August 7th, 2015

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47 Responses to “tame”

  1. The entire atmosphere of the party was tame. There was food, untouched, at the back of the room and a few people holding long stemmed drink glasses. Everyone was oddly quiet.

    By HMB on 08.08.2015

  2. Here we go again. We just had this word yesterday. In Pahrump, Nevada people have wild animals as pets. One can own a lion, a zebra, a wolf…whatever. You can have Tigers living in your backyard. People who own them say they are tame. But, are they? I would not want to live next door to a “tame” bear.

    By Mistress Quickly on 08.08.2015

  3. we all have heard the song ‘I cant be tamed’ by Miley Cyrus. its a catchy song. it simply provides me motivation and tell me to push forward, to not hold back and not consider any obstacles on my way as permanent as I am a free soul and god have made me that way.

    By neetu saini URL on 08.08.2015

  4. They’ve tried to hard to tame me, and for a while they succeeded. No longer was I the girl with wild, flowing locks of hair, bare feet and dirt-streaked clothing, who rolled and rested and lay on the earth, feeling so very alive. They quelled the fire in my heart only temporarily. I’m still that girl on the inside.

    By Shr on 08.08.2015

  5. Animals can be tamed when they come into contact with humans. However, wherever possible they should be left in the wild, in their own habitats. Otherwise. they lose their natural instincts and will find it harder to survive in the wild.

    By Madissa on 08.08.2015

  6. I think of a lion tamer. The circus. I went to the Ringling Brothers circus every year as a kid; it was a family tradition. That’s it.

    By kay on 08.08.2015

  7. You know, it’s funny, at one point I thought you were the tame one out of us. I thought that your innocence was a plague with the power to bind you and lock you away from your inner demons – the very same demons that beg you to indulge in whatever little pleasures your hands can grasp. Including me.

    It’s funny, once upon a time, I was sure you were tame.

    By Madison on 08.08.2015