September 29th, 2014

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109 Responses to “never”

  1. I never would’ve thought that I could forgive him. Never would’ve thought that i could move on. Never imagined that i could look him in the eyes. Never dreamed of the day that he would come back to me. I…never

    By Jessica on 09.30.2014

  2. When you look at this word for a long time, it looks funny. It kinda looked like revere if you stare at it too long. Paul Revere who is that dude again? I honest to God can’t remember… I have never not done homework, until last night. :)

    By Teal on 09.30.2014

  3. Never say never. Justin Biebs. It really annoyes me that people always say “forever a belieber”Justin Bieber is a terrible person! Can he be deported already?

    By DAB on 09.30.2014

  4. I never get a computer that works. I always grab one that has something wrong with it, even though I try to make sure I get a different number every day. The usb is broken, the computer won’t turn on, if it turns on it dies after 5 minutes.

    By Hayley on 09.30.2014

  5. Have any of you seen Taylor Swift dance? That girl should never ever dance. She has absolute no rhythm, and she can’t dance with the beat. I can’t help, but laugh every time I see her try to dance. Funniest thing ever.

    By Brooke on 09.30.2014

  6. I WILL NEVER SAY NEVER. In the eighth grade I performed one of his songs in front of the whole school. That was before he was weird. Doug and Daniel were there too. We were really odd.

    By Carter Pope on 09.30.2014

  7. The British are coming; the British are coming!

    By Crystal Wright on 09.30.2014

  8. Never eat green eggs and ham; my name is not Sam, Sam im not. Sam Im not or Sam I am? That is the question; that’s where it began.

    By That Schools Boy on 09.30.2014

  9. “Never again,” she whispered in his ear breathlessly. He hummed in agreement and pushed up her dress for better access. She kept her eyes clenched even as she spread her legs, afraid to see the look of triumph on his face. Her ‘never-agains’ had become foreplay.

    By Soft URL on 09.30.2014

  10. the word never. to me this means not. to to not-ever. i use this word as motivation. when people say you will “never” be able to do something i strive to prove them wrong.

    By Papa Doc on 09.30.2014

  11. Never is to not ever do anything. To not allow to ever happen.

    By Anonymous on 09.30.2014

  12. never give up, never stop learning, never be doubtful, never forget who you really are, never say never, never stop talking

    By Dc on 09.30.2014

  13. I will probably never go with you to church because I have a tack store to run say said Dennis he says he needs the money but I believe if it where closed Sunday and Wednesday evening the tack store would prosper much more so can everybody help me keep this family in there prayers because every time you turn around this family is cussing at somebody so they really need our thoughts and prayers

    By Emily Morris URL on 09.30.2014

  14. Never. Makes me think of Justin Beiber. I ‘m not really sure where i’m going with this actually.

    By Cara D on 09.30.2014

  15. no notthat negative neverland cheese

    By Andres murillo URL on 09.30.2014

  16. I like turtles. turtles are love, turtles are life. turtles make me feel good. Everytime i don’t see a turtle I cry. I don’t liike crying because that means I’m sad. i don’t like being sad it just happens because I’m an emotional little girl

    By NB on 09.30.2014

  17. never whatever.

    By I.S. on 09.30.2014

  18. no,not to,not always, not, die,death,

    By ol on 09.30.2014

  19. It is, however amazing how a simple novel can sometimes bring you back to life and how a few simple words can turn situations upside down. In all these years, I would’ve never thought I’d come to see life in such a way. It simply amazes me how there are so many aspects of our existence waiting to be discovered. And how some of them are so great that we can’t even begin to comprehend them.

    By Anaid Skylight on 09.30.2014

  20. never, means that i will never do it again. Like this one time my mom got mad at me and she said your grounded and i said i would never do it again?!?!?!?!

    By Shane Novak URL on 09.30.2014

  21. Never? Pfft. Never isn’t just a word. It’s an idea. Never is the hope your fears don’t come true. Never is envy taking an intangible form. Never is regret wielding an iron shield. Never helps us. Never protects us. Never riles us up.

    But, Never is NOT just a word.

    By Joey A.M. on 09.30.2014

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    By Kata Albert on 09.30.2014

  23. never have I ever felt like I was falling so fast. I can see everything passing me. my whole life is going by. this is not at all like falling in love. I wish it were. I’m falling so fast. I can’t stop. oh, what I would give for a parachute.

    By Eli on 09.30.2014

  24. Please? She passes me the paper, empty spaces with answers she doesn’t know. I can’t do it. My transcript is perfect. I can’t ruin it. Her eyes are so big that all of me shatters when she asks again. Please? But I won’t do it. Never will.

    By Ella-Belle on 09.30.2014

  25. I never thought I would be this deep in. I used to be so scared and now, through the fear, I push forward into what is usually referred to as ‘the light’. I’m not sure if it’s light out where I land. I’ve always liked the evening in fall. So I’d like to start there. Use the light of the moon on an adventure.

    By Tescia Schell URL on 09.30.2014

  26. NEVER, EVER, EVER use and absolute!

    By Haddie on 09.30.2014

  27. Never I have ever changed my mind about a thing so much that it doesn’t even matter anymore.

    *everyone drinks*

    By THEY_HAVE_EELS on 09.30.2014

  28. I never thought it would come to this. A pool of blood, a knife beside me. What happened? Where was it from? I don’t know and I may never know, but I’ve got to try.

    By Veronica on 09.30.2014

  29. I never thought I’d be the kind of person who would be running away from the law instead of siding with it. How did I ever get myself into this mess?

    If only James hadn’t talked me into going on that vacation. I wouldn’t have met danger face to face and I would still be the grade A student I once was. This is an exceptionally terrible position to be in.

    By Emily on 09.30.2014