July 26th, 2014

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40 Responses to “quietly”

  1. Je marche. Encore. Et encore. Les autres regarde ailleurs, vers leurs propre destination, mais aucun d’eux ne m’entend.

    By Viny on 07.26.2014

  2. i cant do stuff quietly loud loud loud loud scream but i am quiet i am so quiet i am screaming but silently n i hate it but i love it i cant do it can i

    By Rose on 07.26.2014

  3. She walks quietly over the blue
    and deep ocean; she stands with her
    pale hands laying in her sad lap
    on a small and fragile bridge:
    the blood-ish sky mingles with
    the dark water and everything
    seems so futile and little and useless.
    She doesn’t dare even taking a breath:
    those clouds could rolling down into
    her weak mind: she could not resist.

    So she looks at the horizon with
    teary eyes – wondering about
    something better – something brighter.

    By gargouillis on 07.26.2014

  4. A whisper. A gentle caress of the cheek. The only sounds to be heard are those of each others breathing.

    By pl on 07.26.2014

  5. My toes nudged the ground as i silently crept throughout the house. it was the witching hour. or as i call it, the “eat everything in sight before your parents yell at you hour.”

    By A. Amdeen on 07.26.2014

  6. slowly, recognition flooded in
    like the water
    in which he was submerged
    pushed under
    struggling against the onslaught
    as all the pieces fell into place
    one flash of light after another
    as the life he thought he knew ebbed away
    becoming a blur
    now he understood
    all to clear, he ceased to struggle
    allowing her to hold him down

    one by one all of her began to dissipate
    to disappear
    each version fading from existence

    he let the quiet darkness envelope him
    as he watched the last of her waver
    the final variations
    knowing they each were being erased
    ending all the destruction they had sown

    “there’s always a lighthouse”

    By unbornsymphony URL on 07.26.2014

  7. I live in a world where language is considered a disease. We do not speak to one another with sounds, but looks and glances as well as some hand motions. Living with one another like this has brought our planet peace.

    By theavidpatient URL on 07.26.2014

  8. She walks into the room quietly and over to the crib. She looks down at the newborn baby noticing the beautiful slate gray eyes looking up at her. She smiles, and it grows bigger when the baby smiles back at her, the baby’s eyes lighting up.

    By Stephanie on 07.26.2014

  9. The air was still as we sprawled quietly beneath a canopy of stars. Verdant clovers ushered forth the memories of summers long passed and you kissed me like we were young and fearless again.

    By Chloe on 07.26.2014

  10. She made sure to move very quietly, as not to wake the child she’d just spent so long trying to get to sleep. It was such a relief to no longer hear the cries of her baby, to know that the child was finally getting the rest it needed and wasn’t suffering in any way. A stream of air was pushed through her lips as she exhaled.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 07.26.2014

  11. It was silent. It was always silent in this room.
    No one here but she. It was always only she.
    He was gone – no where to be found.
    No where.
    She sat in the silent room.
    No one heard her crying.

    By dayna URL on 07.26.2014

  12. The cat quietly walked into the room thinking his owner did not see him but she did, and she knew he was sneaking up on her and she smiled.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.26.2014

  13. “I suggest you leave quietly,” I intoned from behind my helmet’s visor, pointing my spear directly at the bare-chested man’s chest. “Before you and your friends get hurt.”

    The man with no armor or weapons didn’t seem fazed. He simply cracked the knuckles on his right hand, which alarmed me. No person would exude such confidence unless he was either a full-blown idiot or a mastermind with a few tricks up his sleeve. Slowly, I lowered my weapon.

    “What is it that you want?” I heard my voice hum.

    The man’s eyes brightened. “Your company.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.26.2014

  14. Quietly, I turn into a creep. Constantly looking for you with only one tiny clue and a stockpile of hearsay. It distresses me to know I will never see you again, Thor. And I’m just trying to prevent that.

    By Ella Emma Em on 07.26.2014

  15. “Quietly.” She told him, nudging the gun barell into his back. He toed his way through the creaking floorboards, but with each step they yawned miserably. She clenched her teeth and waved the gun up and down, a command for the sound to cease, but the creaking continued. Up the stairs, a light flicked on, and a fragile, broken voice came out from the doorway. “Hello?”
    Two shots were fired.

    By StatiKink URL on 07.26.2014

  16. she quietly tiptoed through the dark house. she didnt kno where she was going or how to get there but the voice inside her head just told her to keep moving. she wasnt sure why but the feeling in her gut told her to keep quiet, to tread as silently as she could or else terrible things would happen. and so she braced herself against the wall and inched slowly forward.

    By erika on 07.26.2014

  17. Quietly, I blew into the lip of the saxophone with all the power in my lungs
    Quietly I dropped the bowling ball onto the dense cement floors
    Quietly I roared like a lion
    Quietly I lit the screaming fireworks
    Quietly I made the kettle whistle
    Quietly I got over our affair

    By Nicolas Kurzhit on 07.26.2014

  18. mhmm

    By Nicolas Kurzhit on 07.26.2014

  19. dr seuss words to describe
    the sunset because your mind
    can’t process the letters anymore;
    sobriety brings more disorientation,
    receptors lacking the connection to
    hang and grow like trees,

    bug-infested, but alive, fearing
    and yearning the warmth of liver-fires
    and waiting for the rain.

    By Pandatry on 07.26.2014

  20. Cold and quiet mornings. Mist that freezes the face when you lean out of the window sill. Fog fades into the trees. Everything is a dream. Warm socks and hot coffee.

