October 28th, 2015

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89 Responses to “simple”

  1. This is my first time using this service. I am trying to feel more comfortable writing freely, as it is something I rarely do. In time, I hope that my command of the English language and ability to “flow” better will ripen. But it’s hard.

    It should be simple.

    By PaleBlueDot URL on 10.29.2015

  2. This should have been more simple.

    By Cameron URL on 10.29.2015

  3. There were eager moments
    Like little edges of a dulling knife
    That slipped along my cheeks
    And pulled a smile from me,
    They were clean cuts
    Simple and clean

    By Cameron URL on 10.29.2015

  4. Simple is the last word anyone could use to describe his plan. He was ludicrous, mad. He went on and on, each detail more intrinsic then the last, a sparkle in his eyes as the plan flew out of his lips. I stared at him in confusion.

    By Julia on 10.29.2015

  5. It was such a simple statement. Just three little words. But they hit me like a thousand concrete bricks.

    By SkittlesTheUnicorn on 10.29.2015

  6. I hate that word. It’s annoying because in reality, nothing is ever simple isn’t it? That’s life though, I guess…

    By Ebony on 10.29.2015

  7. simple is as simple does. its all in the eyes of the beholder. riding a bike might be simple to something whos 32. but not to someone who is 4. simple might be simple if your a master at something. making it simple. but to someone whos it knew to.. isnt so simple. or maybe something is simple beautiful, like the grand canyon

    By logan rose on 10.29.2015

  8. this was fun

    By logan rose Des Roche on 10.29.2015

  9. life should be so simple but why can i see the real.
    i find myself always entangled in the complexity that i myself have made. its just me to exasperate. but that is not giving up.

    By Light Blue Fox 333 URL on 10.29.2015