October 23rd, 2014

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59 Responses to “souvenir”

  1. I have a flashlight souvenir. Do you

    By tyler on 10.23.2014

  2. I got lots of them. Elephants, bookends; hell, even elephant bookends! I loved being in that place and I would go back anytime without hesitation, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to for a while so I tried to bring as much of it as I could back with me. I hope that’s okay. I hope it will force me to always remember.

    By Emz on 10.23.2014

  3. The heart is a souvenir that is made of fragile crystal and silver trimming. It amazed me how many people pick it up carelessly and damage it without considering purchasing it. I have lost all sales value that I start to begin with. As I was a souvenir on many guys’ list.

    By ClevaCrisp on 10.23.2014

  4. The heart is a souvenir that is made of fragile crystal and silver trimming. It amazed me how many people pick it up carelessly and damage it without considering purchasing it. I have lost all sales value that I start to begin with. As I was a souvenir on many guys’ list. So, apparently the store I’m shelved on should shut the doors. Souvenir.

    By ClevaCrisp on 10.23.2014

  5. Interesting object taken home from a place you’ve visited. This could be a item bought from a store selling objects that are a visualization of the place you’re visiting, many are miniature replications of the main building, attraction or a the name of the place, something that will remind you of your visit there.

    By Matthew Hadlow on 10.23.2014

  6. I took with me your battered heart as a souvenir to hang in my garden. I hung it on my oak tree along with the others and watched it spin and turn on the twine as the wind blew.

    By Jarvis on 10.23.2014

  7. I am ready. For what, I have no idea, but I am ready. I am moving, where, i have no idea, but i am moving. My mind is wander, off to where, i have no idea, but i am moving and it is awesome yet scary. I know this, but balance, commitment, intent, progress.

    By Kimber on 10.23.2014

  8. So you go to the Twin Towers and on the way out you need something to give, something to show that you were there in NYC, sooo you bought that little 6″ statue, never even thinking that someday it would be more than just a trinket.

    By amygdala on 10.23.2014

  9. The word souvenir automatically makes me think back to holidays, mainly as a child, when I was adamant on buying a souvenir I could bring home to show to my friends and to remind me of the different culture and climate I had just visited.

    Now, as I’m older, I take so many photos of my journeys and holidays. Whilst buying a souvenir is lovely, it just isn’t enough. I feel as though I must document my life; the sights I’ve seen, sounds I’ve heard, cultures I’ve witnessed, moments of relaxation I’ve enjoyed and the chat and laughter with friends and family.

    It makes me wonder, as a child why was a souvenir enough but as I get older do I feel the need to document my holidays (and general life) more? Why as children are we satisfied living in the present, but with age we must capture the present so that in the future we can look at the past?

    By Emwills365 on 10.23.2014

  10. Dave sat in Ohara’s office toying with a corkscrew shaped like the Mannequin Pis, stamped with the words “Souvenir of Brussels”. Ohara kept a lot of trinkets like that around his office, for his clients to tinker with. He found it a useful way to observe people, watching which knickknack they chose, how they handled them, for signs of nervousness or discomfort. It was a good way to spot when someone was lying, and Dave, he was sure, was as honest as the day was long. Dave missed his kids, and wanted to see them again; there was no ulterior motive at work here, Ohara was sure. That made him all the more determined to help the guy.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.23.2014

  11. Souvenir. The silly items I always desire in new places. I say that they’re silly because really they are, but I never regret them. Souvenirs are symbols of travel, of newness. They’re symbols of memories and happy times. Souvenirs are happy.

    By Meg on 10.23.2014

  12. I just ate an entire box of cookies in less than 24 hours. My only souvenir is an empty box and a bewildered stomach.

    By aura.rayne on 10.23.2014

  13. My scars
    Memories of battles
    Fought and battles
    Won and battles
    Souvenir splayed across
    My cheek and dashed
    Across my

    By Kumquat on 10.23.2014

  14. The first time I went on a trip, I thought the souvenir shop was magical. The atmosphere was warm, smelling like cinnamon or vanilla or one of those scents you can practically taste. The shelves were lined with little statues and items I couldn’t wait to show off.

    By Kaden on 10.23.2014

  15. I wish that I could have taken her laughter and put it in a bottle, to keep as a souvenir. That way, if I ever got too lonely back home in the deep west, I could pull the cork up slightly to let a light wisp of giggles soothe me and make me feel happy. As it was, however, I was left with the fleeting memory of it, not anything I could cap to preserve, and I feared that I would ultimately lose it entirely.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.23.2014

  16. My dream is to have a giant shelf in my house filled with souvenirs from all around the world. A tiny Eiffel tower, a shot glass from Mexico…kitschy, cute, and dust ridden.

    By MrsCampbell on 10.23.2014

  17. The young man eyed the souvenirs in the gift shop greedily. Even though he was low on cash that still didn’t dissuade him from picking up a cheap snow globe and sliding it into his coat pocket.

    By Dani on 10.23.2014

  18. Remember me.

    I was the one who tied your shoelaces into knots, the white string and speckled dirt wrapping tightly around your ankles.

    I was the one who made you food to eat, the bread and peppers forgetting to burn against your throat.

    I was the one who held your hand and jumped off the swings, scabbing our knees and telling elaborate tales of magic and bravery.

    You were the envy of all of your classmates.

    I was the one who wrapped you up in a bright blue blanket, hiding your ears from the thunder, your eyes from the lightning.

    Grab that blanket and trace its faded edges. I will be right beside you.

    By Anna Meursault on 10.23.2014

  19. The tooth rattled in Jolie’s cupped hand. It weighed almost nothing, but that soundless bouncing against her skin was very satisfying indeed. If she were to expose it to the light, it would look like nothing. A small rock, perhaps. There was no blood except in her mind. She smiled, turning her face into her padded jacket hood, and squeezed it hard, feeling the ridges stab into her skin. She’d keep it hidden in her palm.