    By Makena URL on 07.26.2014

  21. Quietly, I crept across the living room hoping no one would find me but just about same time, I heard the door to kitchen open.

    By Okpuzor Blessing on 07.26.2014

  22. the deep baseline
    snakes through my core
    as your words of ecstasy
    fill me giddy shakes.
    your mouth words at me

    i can’t hear a thing

    By S on 07.26.2014

  23. In the woods, I followed the scent of a young girl … she was worried, I could tell. She needed help.

    So I helped her as I would any human. I killed her.

    I bit into her flesh as she screamed, though I was trying to do this quietly… but dinner was served.

    By Aurora on 07.26.2014

  24. They say she doesn’t have a name; some say she never has. Still, her reputation precedes her. They say she moves quietly, silently, really; like a living shadow, she’s there and then not, more elusive than the wind itself. They say she’s beautiful, an angel sent from Hell. They say she isn’t human; they say she has no soul. I say it doesn’t matter; any of it.
    Because no matter what else she is or isn’t, she IS the Hunter.
    And, tonight, she comes for me.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.26.2014

  25. He and I lay next to each other in the darkness. He says, “Baby…” I quietly reply, “Yes, darling…” He whispers, “You truly are my one and only, never forget it.” And I never did.

    By Alyx on 07.26.2014

  26. Everything comes to a complete stop
    As she stares into the middle distance
    There is nothing in the silence
    and she can’t see tomorrow
    She wishes that everything could be easy
    but it’s not
    The sun sets below the horizon.
    She doesn’t want to wake up in the morning.

    By Kasey Nicole URL on 07.26.2014

  27. it starts out like this:

    for every hand held underneath tabletops, he’s a chase in the frozen food aisle with kisses as consolation prize. for every peck stolen underneath sheet covers, he’s a warm grip on your shoulder when he introduces you to his friends as his girlfriend, smiling not at them but at you, as though the introduction wasn’t made for their benefit at all. for every murmur buried into the pocket of his neck, he’s all three letter words and the gusto that comes with admission. he’s all the feelings left unsaid.

    it ends like this:

    his hand stretches over the doorknob, pausing for a moment. in another time you’d think this was hesitance, but you know better. he turns, eyes tucked-tail and resigned. “you never once told me you loved me, you know? not once.”

    By tchaikovsky on 07.26.2014

  28. He was at his fourth bar of the evening, and the whiskey, even though it was well watered, was beginning to make him drowsy. The Mama had gone to entertain other customers, and he was left alone with a pretty young hostess in a yellow dress. They had both reacted when he asked about the girl, pretending to be a regular customer of hers. The Mama seemed offended, as if he was implying the girls she was presenting that evening were not good enough for him, and had left them in a rather bad mood. But once she was gone, the other hostess said to him quietly. “You shouldn’t bother with her, if she hasn’t gone back home, I bet she’s run off with her boyfriend!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.27.2014

  29. Death is a stealthy master, creeping up the stairs and into the room when no one’s looking. I had my eyes on the floor, to watch the way the shadows lengthened and grew when the sun was sliding down the horizon, so I didn’t see her breathe her last. I heard the gasp, though, and raised my eyes to the aftermath.

    By Excruciata on 07.27.2014

  30. no im deadllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    By Cara Smythe on 07.27.2014

  31. It was somber, almost, the mood in the air. The boisterous laughter and jeering turned to murmurs. A chill swept through the hall. The silhouette, outlined in light, was frozen like the rest of them.

    It couldn’t be. It simply couldn’t be.

    It wasn’t.

    By L on 07.27.2014

  32. Quietly I ran to the door in fear of another explosion. The night was one that I will never forget. Civil unrest had erupted in the country and everyone was seeking shelter from the bombs and artillery shells that was exploding all around them. This was to be my first visit to an African country, and I was very disappointed.

    By victor URL on 07.27.2014

  33. I quietly stepped out on the landing, hoping he would not notice and that I could slink by him without a trace. He was snoring noisily in the bed with his lower lip relaxed like a sleeping puppy spread on the sheet.

    By Sarah Lay on 07.27.2014

  34. You vanished from my life, quietly…

    You came in my life, blissfully.

    I’ll remember you eternally…

    By Marina on 07.27.2014

  35. Quietly she spoke out
    Quietly she began to shout
    Quietly she spoke her word
    Quietly she was never heard
    Quietly she made demand
    Quietly is how she was damned

    By Erica on 07.27.2014

  36. who knew
    that love could be quiet
    that a constant stir and
    a million chemical reactions
    could be so loud inside
    but result in a silent smile

    By Margaret on 07.27.2014

  37. 1.The opposite of this


    2. if sex is like this, it’s going bad

    By Someone on 07.27.2014

  38. I don’t know how much more invisible I can be. I’ve sat here for nearly two hours, just watching them. They’re laughing, talking, watching TV, eating dinner. They’re a family. Two boys, one very young girl. She was probably an accident. I guess like me. I should be in that family. Those are, after all, my parents. The trouble is, I’ve never met them.

    By Beka URL on 07.27.2014

  39. It came unexpected. Loudly bolting down the hallway, like a flash in a pan. Again, it had happened, again it would happy. A splinter in oblivion, of pastimes and good times. Unfortunately for Jon, that was all it was. Another reverie of a life he’d long since forgotten. He swept a greasy lock of hair from his eyes to see clearer, but the world was getting darker. Darker and, perhaps quietly, he thought: better.

    By Austin on 07.27.2014

  40. Quiet than unusual the night seemed today. This is usually unlike my hood where thugs and thieves hang out.

    By Okpuzor Blessing on 07.27.2014