October 22nd, 2014

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100 Responses to “denim”

  1. Black color of jeans that we are not allowed to wear in school hich is so unfair .i look really good in denim. It’s cool though.

    By Oh captain my captain URL on 10.23.2014

  2. Who wearing skinny jeans tomorrow

    By No type on 10.23.2014

  3. Ummm….

    By Aubrey URL on 10.23.2014

  4. We get to wear jeans and a red shirt tomorrow I’m gonna wear a mma elite shirt and some jeans and my jacket is

    By Bunny on 10.23.2014

  5. Turn up 7B

    By 2Unknown on 10.23.2014

  6. Denim Jeans Is Like So KooL Blue Jeans

    By Jarvis URL on 10.23.2014

  7. Who wearing skinny jeans tomorrow

    By No type on 10.23.2014

  8. By Oh captain my captain URL on 10.23.2014

  9. Idk

    By Coryion URL on 10.23.2014

  10. It makes me thing of the commercial when they look at the girls jeans because there denim I think those are it but idk soooooooooooooooooooo byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee now

    By Loco on 10.23.2014

  11. By Jarvis URL on 10.23.2014

  12. I like to wear denim jean skirts. they make me feel casual and relax a bit. That’s all I can come up with off the fly.

    By Amber Daughdrill on 10.23.2014

  13. Denim jeans. Or denim genes. Which sounds more appealing? Leg protection or skin made of denim. I think the answer is obvious.

    By Hank URL on 10.23.2014

  14. Her figure was accentuated by the dark washed denim. Her curves were kicking and my brain was exploding.

    By jenn on 10.23.2014

  15. This morning I was getting ahead of the day by preparing supper. As I was taking the leftover soup from the refrigerator it slipped from my wet hand and fell to the floor. SPLAT! Cold, greasy soup was everywhere. My denim pants were soaked.

    By dorothy on 10.23.2014

  16. She rubbed the soft denim she had always loved the feel of it especially when she was younger but now she feared it would be the last time she ever felt it. The doctor had told her that her days were limited but she wasn’t afraid she knew where she would be going.

    By Isabella on 10.23.2014

  17. the denim feeling of my heart approach barely and incredibly fast to the time that the watch mark when i die, been good or bad no matter whats up, hey you, yeah you, are you happy to be alive?

    By Jana Gracia URL on 10.23.2014

  18. Her denim jeans fit so snuggly that it was difficult for her to lean forward over her keyboard to type. The button pressed against her distended stomach threatening to create another belly button hole. She leaned back and breathed deeply and then reached down to adjust the waist band.

    By deborah on 10.23.2014

  19. His hand was tentative at first, but when she didn’t protest, it returned to her thigh. She gulped as his fingers climbed higher, leaving fresh tingles along her denim-clad thigh.

    By Soft URL on 10.23.2014

  20. She kicked off her shoes as the door closed behind her, and threw her denim jacket on the sofa. Sitting down at the table, she picked up her chopsticks and muttered “Itadakimasu”. Her mother started to scream at her for being late, but the words were smothered in a fit of coughing. Nana looked at her mother, and then at her little brother, forcing herself to show no emotion. Her mother was getting sicker, it was clear. “Soon,” she thought to herself, “soon.”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.23.2014