September 30th, 2014

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125 Responses to “stood”

  1. scooby doo is a t***

    By danie:) on 10.01.2014

  2. “Ruh Roh shaggy” I told him as I stood. My best friend shaggy was in the kitchen making me a sammich like he should be, when the ghost of christmas past walked by. “Ree rar rewed”

    By ScoobyDoo on 10.01.2014

  3. This word is a sign of companionship. “Stay with me” is the song that comes to mind when I hear this word. This means that a someone who cares about you will never leave your side no matter what. I hope that I have a lot of people who stand by me in my life.

    By That Schools Boy on 10.01.2014

  4. I stood, in awkward silence and reverence.
    I whisper, a lot softer than I meant
    My words, sinking through beneath the wooden planks
    This sanctuary becomes dense; my knees give way.

    My hands shake
    No, not again.

    By Jia Yi.L on 10.01.2014

  5. Stood means you are on something,she stood on the chair and almost fell.

    By Abby Levesque on 10.01.2014

  6. I went to the furniture shop to get a chair,when I wasn’t looking,my kid jumped on the chair and I told him to get down many times,but did not listen he jumped and fell off the chair and fell on the floor.

    By Abby Levesque on 10.01.2014

  7. I stood at the balcony and wondered what had happened. I knew it was a new thing,l and something drastic had changed. I was not the same man I had been before, and now I would have to face the consequences of my actions, or rather my inaction. I wanted to make a stand, a change of who i was and how i was doing things. My life stood at the precipice and I knew that I had seen me. That was not right, and now I would face what happened as a result

    By Sam on 10.01.2014

  8. I stood carefully near the platform, looking around and afraid.

    By Amy on 10.01.2014

  9. I stood there staring blankly at the page filled with gossip and lyes about me. I read slowly and quietly, trying hard not to make the slightest of moves. As tears rolled down my face I wondered, “Is this really what everyone thinks of me?” Suddenly the principle walked in and stared at me where I stood. The look on his face said it all. I was in big trouble.

    By Amelia on 10.01.2014

  10. He stood on the street corner and watched the cars pass by. He was lost and didn’t know what to do next. Maybe God had something new for him to do, but he didn’t know what it was. His l

    By Carolyn on 10.01.2014

  11. i stood in my greatness. if only briefly. i felt it warp itself around me—but the wrapping was loose. there was no tape–no adhesive to keep me closed tightly inside of greatness’s grasp. i tried not to move much, as to keep it still, but lack of motion is the very thing that causes greatness to unravel.

    By Safon on 10.01.2014

  12. To have or maintain a upright position.
    Withstand without being damaged.
    Provide for someone at one’s own expense.

    By Cara on 10.01.2014

  13. I stood there waiting. waiting for the ball. never going to get it though. Ugh this sucks, seriously tired of doing this stuff. Its alright because I will never stand for this again. Stand, stood there is no difference.

    By Maria on 10.01.2014

  14. Attention. Standing still. Minutes feel like hours. Forever. Then the time seems to fly throughout the show. And there we are, standing still again. Standing for what seems like forever.

    By Crystal Wright on 10.01.2014

  15. When I stood at attention when recieving awards at competition, my feet started hurting so bad.

    By Brooke on 10.01.2014

  16. I stood there at attention on the field, waiting for the judges to say they’re ready. It seemed like I waited for hours. Then before I knew it, the judges were ready, and they asked if the band was ready, and we did our salute.

    By Hayley on 10.01.2014

  17. She stood staring at the starts, wondering how big the universe really was. She knew how small she was compared to the massive size of our world.

    By Kenzie on 10.01.2014

  18. I stood there. We stand all day. Sometimes it feels good to sit down, other times it feels good to stand up after sitting in a desk all day.

    By Daddy Mac on 10.01.2014

  19. I saw her standing there do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-BAM… By the Beatles. Our show music from last year. Pretty awesome. I had a badass lateral slide and I cross the 50 so I had to switch to backwards marching after I crossed it. So neat looking. Probably my favorite song from marching band last year. I remember when the tuba guy, Bruce, fell backwards marching. Hilarious.

    By Teal on 10.01.2014

  20. My feet feel like they are going to fall off, I really don’t want to be standing here anymore. We’ve been here for what feels like hours, I just can’t wait for them to announce our scores. Please hurry.

