July 27th, 2014

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44 Responses to “ski”

  1. It wasn’t something she had ever done before.
    It looked dangerous – she loved it.
    It looked a little boring. How does it feel to just keep going up and down hills?
    It looked a little fun – maybe she’d try to ski then.
    Maybe she’d like it.

    By dayna URL on 07.27.2014

  2. Alles ist weiß,
    du hast das Gefühl –
    von Freiheit.
    Als ob du fliegen könntest.
    Du spürst den Wind –
    im Gesicht.
    Die Welt rast an dir vorbei.

    By Anuri URL on 07.27.2014

  3. To ski off a mountain and glide through air, to fly through clouds without a care. To fall and still have no fear. Because I know you are still near. I may collapse and I may break, but there is nothing I can’t take. For you are always on my side and when there’s danger you hold me tight. Through the good times and the bad, you’re the one I knew I had. You created everything, including me and that’s why I can fly when I ski.

    Okay Sunny I had no idea what to write for this one so I rhymed cause that’s easy. Kay bye .

    By Junco on 07.27.2014

  4. My friend was a master and expert at skiing. In contrast, i was talented at surfing on the cool waves. she and i were not at a ll differnt, but we were sucessful in different thing, one day she fell and hurt her head on the slopes.

    By Anonymous on 07.27.2014

  5. El cielo es una cosa interesante. Suele ser azul, pero en realidad, solo lo vemos azul porque vemos la galaxia tras él. Si la galaxia fuera roja, veríamos el cielo rosa. Me gustaría un cielo rosa. Todo quedaría más como parte de alguna película japonesa de esas que dan sueño.

    By Carmen URL on 07.27.2014

  6. I have never been skiing. The wind whisks through the strands of hair escaping from my cap. I look down the long slope of ice and fear, the tips of my awkward extended feet balancing over the edge.

    By Kristin URL on 07.27.2014

  7. El cielo me relaja. Me gusta ver las nubes, me gusta mirar al sol, me gusta contar las estrellas. Mirar al cielo permite que veamos cosas que no se pueden ver en ninguna otra parte, cosas que en realidad, ni si quiera están allí. El cielo me intriga.

    By Carmen on 07.27.2014

  8. “i’d like to ski,” she explained. “i just don’t think i’m physically capable of pulling it off without hurting myself.”
    “well, you’re a pretty good dancer,” her friend replied. “i think you’re pretty coordinated.”
    “are you kidding? i’m an incredible dancer,” she huffed.”but don’t forget…”

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 07.27.2014

  9. The man put on his skis, preparing for the competition in which he, and 4 other people would compete in, against other teams of 5, for a championship prize, a trophy an

    By Philippe on 07.27.2014

  10. i’ve never been skiing. just like with the ocean, i’m too scared of large bodies of water. plus, i’m barely agile on the land, imagine me in the water, and then imagine me on frozen water.

    By ANM on 07.27.2014

  11. The man stood on top of the mountain, his eyes focusing on the ground below. He eagerly jumped up and down, and put on his skis. He pushed himself to the slope, and started skiing to the bottom, elated

    By Philippe on 07.27.2014

  12. One time in the 6th grade
    I bumped into a ski pole
    sort of like a cartoon character

    I remember tumbling in the white artificial snow
    laughing and crying
    and mixture of hot tears of embarrassment
    and stinging cold

    By Jane on 07.27.2014

  13. his feet tumbled downhill like rockets and he felt his heart jump forward in his chest. eyes slapped open like a pair of flashlights, absorbing every second, every moment of detail, every speck of snow and blurry tree that tumbled out of his sight.

    By sunnysuraj on 07.27.2014

  14. You ski down the couloir. I face the sky, waiting for thunder. You drop. A flash. A flake. Cold. I call up at the clouds, yell his name, and you fall in a sea of white.

    By Ella Emma Em on 07.27.2014

  15. Backwards or forwards or tangled or perfectly swan-like we all make it down the hill somehow. Gravity is a comforting constant. Snow is helpful.

