August 8th, 2015

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40 Responses to “inept”

  1. I am socially inept. i cannot speak to people, or be with people. My world is filled with anxious thoughts that will never be erased.
    “What if they hate me?”
    “Will they like me if I say this instead of what I really think?”
    “I don’t have any money to buy branded stuff, they are gonna hate me”

    My social ability is weak because of all of this rubbish opinions that decide to enter my mind at tims where I actually want to impress someone.
    I am lucky that my boyfriend and my friends overlook my social ineptness.

    By Sophie on 08.08.2015

  2. He was rather inept at this kind of thing. He lowered his glasses while raising an eyebrow and leaned on one leg.

    “C’mon… won’t you come with me on Friday?” he asked in a desperate tone.

    I just wanted him to leave me alone.

    By drinkdrownsoda on 08.08.2015

  3. If I had to describe myself with a word, it would be ‘inept’. There is nothing I can do well. There is always someone better than me. I’ll just keep on breathing. That’s all I can do, even if I’m being a bother to others.

    By Alice Shina on 08.08.2015

  4. The soldier was completely incompetent at his job. Lives have been lost, wars have been lengthened because of his ability to fuck every possible situation. John was never the type of guy to act on command.

    By Alexander Tasker URL on 08.08.2015

  5. I’ve been an inept when I’ve failed to identify the signs others send my way…

    By jay on 08.08.2015

  6. They all sit and stare,
    As he breaks you down,
    Word by word,
    Blow by blow.
    Spit flies,
    Blood boils.
    Gasping for air,
    Glistening eyes.
    Bruises blossom
    Across rosy skin
    In reminders
    Of every fault,
    Every tip and turn
    And stuttered word.
    The shame
    Never forgiven.

    By Aaliyah on 08.08.2015

  7. She was inept in the ability to know what true love was, for her life has yet to show her. So far the chapters of her life were such that when you read them, your life will never be the same.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.08.2015

  8. Roger Marvin Smith was completely inept at anything technological. When asked by someone if he used a wireless mouse for his computer, his response was, “Aren’t all mouses wireless?” After his own mother had gotten a tablet and become very accustomed to it, she was the one teaching her son how to swipe left or right. And once, during a family outing, Roger was punching at his brand new smartphone angrily, wondering why he couldn’t simply attach typewriter keys to the darn thing and remain perfectly old-fashioned.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.08.2015

  9. She was so inept she didn’t try. So inept, she didn’t begin; and there was never a middle or end. So inept, she … Well. She just didn’t.

    But, she was a world class watcher – extra-ordinary at soaking it all in.

    Sometimes she felt like all the colors of the world, the sounds of all the voices, bled into her, leaving little traces behind as they passed through. And, as it was, tho her inner world was surprisingly rich, no one bothered to know.

    By Christie on 08.08.2015

  10. All the things she had forgiven him for in the early days had become a constant source of frustration. She tried with genuine intent to focus on the positive, the fact that he was a loving father, a generous provider and the one who had cared for her during the reign of her psychotic brother. To add them up was to come to the conclusion that her husband was kind and good. But Serena itched. It wasn’t enough. She cringed at him when in company. When friends visited some nights would pass with him barely uttering a word, let alone offering something witty or inspiring. And there was no going past the fact that he had turned out to be an inept lover. She longed for someone to want her, to push their body into hers with raging desire, someone just to kiss her without a slow awkward tongue. But his attempts were nervous and dull, so much so that she had shied away from them many years ago and now they were in a place where neither of them knew how to find the path back to love.

    By bb333 on 08.08.2015

  11. Stop it. Stop laughing at me.

    I’m sorry. It’s just- you are completely incapable of doing this job. Whatever made you think you would be able to do this.

    He didn’t answer. He just stared until she fell silent. Then he picked up his hat and quietly left.

    By Lena on 08.08.2015

  12. The intern was so inept that I felt that he should be paying me to be here! It’s so frustrating to have someone make my day harder than it already is. Oh well, I really do want to be kind. Everyone has to start somewhere. And too, you never know, he could end up being a real star someday.

    By Caysee URL on 08.08.2015

  13. For her, inept was just a state of mind. It did not mean she wasn’t capable of achieving something she desired. It was only an undesirable string of all the criticism and contempt that society had made for her.

    By kyungsoo on 08.08.2015

  14. Our team was inept to win the competition.

    By Irah on 08.09.2015

  15. The company was inept to hire a lot of employees. It was difficult to change their system.

    By Irah on 08.09.2015

  16. He was completely inept at telling her how he truly felt.
    What was he supposed to say? Was it supposed to be this difficult?
    Everyone else he’d ever met and seen made it seem to easy. This whole love thing.
    But for him, it was a slow torture.
    He had to tell her, before someone else did.

    By Sophie on 08.09.2015

  17. “ha, you totally fucked that up”. thanks, mate. he hadn’t noticed. – but your way of constructively providing critique from your experience sure does help him improve his mistakes. one could say you’re really good at being a mentor. almost eerie how you do that, just talk shit over people who’ve had less time to gather skill.

    By berenique on 08.09.2015

  18. It’s hard when you feel inadequate, inept. Like nothing you do is good enough, even though everyone else tells you otherwise. And as much as you feel you need their words of encouragement, you’re never satisfied, you’re never convinced. But one day, their adoration will mean something.

    By Ashi URL on 08.09.2015

  19. The crafting of the solution for the great conflict took days, if not years, to finish, and even then the resolution the court so proudly presented the monarchs could be called inept at best – or perhaps this particular word fit their lack of proper abilities better than the thing they eventually produced.

