October 24th, 2014

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60 Responses to “thirst”

  1. So this was how it began: a headache from the people around her talking too much, a sudden need for something that would offer anything but sobriety, and an ache in the throat that would help appease that feeling of loneliness.

    By afgn on 10.24.2014

  2. When you need to drink something you are thirsty.

    By homeira1234 on 10.24.2014

  3. Limping over into the darkness, he arched his body upward. Trying to contain the thirst he was feeling since the other day. He can’t fathom why he had craved for blood. Until someone showed up outside his bedroom’s azotea as soon as the clock strikes three in the evening telling him that he’s one of them, that he is forever a daylighter and there’s nothing he can do with it.

    By Dhrean Fortess on 10.25.2014

  4. I wanted something I couldn’t have; that much was enough to make me crazy. But this wasn’t normal, this was something almost primal. The taste of that burning fire down my throat. I stared at the walls of liqueur and the last three years of sobriety vanished behind the violent, pungent smells that shifted through the bar.

    By xstyn URL on 10.25.2014

  5. I thirst for the affection and the touch of someone elses body. But not just anybodys body. A certain body. A body i cannot have. Not now at least. Not ever possibly. My thirst builds and builds, never gets better just stronger.

    By kc on 10.25.2014

  6. Finally, I can quench my thirst. Or is this just an illusion playing upon my fantasies?

    I can only hope that I have finally found my oasis.

    Oh God, I can taste its waters.

    Please… please let this finally be real.

    She’s right there… she’s right there… she’s right there…

    By Iceman on 10.25.2014

  7. Formidable and indomitable,
    often never truly slaked,
    and in it’s most fervent moments,
    a true desire.

    By Xeris on 10.25.2014

  8. He sped down the highway, his top down, blaring the radio. A beautiful blonde stood just atop the hill, thumb extended. He slowed down casually and inspected her. The sun was shining off of her brilliant hair, sweat gleaming off of her. She was short, petite. Defenseless.
    “Awfully hot day to just be wondering the road. Want something to drink?” He smiled, extending a water bottle.
    She eyed him curiously, licking her lips. She looked at the horizon seeing the heatwaves escaping to the sky.
    “Sure. Headed that way?” She smiled taking a large drink from the water bottle.
    “Only way to go.” He laughed, “Where you headed?”
    “Going to Vegas. Mind if I tag along?”
    “Hop on in! So Vegas! Awful long way to walk from here.”
    “You’re not going to kill me or leave me on the side of the road, are you?” She looked around the car for weapons or any other surprises.
    “Well if I was, you made the first mistake of drinking the water.” He joked casually.
    That put her at ease.
    “Well I was driving there with my boyfriend and the guy lost his mind. Left me on the side of the road.”
    “Well lucky me.”
    “Lucky you? Lucky me! I was dying of thirrrsst out heeerre… My tung..”
    “You know, I wasn’t joking about the water. I was going to kill you and dump your body on the side of the road, but Vegas sounds like a lot of fun. And you could be my lucky charm. How about it lass? Care to join me in Sin City?” He placed a large knife that he’d been hiding on the dashboard and put some Aviators on.
    “I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun.”

    By Brandon Adams URL on 10.25.2014

  9. It’s a terrible thing to feel thirst like this. The desert goes on inexorably to the horizon and there is little sign of relief for miles. What to do? Give in, give up, give a thumbs up to a doomed fate? Or push on, on further ? l

    By ll on 10.25.2014

  10. The single hollow pouring
    of crimson brown yearning

    lay deep within his eyes
    in the color of his vice

    he filled his glass
    emptying his soul’s thirst

    By Amrutha on 10.25.2014

  11. by lips chapped dry, rain drops rolling down the window drove me insane, while my hands tied behind my back cut sharply with thin metallic wire

    By sean on 10.25.2014

  12. I was thirsty. So goddamned thirsty. For water, obviously. You couldn’t walk through a desert for 5 miles without getting a little thirsty. But I was also thirsty for James. For the taste of his lips on mine. I’d never thought I’d ever actually feel that way about someone, back when I was sixteen. I’d always been sort of convinced that there would never be a boy capable of doing that to me. But now, I couldn’t hold back this flood of James-ness: his laugh, his smile, his eyes like dinnerplates and long slender fingers and hair like ink and the way he looked at me whenever I told him I loved him.
    When I thought about that, it was almost possible to forget about where I was and what’d happened.

    By FrenchThePotato on 10.25.2014

  13. Thirsty…

    but do you drink from the cup half full or half empty?

    By Halcyon, dear on 10.25.2014

  14. I’m so thirsty. I don’t want gentle tea. I don’t want calming water. I don’t want bitter coffee. I want something pungent. I want something that will shake me down to my smallest toe bones. I want something that’s going to change my life. I want something that’s going to save me. I want something that flows sweet slow but steady as a heartbeat. Even as a drum beat.


    By Kit on 10.25.2014

  15. The desert was dry and barren, sun beating down on hard earth. And the thirst filled up his entire being, a longing so deep and whole. Water, his only thought.

    By CH on 10.25.2014

  16. I pawed through the drawers looking for anything that would prove to me I had an excuse to leave. Letters, tokens of affection, proof of heinous crimes. Nothing was there. I hadn’t gone so far as to search his phone or email. I don’t know if I want to be that girl. But really, was that so different from what I was doing? And why couldn’t I just leave?

    By Beka URL on 10.25.2014

  17. Who is the questioner?

    Who is-
    Thirsting, desiring
    The unveiled veneer
    That masks the mortal bones
    Of paths and pasts unwalked

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 10.25.2014

  18. The unquenchable thirst was all he could thing about as he trembled and stumbled around his room. Bags of empty donated blood were scattered around his room but they never helped. He needed blood straight from the veins.

    By Rosie on 10.25.2014

  19. The thirst was unbearable. The cup felt heavy for a split second as I raised it to my mouth, but I soon realized it was empty. Miming the motions of a man drinking only made me more thirsty.

    By dan URL on 10.25.2014

  20. Her thirst for life was so great that she couldn’t give up on her quest to find love or her need to keep going no matter how hard things got in her life. Things were hard at times financially, but that never stopped her from trying, or kept her from being happy.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.25.2014