    By Claire Tried on 07.27.2014

  16. In January I broke my leg skiing. I loved to ski. Since starting at the ripe old age of 24, I was terrified. It took many lessons, many good friends and many inches of snow to make me feel confident and calm on the slopes. That day was one of the strongest ski days I had had, but resulted in what will be my next stumbling block.

    By Jessica on 07.27.2014

  17. With my leg injury, I would never ski, snowboard, mountain climb, or even trek through a hillside of snow again. And really, winter, as well as its pastimes, were what kept me happy even during the summer months. Now all I could do was stumble up a slope once in a while with a makeshift cardboard sled, struggling to keep my balance so I didn’t tumble into a ditch. Because if I did, God help me, because I wouldn’t have the strength to crawl my way out.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.27.2014

  18. When she reaches over to clean the inside of the coffee pot, I take mental notes. Her back is to me and I sip her spiked punch. I can’t even taste the vodka. I am sizing her up, wondering if instead of being a good wife, I can imitate one. I could be her; ski a few weekends of the year, be spontaneous, drink watered-down vodka, cleaning up our shared home on a Saturday night.

    By Lauren on 07.27.2014

  19. And, yes as we were sliding those hills of whites in fits of giggles I realized that Marco might possibly be the one. In the past it was hard, we has bumps in the road as big as the mountains behind us. But we made it this far, and we could make it forever.

    By Leah on 07.27.2014

  20. The girl knew she couldn’t leave through Tokyo, that would be too obvious. But Japan’s train network was ubiquitous enough to give her cover; – something she had learned years before by getting lost on a ski trip. And so she was now riding a single track, two carriage train to the backwoods of Nagano, where another train waited to take her to the Japan Sea coast at Niigata.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.27.2014

  21. “I’ve never done this before” she thought to herself as her eyes peered over the edge of the hill. Her skis felt tight around her feet, new, uncomfortable, daunting. The fake snow crunched beneath her as she pushed herself slowly to the edge while others whizzed by her, unafraid.
    “It can’t be all that bad…”, she decided, pulling her ski poles out of the snow to glide her over, but then- “I’ve never done this before” she thought to herself as her eyes peered over the edge of the hill. Her skis felt tight around her feet, new, uncomfortable, daunting. The fake snow crunched beneath her as she pushed herself slowly to the edge while others whizzed by her, unafraid.
    “It can’t be all that bad…”, she decided, pulling her ski poles out of the snow to glide her over, but then-
    “Boo!” Aaron whooshed up behind her, his hands on her back to give her speed as she raced down the hill, frantically trying to control her movements with the poles. Trees miraculously flew by her instead of smashing into her face, the wind blowing back her strawberry hair, although Greta was more concerned about not clicking her skiis together and crashing into the ground.
    She made it down the hill, miraculously unscathed, only to slow to a stop and promptly plop her face into the ground.
    “Oops!” Aaron slid up beside her, pulling her up from the faux frozen tundra. “Might wanna sit down after that wipeout.”
    Greta shook the snow from her hair, a bruise already starting to show on the tip of her nose. “You kidding? Let’s do that again!”

    By Julie on 07.27.2014

  22. I may have cheated by a few seconds, but I just couldn’t stop…

    By Julie on 07.27.2014

  23. Long wait on the lift
    Wind blows through darkened hair
    Snow drops onto eyelashes
    Cold ski poles stick to gloves
    Trying not to let hands shake
    Crunch slowly to the top of the hill
    Whoosh down, laughing
    Barely under control
    Face plant at the bottom
    Looking at the Diamond hill
    with snow-covered bunny ears
    Back to the lift…

    By Julie on 07.27.2014

  24. To ski, to fly
    Down powdered lanes
    Of glistening white

    To fly, to race
    Letting your weight
    And instinct lead

    To race, to see
    Obstacles racing near
    A blur as you pass

    To see, to feel
    The freedom of your flight
    The oneness with the mountain

    To feel, to love
    The solidarity
    One light, one night.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.27.2014

  25. Nightfall covers me, like a lover’s rosy stain, I can’t help it. I’m all aglow. Lips are faint, I can’t contain the burst inside – like evening tide – a dance upon the sands. The colors cheer.
    And there’s a hint of coral and turquoise in my ear and in my heart — a touch of silver and gold.