    By Tired Band Kid on 10.01.2014

  21. “What the heck is st-oo-d?” -Tyler Hogan

    By Papa Doc on 10.01.2014

  22. Stood — she stood in the hallway_____ Stood—- my boyfriend named will stood beside me holding my hand

    By Emily Morris URL on 10.01.2014

  23. Not stewed. But stood. Stood up. I wonder where that term came from? Like if someone stands up and walks out? Although I thought it means that the person never shows up. When I was 23 a guy invited me to his house and when I showed up he wasn’t there. I just knocked on his door for a ridiculous amount of time. Funny.

    By Hillary on 10.01.2014

  24. Tyler, i worry about you. “Stood”. Bless your little ole heart. Love, DAB

    By DAB on 10.01.2014

  25. Words flying past, dodging me as they fly to the great unknown.. as I stood in the middle of the dusty road refusing to look back

    By shelby URL on 10.01.2014

  26. i stood up and stretched my legs after riding 5 hours in a car. when we got out and stood up our legs felt so weak.

    By T-HOG on 10.01.2014

  27. Stood. Pronounced stewed. Meaning unknown

    By T-Hog on 10.01.2014

  28. I just want to read what the others wrote… I’ve already written one. Then closed out.

    By Band Kids on 10.01.2014

  29. I feel likeI am always standing in the background. It’s like no matter what I do, I’m not good enough for anyone else. I always get put last, I always have to make the effort, I am sick and tired of it. I refuse to be last anymore. Screw you.

    By Done on 10.01.2014

  30. I stood on my hands underneath a tree of lungs. Xanax was harvested nightly from the crop circles. I listen endlessly. I have six arms but I can still see my toes.

    By xXGothxGurl99Xx on 10.01.2014

  31. What does this mean? I stood in place. i stood on the corner. There’s a definition.

    By Clay Schools on 10.01.2014

  32. Clay and I just got back from standing in an FFA meeting. Our t-shirt cannon was a total success. After we packed the shirt correctly, it flew so far it hit a ceiling tile. The enitre Chapter stood to attention in amazement.

    By Kris Bell on 10.01.2014

  33. i stood on the side walk early this because i was waiting for the bus and it took a while…

    By Shane Novak URL on 10.01.2014

  34. i wonder how many times i have lost my ground
    fallen from flat earth to flat earth
    lost my balance and never found it
    but i don’t really care
    because what is my age even for?
    i have lived a million lives through these decades
    and my favorite is in the clouds
    my home the sky
    ten thousand feet above
    all the way up where i can’t breathe
    where i can’t stand
    where i can’t think of you or him or her or them
    i am the stars my body is celestial
    my blood the wish you make at night
    and i wish i might
    pave the milky way
    with each of my lonely brain waves

    By stargirl on 10.01.2014

  35. stand up sit down

    By jessica on 10.01.2014

  36. dsgsdg

    By jessica on 10.01.2014

  37. “Dont tell me this is true”, she said with such a desperate voice, everything inside me wanted to tell her. All of me, my brain, my heart, my guts, everything screamed at me to tell her she was right.
    But Ramon told me to shut up.
    He didnt technically speak to me, but I knew, he would tell me to shut up.
    So I just stood there, wet to the bone in that harsh autumn rain.
    Ill never forget the look on her face, as I slightly shook my head.
    “But Drake…”, she said, hopeless.
    I didnt ever say a thing.

    By BlueRay on 10.01.2014

  38. I won’t stand for sarcasm
    I won’t sit for dalmations
    If you were Thursday I would take you to the airport
    I am often misunderstood
    What I mean to say is
    You should just be there tomorrow at 8:30
    Or else somebody.

    By Gypsii Mobvio on 10.01.2014

  39. I like to Stand up stood is a nother word for stood but in a past tence! It’s cool there are a lot of words for past and present! It’s awesome!

    By Allie URL on 10.01.2014

  40. I stood at the doorway looking at you. You put your clothes back on in a hurry. As you walked out I wanted to grab you. But it was too late. You walked through my hands, out the door. I closed it on your behalf then sat down, hoping I wasn’t too harsh.

    By Troy on 10.01.2014