October 23rd, 2014

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59 Responses to “souvenir”

  1. “That’s what you brought me as a souvenir?” Lucy asked, backing away slowly. “A living cobra?”
    “His name’s Rascal,” Jill said brightly.

    By David Foget Noltensmeier URL on 10.24.2014

  2. a souvenir is a gift or a remembrance of a holiday or a trip of somesort.

    By 14ascott on 10.24.2014

  3. a souvenir is somethin you buy when travelling to exotic places and want to bring something home with you but want it to be so damn authentic that you end up buying a piece of plastic junk

    By Vibeke URL on 10.24.2014

  4. Our tour to the local market was a blessing in disguise. Not only were we able to take some great pictures of the artist and they craft, but I were able to buy a memorable souvenir for my son back home.

    By victor URL on 10.24.2014

  5. red ball blue ice cream
    c’est combien, sir?
    But what about memories
    that in fact cost lives
    What about that for a

    Foreign, latter speech.

    By Sarah on 10.24.2014

  6. Souvenirs are supposed to be the best part of someone else going on a trip, but then they just bring you back a crappy t-shirt. Doesn’t that suck?

    By Matt on 10.24.2014

  7. I wish I had a souvenir from this great Universe to show my gratitude as I can’t ever show anyone else my love for it.

    By trkstr67 on 10.24.2014

  8. As she walked along the riverbank of the old Fork, she saw a shiny object and picked it up. Turning it over in her palm she discovered it was an old Indian head nickel. It was the most prized souvenir she ever found.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.24.2014

  9. He tried to evoke effortless cool as he guided her back to his bedroom. He could feel her eyes on the back of his head as he flipped on the lights. She giggle and moved past him. “You save them?” she asked, inspecting the small pile of movie ticket stubs from every date they’d ever had. He smiled and gave her a half-shrug.

    By Soft URL on 10.24.2014

  10. I have gotten many souvenirs in my lifetime. I have been many places, and souvenirs are a great way to remember them.

    By alissa fields URL on 10.24.2014

  11. The marriage rock stays. He didn’t, but the rock stays. It’s beautiful. I found it on the Pacific ocean between San Francisco and the Russian River Valley. We were on our way home from our honeymoon, back to the city, hack to real life. The rock was supposed to be a symbol of the bond between us. Instead, it’s a reminder that nothing is impervious to ruin.

    By Beka URL on 10.24.2014

  12. Souvenir, meaning a keepsake or a remembrance,

    After the funeral, Alfred went to his room. He walk to his dresser and picked up a little toy airplane. It was his most special souvenir, it was a happy reminder of all the good times he had had with his granddad.

    By Jennifer England on 10.24.2014

  13. Wufan had told me to keep the wolf plushie as a reminder, but Wufan had never said why. Then again this was Wufan and he always did whatever he wanted. Figures that duizhang would leave without saying anything to me. I never meant anything to him anyway.

    By Huang Zitao on 10.24.2014

  14. This is my souvenir. The debilitating emotional web of deceit and crippling self-doubt that life has let me keep for all my tribulations.

    By S on 10.24.2014

  15. I often collect souvenirs when we go on trips to places that I may never see again. Each souvenir reminds me of something amazing that i saw or did at each place.

    By Amelia on 10.24.2014

  16. The best still hold that charm
    The type that’s unbearably freeing
    Throws you back into another realm
    Throws back another sound
    To be at complete peace with being lost
    Should be what one returns with to share with the loved

    By Julio Nieto on 10.24.2014

  17. She takes a souvenir from every place she goes. Not something from a gift shop or tourist spot like most people though. She likes to bring back pictures of interesting people she sees. She won’t speak to them, but she loves to collect their image in her photo book. She promises to remember them forever.

    By Katie on 10.24.2014

  18. mmm

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.24.2014

  19. She looked at it; the brooch her mother gave her from that trip she took. Her parents went on a trip for their anniversary when she was eight. Upon her return, her mother told her to take good care of it. But thirty seconds ago it broke — more like shattered — and she was unsure how to feel about that.

    By Antonia on 10.24.2014