July 31st, 2014

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45 Responses to “turtle”

  1. Turtles were my favorite animals when I was young. I used to print out pictures of them and tape them to my wall, sort of like an underwater collage. I loved the way they would glide through the water so effortlessly, even though they had no speed on land.

    By Kenzie on 08.01.2014

  2. I have always related to that of a turtle because whenever times get rough I close myself off and retreat into my shell. Horrific isolation. Cowardly but true.

    By Cass Wilkins on 08.01.2014

  3. When I was a kid I wanted to be a turtle or maybe just have a pet turtle. They are terribly interesting creatures. I love the dichotomy of there slow existence on land and the dynamic life they live in the sea. People seem to forget that. All they know them for is their speed, of lack thereof.

    By vince URL on 08.01.2014

  4. The turtle moves slow. His very existence is an exercise in caution. No move is not thought out carefully. We could learn a lot from the turtle.

    By Paulie on 08.01.2014

  5. Most people come to the pond to watch the swans. I prefer the turtles. They peek their little heads up out of the water for an instance or two, than they dip back down. They give you just a taste and leave you wanting more. The swans and ducks are needy, greedy, and they alway try to steal your food.

    By Trista URL on 08.01.2014