August 1st, 2014

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47 Responses to “lofty”

  1. lofty
    a loft
    in a farm
    with hay
    and light
    through the cracks
    in the wood
    somehow beautiful
    despite being ever so simple
    a loft holding up the hay and
    catching rays of sunshine
    which hold dust within their beams
    something unbelievable

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 08.02.2014

  2. one lofty palace where she was, filled with her utmost high ego.

    By husni on 08.02.2014

  3. He came to the office marching in with his professional suit. He was already in his mid twenties and he was definitely made. He smelled of high class perfume. And they asked me how to describe such a professional young man.

    “He was lofty,” was all I could say.

    By Mitch on 08.02.2014

  4. Lofty














    By Kenzie on 08.02.2014

  5. It was from his lofty perch that he looked down at her now, and decided she wasn’t the one. That is okay, she was looking up and she could no longer see him anyway.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.02.2014

  6. we were young and knew that our ideas were less new and more fueled by the vigor of our age. we shot high because we only had a taste of what the world had to offer and we were taught not just to taste things and to swallow them whole. so we dreamed of fifty-room mansions and dozens of sports cars and kept “someday” tucked away on the back of our tastebuds.

    By sunnysuraj on 08.02.2014

  7. Lofty clouds plume above us, billowing up and out and dissapating into the storm clouds that hang over.
    Below, the fire swallowing our old bedrooms,
    the flames licking the walls I painted myself,
    sparks burped from the chewed up pictures of us smiling at the camera,
    flicker and fade,
    they are the ones laughing now.

    By StatiKink URL on 08.02.2014