,alone,depressed,and addictive.

    By Tyler Rickenbach URL on 12.17.2015