August 6th, 2015

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46 Responses to “bland”

  1. ashes like
    fluttering aimlessly
    transfixed on ideals
    and feel

    By katiekieran URL on 08.07.2015

  2. I don’t have the soul of a poet,
    but I guess I can try
    (Just don’t expect a Picasso or anything)

    By Anna Meursault on 08.07.2015

  3. Leon found the human routine rather boring – but how could he say anything about its trivialities when his work was so deeply rooted in routine? Work, work…work. Really, how was he any different from the average goldfish? At least they ate and slept because inherently, their nature motivated them to not only survive but live. Suddenly, Leon felt bland – unpleasantly, and unusually, bland.

    By Nicole on 08.07.2015

  4. Foods that taste like cardboard (that’s bran flakes to my seven year old self)

    By Aatika on 08.07.2015

  5. b-land: a land occupied by b-boys (hehe i kid)

    By Aatika on 08.07.2015

  6. Bland. That’s what she thought when she thought about how her ex husband made love to her.

    There was never excitement, no passion, no heat, no NOTHING.

    And he wondered not only why she divorced him, but why was he STILL ALONE!!!

    By Boo on 08.07.2015