July 31st, 2014

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45 Responses to “turtle”

  1. Slow and steady wins the race.
    Slow and steady.

    So I am here. Turtling along at a steady pace.

    Patience was never a virtue of mine.

    By Audrey on 07.31.2014

  2. turtle dove, turtle love.
    slowly walks upon the earth
    gently giving birth
    the sky is blue
    the love is true
    turtle dove, turtle dove
    where art thou love?
    can you hear me?

    By Nanda on 07.31.2014

  3. “Slow and steady wins the race,” as people have generally said.
    It’s a common quote, one that is well known around the world.
    What never ceases to surprise me, however, is how many lack to actually follow this oh-so known reaching.
    Everyone’s always rushing from place to place nowadays, but do they take time to enjoy theirselves or their surroundings.
    Not usually, no.

    By Em on 07.31.2014

  4. Little blue green will-o-the-wisp darting through the coral. Turtle has to take care he wasn’t spotted by a hungry giant. Life was so hazardous! He had a number of bolt holds to dash into if things got too hot. Red coral 9 o’clock behind fat anenome. Pink coral 2 o’clock behind clam shell. Rock crevice 7o’clock below elephant head coral.

    By LittleLoui on 07.31.2014

  5. As he slowly stretches out his neck, second by second each tan wrinkle smoothed into a salty swathe, the blue moon rises from the East. He can taste the forever night on his red, flat tongue. His eyelids close with a last glimpse of the disappearing sun.

    By Emily URL on 07.31.2014

  6. A shell, a body, and a few limbs. The anatomy of a turtle. Well, turtles are kind of like us, in the sense that we are self-centered and make absolutely everything about ourselves. Much like turtles, we are very unaware that our protection will sometimes be our undoing.

    By James on 07.31.2014

  7. Jonas made his way on to the stage and stood in the middle under a blinding spotlight. He reminded me of a baby turtle trying to make its way out to sea. He moved quickly, then stopped and turned around, unsure of which way to go. He looked awkward and startled, and had only the slimmest hope of surviving.

    By bb333 on 07.31.2014

  8. Why do I always get the word turtle? What is there so cool about turtles? Maybe I should ask a real one, out in the wild. Not WildTurtle, that’s a different thing, or well, a different guy. I wonder how he would do out in the wild, burying it’s eggs in the sand and letting them grow there until they where old enough to swim to the safety of the ocean.

    By Rita on 07.31.2014

  9. “I used to have a pet turtle,” said Timmy, “but he died. So now I have a hamster.”

    “Quite a change, huh?” asked his teacher. Mister Hammerstein.

    Timmy shrugged, chewing on a wad of peanut butter and banana. “I like both. One day, though, I want a snake. One that’ll wrap around my shoulders like a big, squirmy scarf. And I could look all cool and scary, and maybe the grown-ups would respect me a little bit more.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.31.2014

  10. Can I write about turtles and forget about you for the first time in a long time? How I never see you, don’t know where to find you, as if you disappeared inside some invisible shell? As if you were a character in an uninked graphic novel? A dream sunk beneath the surface of the pond?

    By Ella Emma Em on 07.31.2014

  11. Squidge along the sand brave little turtle. It’s not happy with it’s lot in life and it wants to sieve salt whilst it still can. Squidge along!

    By Richard Hales on 07.31.2014

  12. turtles are patience. they are old and rested and rusty. a turtle reaches a kind of Enlightment in a way humans struggle to because while a human actively persists against nature, a turtle simply is.

    By irina on 07.31.2014

  13. He looked at it through the window while pouring the pad thai noodles into the strainer. The hot water seeped over the sink and onto his bare feet. Hopping around he scrambled out the door and took out his phone. He could see it slowly strutting away. It waddled. He took a picture and the turtle looked back at him. Not the lens. But him.

    By DMM URL on 07.31.2014

  14. turtle is slow but steady. they are weak but strong. they are timid but adventurous.

    By June on 07.31.2014

  15. “He found a turtle when he was playing outside, and now he refuses to put it back.”
    “What? Is he going to try to have it as a pet?”
    “That’s what he’s decided! And I don’t want to go through that. I don’t like having anything other than cats in the room.”
    “Yeah, we can’t have a wild turtle in the house.”

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 07.31.2014

  16. i used to want to be a sea turtle, until i realized that they live for so long.

    By ANM on 07.31.2014

  17. it is almost always looked as a dumb animal
    even in the tortoise and the hare, he kind of won by accident
    maybe we don’t give it credit, maybe i don’t give it credit
    maybe that isn’t a bad thing

    By Michael on 07.31.2014

  18. Joanne (only her sister called her “Jojo”) chewed on her turtle neck sweater as she listened to the phone message again. Her sister sounded like she always did; rational, calm, practical; but that was just her words. Her voice sounded scared. Joanne spent the rest of the night dialling her sister’s mobile, her apartment, every contact she had for her sister, but got nothing. As dawn came she tried her sister’s workplace. They said she had not come in for three days.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.31.2014

  19. Having spent the better part of her morning digging around in her closet in search of a turtleneck whose existence she was only vaguely certain of, it was fair to say that Elsa wasn’t exactly in what you could call the ‘best’ mood.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.31.2014

  20. The boy sat in his dull beige armchair, plain, thick book held right up to his fashionable glasses. He withdrew from reality, not because he wanted to, but because he didn’t want reality to try to talk to him. It would be uncomfortable.