    By Yona on 10.23.2014

  20. flag airplane people going on trips stories chicken folded paper athens trips

    By Summer on 10.23.2014

  21. Before she could protest, she’d slipped her hand around the back of her neck and pulled her close, their lips crashing together with passion the older girl would later deny (vehemently, if necessary). Dancing away just as the guards rounded the corner, Seryna offered the lady a gaudy wink coupled with a wicked smirk that made her cheeks flush. “Thanks for the souvenir, Ary,” she said before launching herself through the open window.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.23.2014

  22. Souvenir. Once when I was young, my mother took me on a trip overseas. We stayed at this lovely little hotel, I remember her saying it was one I would enjoy. She took me to this beautiful shop down the street, and I bought her a shell, it’s my only memory from that trip. My only souvenir.

    By Alex biglane on 10.23.2014

  23. As I walked past the big store window, something caught my eye. I stopped and peered at it through the glass. It was beautiful, and in the moments as I was examining this little trinket, I realized that it was perfect. Only three hours left in London, and finally -at the last minute- I had found a gift I knew she’d love.

    By Bryce on 10.23.2014

  24. There is no trinket more meaningful to take back with you than a new vivid memory of life experience.

    By Dandi on 10.23.2014

  25. I once went through customs after a long trip abroad. They make you fill out a form, declaring any items you might be bringing back to America. The customs agent looked at mine. He raised an eyebrow, “Various small things?” He asked. “I didn’t know how to spell souvenirs.” I said.

    By dan URL on 10.23.2014

  26. I had went to a vacation that week with my family. It was nearing the end of our vacation, when my parents finally agreed to go look around at the shops and buy souvenirs. There I found a perfect souvenir to hand over to my boyfriend, who had always wanted to go to this place.

    By Tsuki on 10.23.2014

  27. It’s not what you show as a reminder of the places they’ll never be,
    The places you’d love to share in all of their splendor
    and grace.
    The unfathomable unknown that lay before, waiting to be experienced.
    And loved.

    By Ian URL on 10.23.2014

  28. It’s not what you show as a reminder of the places they’ll never be,
    The places you’d love to share in all of their splendor
    and grace.
    The unfathomable unknown that lay before, waiting to be experienced,
    and loved.

    By Ian URL on 10.23.2014

  29. Some of my best company has been in the car,
    listening to this song.
    next to you,
    maybe sleeping —
    us, with the windows down.

    I like when the air blows your hair
    all around your face, like
    the clashing of waves in the sea.

    I like it here,
    when you’re next to me.

    You’re the souvenir I grasp
    with white knuckles;
    and what a heavy loss it is
    to wake up empty-handed.

    By Marissa on 10.23.2014

  30. She walked with her camera strapped tightly around her neck,
    It would be the last time she would do this alone,
    Smelled the ocean, tasted the moisture,
    And went on these mystical adventures alone.
    “Anna was going to have a family soon” her mom laughed, as did Hugh.
    And this walk to the beach was her final souvenir.

    By Anita on 10.23.2014

  31. “Take only pictures, leave only footprints…” this trail head’s motto is applicable elsewhere in our kitsch-driven lives. Things you don’t need, go on for aisles like miles, stack up in your cabinets, pile up your basement, give it about a year, and you’ll noticed a renewed abundance of future garage sale items.

    By Intuition on 10.23.2014

  32. I traded postcards for the times I could not see your face through the bathroom window, looking cooly through the glass as I brushed my teeth, combed my hair. I listened through the walls for your feet shuffling dirt along the sidewalk, for the sound of your back knocking gently against your knee, but only found an empty august morning, the street being brushed clear by the wind.

    By aria autumn on 10.23.2014

  33. Having escaped the cave and seen the sun, there is no turning back now. I will not pretend to live with shadows when I am filled only with light. I refuse to exchange my peace for trinkets.

    By Jesse B on 10.23.2014

  34. I was rummaging through the souvenir shop when I spotted a cute koala stuff toy. I was about to pay for it but as I search for my wallet I realized that I left it at my car. Everyone was already staring at me and I’ve never been so humiliated before. But thanks to the guy beside me who’s also buying something, he was too nice to pay for the stuff toy instead. So I owe that guy a hug. *hugs* Again, thank you so much sir!

    By Dhrean Fortess on 10.23.2014

  35. She kept the ring as a souvenir to remind her of the challenge she had overcome. Hell if she could save the town from evil surely she could find herself a job. It was only a matter of applying. A numbers game her dad had called it.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.23.2014

  36. “…and this is all that’s left.”

    “Wow. Sounds like there’s a lot of emotion packed into that little thing.”

    “Yeah, there really is. I’ve supercharged it with my intentions, haven’t I?”

    “That’s how it goes, that’s how it goes.”

    By torin URL on 10.24.2014

  37. more than leaving a legacy
    i wonder what i would get
    some sort of souvenir if life would permit
    most probably be a memory
    well if i could just keep one
    what will it be?

    By Aya on 10.24.2014

  38. I like to ask people to bring me souvenirs from every new place they go. Not expensive stuff, just simple, thoughtful things, like bracelets, earrings etc.

    By Iulia Violeta on 10.24.2014

  39. Souvenirs have always seemed pretentious to me. I do not really like to get them if they have the name of the place visited. I love to get them but they hace to be nice and usefull

    By Clara Del Real on 10.24.2014

  40. she had a souvenir for him now, didn’t she? a river pebble, smooth and round, lines of blue swirling over grey like a galaxy.

    By Anu on 10.24.2014