July 30th, 2014

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51 Responses to “smoking”

  1. it was the best and worst thing for her. the worst camo’d as the best for a limited time only. she tried to stop, she said she would, that she could, when she wanted. perhaps the want never came—or it did, but she couldnt stop as easily as she thought she could.

    By Safon on 07.31.2014

  2. he was smoking heavily back then, but no more. It was killing him. He needed a vice, but what can he do that could give him the same high he could get from nicotine. He should figure out something soon beforee he loses his lfe and leave his wife and kids alone with nothing but a hefty mortgage

    By trkstr67 on 07.31.2014

  3. Only sixteen and
    to go (as far as we know)

    She quit smoking
    Trying to save herself (at least we hope)

    But her body never gave it up
    Stuck in eternal self destruction (cyclical and never-ending)

    By Sarah on 07.31.2014

  4. our apartment building was on fire. i was content. i didn’t need any of that shit that i left back there. why do we even need shit anyways? the fire blazed, the smoke rose, you’d think it would be white, but it was black. dark black pillowing, pluming towers of smoke. i started that fire. i needed it.

    By robert campchero on 07.31.2014

  5. I smoke a lot. my roommate and coworker seems to think that this word is right up my alley. I have no idea why he thinks that. he must be crazy. dudes bat shit out of his dome sometimes. really though what gives him the right to judge what words fit my personality. come on man. fuck.

    By coe jall on 07.31.2014

  6. Smoke wreathed his head and hat alike, and June took a step back, one lower eyelid twitching slightly.

    By jupiter on 07.31.2014

  7. At school all the cool kids had smoked. I promised to myself that when I was older, I would too. And one day I did, but not in the way I wanted. What I remember was a bright burning light coming over the trench, grabbing the arm of the guy next to me, absolute fear in his eyes. Then there was nothing but screaming and the smell of burning. Coils of smoke were rising up off of my charred flesh.

    By John Doe on 07.31.2014

  8. John’s father smoked. It was disgusting. Thankfully his brothers had kicked the habit in favour for a healthier lifestyle, but Jeff couldn’t be convinced to even try and stop.

    By Milly on 07.31.2014

  9. The fumes rise and you can see,
    how the wind moves.
    Ironic how the bright sky
    can look so much better
    with a little bit of black.
    Happiness and Toxicity come as one.
    So take a deep breath.

    By Margaret on 07.31.2014

  10. I am so surprise that smoking is still legal. With all that we know about the ingredients and harmful effects I’m surprised that cigarettes are still on the market. I think if it weren’t so addictive and if the industry didn’t have so many lobbyists, it would definitely be illegal.

    By justin on 07.31.2014

  11. Kathy’s first kiss tasted of cigarette smoke and licorice from the newsagent’s on the corner. It had been a dare, in front of an audience of peers who sniggered and passed around a pack of Pall Mall. When she was alone, she sat on the front porch and stuffed her mouth with sweets, choking down smoke from a cigar stolen from her grandfather’s cabinet– but the taste was never quite the same.

    By Anna May Fox on 07.31.2014