October 29th, 2015

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45 Responses to “marvel”

  1. I’m in the comic store, taking in the sights, when suddenly I see it. The red suited man beckoning me to pick up his ridiculous comic book. He feels real, but I know he’s not. “Damn you, Marvel.” These were my last thoughts before leaving.

    By stranger on 10.30.2015

  2. He looked at her. They way her eyes sparkled in the candlelight and watched as her smile enchanted everyone around her. He heard the way her laugh filled the room and could smell her perfume as it intoxicated his senses. She was vibrant, she was alive, and she loved him. He couldn’t help but marvel.

    By ljrvs on 10.30.2015

  3. Marvel Spiderman just let out a loud, juicy, wet fart in front of his girlfriend she barfed until she died the end.

    By kaden boward on 10.30.2015

  4. I often marvel at the music of Joy Division, which flows through my MacBook as I write this. They are my favorite band in the world, my dad used to play their music in the car on my way to kindergarten. And of course I’d get out of the car ready to fuck up shit and face the world. Haha…

    By KarmaMonoxide on 10.30.2015

  5. bullshits of imagination, such a idiot followers. anime is better. japans are better on imagination. marvel is crap

    By zxvzx on 10.30.2015