July 28th, 2014

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60 Responses to “sitcom”

  1. Sitcoms have that fake laughter in the background, right?
    What’s a sitcom!!?!
    I fail this…

    By um on 07.29.2014

  2. I watched late night sitcoms with you. Holding your hand. My head on your shoulder. The warmth of your cheek sending blushes throughout my body. Your hair tickling my neck. The whispers and quiet, shaking laughter we both shared. I could spend the rest of my life like this, I thought. This is what I want. This is all I want. I love you.

    By Phreellgien URL on 07.29.2014

  3. A show about three men all have struggling drug addictions to buying women’s shoes. They live their life by destroying others wills to be their friends. They love shoes so much that they end up destroying the lives of themselves and of the ones they love. Lying, distrust and tragic comedy ensues. Also shoes.

    By Christian Albear on 07.29.2014

  4. I don’t like sitcoms. Well, maybe I usually do. But today – and the past few days – i don’t. Funny things make me sad. Sad things make me sad. You make me sad. Because you’ve gone and I#m suffering.

    By Keks URL on 07.29.2014

  5. There are many sitcoms. A lot aren’t good. Some aren’t bad. Americans think they’re funny.

    By Milly on 07.29.2014

  6. I haven’t watched any sitcoms in ages because meh. I like Seinfeld a lot, but beyond that I can’t think of anything – no wait, I’m lying. I like That 70s Show and I like Friends too, and The Big Bang Theory can be funny sometimes too. But other than those nothing really comes to mind, as far as recent sitcoms go. I like Wings and Cheers though, from older stuff, and Frasier if that counts.

    By Wassim on 07.29.2014

  7. Sitcoms are supposed to be funny. Maybe they were in the 1970’s. Nowadays they have lost all of their qualaties. The Awkward laughter in the Backgorund, the unterrated jokes. No, I dont watch sitcoms, I’ll stick to Game of Thrones!

    By Tanja Schüler on 07.29.2014

  8. The man walked into the studio, refreshed from the early morning workout he had had. He greeted the cameramen and the people he’d be working with with a smile on his face. He

    By Philippe on 07.29.2014

  9. sitcom

    They used to tape a sitcom near me. I would get free tickets to sit in the audience. I loved going there. I wish they still taped something nearby, and not very known about. Now, if they had something like that, there would be hoards of people and I’d probably never get in.

    It was fun to watch. Kind of a combination of theatre AND TV. But it was like theatre with characters and stories I already knew something about and had a kind of relationship with.

    … Serial theatre.That might be a good idea. IF it was done well. Somehow, I think if it was actual theatre, it’d get boring and stale and old and dull quick. I don’t know why tv shows, week after week, (normally) do not have that problem. Too bad. I liked watching that show.

    By Noisy Quiet on 07.29.2014

  10. So, he sat down in the middle of the afternoon in the living hall, watching his own sitcom he filmed daily. He was supposed to be laughing at the comedic scenes playing on screen but he couldn’t. Couldn’t because it was all an act. He was amazed by how he was all smiles during filming when on that very day he broke up with his lifetime partner.

    By orzhurricane on 07.29.2014

  11. I had mos television sitcoms. The laugh track annoys me and the people on them seem to get into situations that no normal people would ever find themselves in. So why is it they always seem to be the most watched programs on T.V. It seems to me the reason for this is fairly simple people want to laugh to forget about the pain of life for a little while.

    By Sean on 07.29.2014

  12. Es sollte witzig sein.
    Du solltest lachen können.
    Doch du kannst es nicht.

    Es sollte unterhaltsam sein.
    Du solltest es genießen können.
    Doch du kannst es nicht.

    By Anuri URL on 07.29.2014

  13. I recently wrote about how there are no sitcoms on t.v. any more. There’s only reality t.v. shows showing us “what people are really like”, but they forget to mention that these people are as fake as can be. I miss sitcoms. Nothing but silly little life foibles to mess up a character’s day but make you smile or laugh.

    By Rocio on 07.29.2014

  14. I miss the simplistic nature of a sitcom. Characters you’ve come to love and know get into these fantastical wacky little troubles and they have 30 minutes to figure out how to solve it. All we get nowadays is reality t.v. with fake people, putting on fake emotions for a fake world. We all see what we want to see in those shows. I miss sitcoms.

    By rociom on 07.29.2014

  15. Perched on the cushions
    Looking up every minute or so
    Listening to that recorded laughter
    Of those deceased

    You entertained yourself
    Quiet introspection
    Artistic self-reflection
    You never laughed at the sitcom

    By Sarah on 07.29.2014

  16. “It’s laughable,” I mumbled to myself, “that my life is literally so dysfunctional it might make good television.”

    By jupiter on 07.29.2014

  17. I think everyone’s life can resemble sitcom at times. Although mine can be pretty boring.

    By Glamazon on 07.29.2014

  18. They all sat in their faux leather seats in their tight leather skin. Sitcoms are just an excuse for people to look stupid, Elise thought, as she watched them gossip over the latest socialite’s “career” gone wrong.

    By Ohdear URL on 07.29.2014

  19. Friends. Mindless entertainment. Becoming one with the couch, falling into a world where reality does not exist. A dream. Falsity. Not for people in the real world. Not for me.

    By CharisA on 07.29.2014

  20. i sit calm attempt to watch this sitcom, my tea warm. I just want something strong. This is depressing, I’m restless. Email checked it. no text message. I’m so stressed. shit.

    By lajae essence on 07.29.2014