    By Intuition on 07.27.2014

  26. She wasn’t much for skiing, honestly, but the lodge was alright and the staff was hot so, yeah, maybe this vacation wouldn’t be so bad after all.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.27.2014

  27. I can’t go skiing since we have no snow, since the sun always comes up before any ice floor that shiny like mirror below those feet turn as hard as glass.

    By Eligia V. A. on 07.27.2014

  28. The ski snapped beneath our combined weight. We only had time to look at each other, dumbfounded, while he voiced my thoughts better than I could: “Uh oh.”

    By WearyWater URL on 07.27.2014

  29. I have never seen myself like this.

    By t URL on 07.27.2014

  30. “Sky?” Merrins squinted up at the blue sky–or rather, what she could see of it through the window of the ski lodge. “I don’t think it works that way, Cy.”

    I tried not to roll my eyes and snapped my fingers in front of her face to regain her attention. “Not sky,” I said, taking care to speak slowly. “Ski.”

    “S-ki?” she rolled the word around in her mouth and shook her head.

    “You strap thin sticks to your feet and slide down steep hills with them,” I explained. “You also have little flexible sticks to steer with. C’mon, it’ll be fun.”

    Her lip curled in the way that meant she was going to be stubborn, whether I wanted her to be or not. “No. No ski.”


    The curled lip morphed into a pout. “Noooo,” she whined.

    I looped an arm through hers and pulled her to the door. Nature fairy rehab. Right. I should have taken a different job for the school holiday, but this paid the most. “Yes, yes and yes,” I muttered, wrestling her out the door. “It’s just a bit of cold, alright–whoa!”

    She yanked her arm back from me, hugging both arms to herself as her teeth chattered. Her lovely blonde hair turned bright, neon blue and one olive-green eye had fluxed to royal blue. Her lips faded into purple as a faint sparkling tinge crept over her face. “You didn’t tell me it was cold, Cy!”

    “It’s winter,” I growled. “Do I have to explain that winter is cold?”

    By Sara H. URL on 07.27.2014

  31. I genuinely, genuinely care and that scares me.

    By t URL on 07.27.2014

  32. I chose to numb myself to ensure freedom of pain. I take each step with caution and analyze every interaction. I am observant but not talented in the field of expression which leaves my thoughts to outweigh my words. I find comfort in writing because ideas become clear when given a chance to form.

    By t URL on 07.27.2014

  33. The first time I ski is when I spent my time as an AFS student 2008 in USA.

    I remember the joy of spending time with my friends: Roni, Bernardo, Vera, and Silvia.

    By sommon4 on 07.28.2014

  34. When I learned to SKI
    I’d years of seven and three
    Numbered crashes…four.

    The Sun bright and warm
    Even when the hour was five
    Restrained wind knots six.


    By !Haiku-Man! on 07.28.2014

  35. Slipping down the mountain in little to no actual ski gear was not exactly how I had intended to make my escape from The Facility but, well, best laid plans and all that.

    By Xanthe on 07.28.2014

  36. I really like skiing. I think it’s pretty interesting but I’ve never tried it.

    By Elena on 07.28.2014

  37. ski

    By Emily Jane Knight on 07.28.2014

  38. I’ve never been skiing in my life, nor do I have any desire to go. I’m the guy who’d end up on the news for dying/coming close to death during my first time on a ski slope. And it’d be on the beginner course too. Snowboarding I might consider. But skiing? Fuck that man. I’ll stick to soccer. I hurt myself enough during that thank you very much.

    By Wassim on 07.28.2014

  39. It broke. I stood on it and it just snapped in half like a giraffe’s neck that’s bent in half. I had looked forward to this trip for such a long time since dad didn’t like spending time with me, but mom had forced him. I’m thankful for that. Thank you, mom. This is why I like you the most.

    By Frida on 07.28.2014

  40. An ending
    To what has always been

    That exhilarating jump
    The soft whiteness

    Your icy breath
    My name in your mouth

    By Sarah on 07.28.2014