    By a terrible poet on 07.31.2014

  21. they are water dwelling and also land dwelling they have hard shells they can retreat into when threatened. there are a variety of types of turtles. they are usually green.

    By Amy Frye on 07.31.2014

  22. I looked down at his socks, which were of course covered in a sea turtle print.

    “It’s Turtle Tuesday!” he exclaimed as he noticed me looking.

    Of all things to consistently remember or forget…he never missed a Turtle Tuesday with those ridiculous socks.

    By Simone on 07.31.2014

  23. Lisa. Saved by the Bell. These are deep thoughts. Clearly.

    There once was a turtle named Gerbil…

    By Intuition on 07.31.2014

  24. After all this time, all he could see in front of him was a turtle. A single, solitary shell-backed beastie, all his own now. She bought him the turtle, thinking it would assuage his guilt over losing — over losing what he lost. It would never replace it, but it was so surreal that it made a kind of nonsensical sense.

    By Craig on 07.31.2014

  25. He lay there struggling. No one cared that his legs were in the air flailing helplessly. They poked and prodded him on the beach sand.

    By Candz URL on 07.31.2014

  26. Float. Freedom. Fragile.

    By Camila Ch. on 07.31.2014

  27. turtles make me think of sammy j and hiding in our turtle blanket shells and him coming in mine and slowing down and making life worth living not rushing through each moment. turtle represents patience and

    By caitlin on 07.31.2014

  28. Turtle’s are funny creatures. I feel like they are the world’s best introverts. While they are completely able to face the world – slow and steady as they say- they choose to hide away, never seeing the true joy in the nature and creation all around them.

    By Charlie on 07.31.2014

  29. when i think turtle, i think of a calm and wise person. it reminds me of someone who takes their time to calculate all their decisions and access the situation at hand. they may not be fast, but they are willing to take their time making the best possible one.

    By William on 07.31.2014

  30. Pull in your head
    hard shelled and slow
    go as best you can
    turn tail and duck
    take cover where ever you go
    there’s no heed to hurry
    best protection
    is you own condo

    By Protean on 07.31.2014

  31. There was a turtle named John. he lived in Ohio but did not like it because he found the winters very hard. he and his wife wanted to move to Florida but it was such a long distance and his wiFe was not in the best of shape so they decided they needed to make a plan because walking would never worK. they decided that flying also was out of the question because they both had a fear of heights. After much though they decided that a bus would be their best option but how to get tickets would be another problem

    By Linda Doherty on 07.31.2014

  32. Every once and a while they’ll catch a turtle. Maybe paint his shell, feed him a cheeto, and set him on his way. The kids love that part. The rest of the day they’re staring at a thin line disappearing into the water, watching small ripples push out from it when they nod off and wake up with a jolt.

    By StatiKink URL on 07.31.2014

  33. She had always wanted to see a turtle so was entirely excited when John promise to show her some on the beach.

    By Milly on 08.01.2014

  34. “Lady Aresta,” she said. “Two helpings of finest French turtle will be served in the dining room in five minutes.”

    “Thank you, Marie,” said Lady Aresta. The servant was a useful, passionate girl, and not offended by cannibalism.

    By Mara Scott on 08.01.2014

  35. God this case couldn’t be going any slower. She felt like the entire world had come to a standstill to taunt her at her ineptness. If something didn’t change, and quick, she would never figure this out. She would never get her job back. And she would never shake the shame of screaming like a lunatic in the squad room.

    By Beka URL on 08.01.2014

  36. while i am sitting here at my desk,far from the marvels of nature only what human kind has to offer there must be some where a lone turtle enjoying longevity with what the nature has to offer.

    By aditya on 08.01.2014

  37. soup little cute turtle pet shield

    By jeremiah on 08.01.2014

  38. So he walked slowly around the outskirts of the lake , looking for the mst delectable turlte he could find for his award winning soup his family always raved about. It had to be of certain size and color so that the juices come from inside the shell most flavorfully

    By trkstr67 on 08.01.2014

  39. The turtle’s shell was thick and resilient under her touch; she winced.
    “What the heck is that?”
    “A turtle.”
    No more questions escaped her lips. The turtle waddled away from her hands, I raced to grab it, and plopped in front of her.
    It was beautiful, golden brown and olivine, casting a purple shadow onto the packed earth.

    By clairethewriter on 08.01.2014

  40. The head rose from the water, glassy and dark like a stone. The live creature resembled a statue of itself. Yet as it clambered onto the shore, in spite of its humble, doddering mysticism, the heart sinks a little. There is no mosaic tile shell, only gray yellow mottled stoniness.

    By Yona on 08.01.2014