July 27th, 2014

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44 Responses to “ski”

  1. Shit. Oh shit. I know literally nothing about skiing or how to ski. I know there’s a yoghurt called Ski.

    By Amelia on 07.28.2014

  2. Fun Colorado skiing in the mountains horses trails hiking movies cuddled on couch popcorn snowing cuddling with Kerry. Too far not going North Carolina good settle happiness reality snowboarding hurt pain Olympics

    By Kattie on 07.28.2014

  3. I slid down the slope beside the trees covered in white snow. The cold air beating my face is exhilarating. I gained speed as I glided in a straight line. The roads go on and on. I didn’t see anyone else.

    By Joanne Lee on 07.28.2014

  4. makes me think of white slopes
    where nose go
    and girls n party dresses flee towards
    the height of the white mountain
    where time speeds up
    and the adrenaline rush
    until your’e at the bottom again
    waiting to head back up

    By lauren on 07.28.2014