    By Laine on 08.09.2015

  20. She was inept. Not only socially and physically, but the whole posture of her awkward body screamed this single word to the blue, blue sky overhead. She was an odd one, one you would pull your children away from, shielding their ears and eyes because they might become infected with her weirdness, her ineptness. She was…

    By Shelaine on 08.09.2015

  21. i have never been inept at anything. I was always top of my class and excellent in everything I do. Excellence runs in my blood and i swear i am the most humble person you will ever meet. hurray!

    By Pei Pei on 08.09.2015

  22. Inept.

    I am not certain what it really means but it sounds lacking. Damn. I am inept.

    By sara on 08.09.2015

  23. She felt like nothing could get done, nothing could be accomplished. The sickness was not so debilitating she wasn’t walking and talking, but it took away her motivation to try to succeed at even the most simple tasks. Crosswords sat unfinished, books half-read, and to-do lists were a myth of the past.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.09.2015

  24. Noone on this planet is inept in making their life awesome, but because of thier beliefs and inner conditioning, they just hold themselves back…why would this happen? I can only guess that it’s because we can not have everybody become totally awesome.

    By trkstr67 on 08.09.2015

  25. I sigh, staring down at the pages of the book. The words just didn’t look right. For the first time in 14 years, I had gone from being an avid reader to struggling to read. Something was wrong, I knew it, even if the doctors didn’t know. Convergence insufficiency, I’d later learn, was what was making me feel inept.

    By Shr on 08.09.2015

  26. One day I was walking down the street and I saw a blind man. He was walking slowly, with a poised and perhaps dissapointed look on his face. I decided to walk up to him in order to observe him better. As I got closer, I notce that he had a deck of cards in his hands. For a reason that remains obscur to this day, he knew that I was nearing him. He greeted me with a smile, and asked me to pick a card out of the deck. After putting it back somewhere in the middle, the old man asked me ”did you ever think I could find the card?”
    “well, was it wrong of me to assume so?” I replied. He turned his face directly towards me, almost as if he could see me. “I am inept at finding that card young man, but I was still capable of making you dream.”

    By Macha on 08.09.2015

  27. I don’t even think I know what that means. Maybe it has something to do with being unequipped for a certain situation. I mean, it looks like a word that could mean something close to that. Nevertheless, it’s a very interesting word to see here.

    By Bri on 08.09.2015

  28. “Honestly, how can I describe her?” He grumbled angrily, slamming his crystal glass onto the table at the mention of his fiancée. “She’s repulsive, disgusting… Horrid.”

    As if the mention of her was summoning, the door slammed open, with two confident curly pigtails striding into the room. “Harper~!” Analise squeaked, rushing toward the other with wide arms.

    As she got closer, her feet caught under her dress and she fell, crashing into Harper and sending the crystal glass on the table flying through the air. “Miss me, Harper?”

    As he fell to the ground, his fiancée on top of him, he groaned, speaking through gritted teeth. “…How could I not?”

    By Aex on 08.09.2015

  29. He’s always been the inept one, at the back of the classroom, half listening, half dreaming away, the busy reality of a schoolday almost irrelevant – no matter how hard he tried – and he used to try – he never seemed to be able to even get close to acceptable. His own world was a much more welcoming place to be. But now, whatever he was, would have to suffice, and, in an ironic twist of fortune, they – the good ones, the intelligent, the successful, the ever unreachable – now depended on him. For survival, for their very own skins.

    By tirlich on 08.09.2015

  30. John walked along the aisle, trying to carry his professor’s test tubes, when he tripped over the sofa.

    “What— how do you trip over the sofa, John!?” roared his professor when she heard his stuttering explanation for why there was little bits of test tube glass all over the bio lab. “It’s on the *opposite* wall from the path from the storage to here!”

    “It… it m-moved!” stuttered John. “Please believe me!”

    Behind them, the sofa got up on two legs and saluted. “I can also do backflips on request!”

    By betaveros on 08.09.2015

  31. Her brow furrowed as she looked down at there paper, clutching it roughly and leaving sweaty hand prints on the corners. She had no idea what the word meant. Inept… inept… inept..she mumbled to herself. Sighing, she gave up and stood to walk her test to the front of the room. Before she could get there she bumps into the corner of her desk and goes tumbling down… so inept.

    By Trista URL on 08.09.2015

  32. I guess i am inept at writting this, because i referred the dictionary to find what it even means. Luckily my predicament gave me somehting to write.

    By Shanmuga on 08.09.2015

  33. There’s nothing anyone can do. worse than that, there’s nothing I can do. It all just piles up and over my head, ’til I become my problems, and they start to define me. Everything i once had is being chased away and replaced by other things, things I never cared about yet now consume me. I am suffocating.

    By hedgie on 08.09.2015

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  35. “I don’t know why I even bother with people. Useless, useless creatures! Were they dropped on their heads as children? Forced to forego all forms of education? Left to watch nothing but the slush known as modern television? Pray tell, why are you so stupid?”

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 08.09.2015

  36. always how I feel when confronted with anything new. stumbling. falling. fingers too big and slow. not ept enough (is ept a word?) to confidently stride into the whole idea of what’s next for me with a new venture.

    By Because Poetry on 08.09.2015

  37. The idea of inept is having no skills. Obviously I have a skill in writing, it’s just not wonderful.

    By teagan on 08.09.2015

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    By mom on 08.09.2015

  39. wow. I didn’t know that would be publicly posted. My apologies. It was intended as just a test to see how this site worked. ;)

    By mom on 08.09.2015

  40. There was a soul so inept at socializing, that this poor person felt they lost something of themselves almost everytime they exchanged words with another being. This lost soul felt they misunderstood and in return felt hardly understood themselves. It was a lousy cycle to be sure.. Social anxiety the doctors called it, a “harshing of most excellent buzzes” this one gal called it.

    By Intuition on 08.09.2015