October 27th, 2015

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56 Responses to “stand”

  1. The man didnt like what he saw, ” we will stand here to save our house” the owners of the broken down house said. alright then, he was just about to knock our house down, when he stopped and said, ” I see you are very determined to save your house, so i’m going to pay your morgage for you” they were thrilled

    By Devon on 10.28.2015

  2. He was just standing there with that stupid grin on his face, looking at me like I was a piece of meat.

    By Nikkie F. on 10.28.2015

  3. To rise from a sitting position.

    By Brock Woodruff on 10.28.2015

  4. i knew the couple would stand by the stream and hug and kiss then in the later years get married and have kids……………and it all came true everything that i said came true except whenthey decided to covert to being christans and raised their children the right way then we actually converted to christ and were baptized and anointed in christ jesus lord over all

    By mackenzie URL on 10.28.2015

  5. She stands in the middle of a whirlwind; air buffeting against her face until her cheeks are rosy and her eyes squint. She wavers back and forth in the currents, but her feet remain planted on this land she will fight for.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 10.28.2015

  6. “Stand up” They said, as I sat back down. Defiance was my best trait, you know. I longed for admonishment, outside interference that disrupted my own habitual ruin. Terrible habits of procrastination and laziness that was surely to get me fired, one day.

    So I broke the rules and excitedly looked forward to punishment. If I couldn’t set myself straight, I’d rely on someone’s pejorative treatment.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 10.28.2015

  7. stood in the dark,
    in the night.
    waiting for it all to be over.
    waiting for next week.
    but next week never comes.
    it’s always this week.
    this same shitty week.
    over and over.

    By Imogene URL on 10.28.2015

  8. I like to stand on my feet if I was a monkey I would stand on my hands my name would be monkey joe bob that is a great name for a monkey. THE END!!!!!

    By kaden boward on 10.28.2015

  9. the stand of the day was an epitomic resemblance to unearthed rocks
    that eroded off the side of a mountain cliff’
    wherein, no one understood the consequences of the day
    of the night
    of any reckoning of time.

    By Milad URL on 10.28.2015

  10. He stood alone in the crowd, staring at the ball, waiting for it to drop, all the while thinking of how it was her dream to be here. The tears that had threatened to spill since the second he first got there stinged his eyes, once again reminiscing the times he had with her, not knowing that she was slipping through his fingers, like the seconds these people spent chanting away. But unlike the rest of them, he didn’t want to face a new year, that’d be an end, not a beginning. And if it were to be the latter, it would be one where she was just an ephemera, an eternal memory burned to the back of his mind.

    By Blue. URL on 10.28.2015

  11. I couldn’t stand. What was left of my arm remained on the ground, a tangled mess of flesh and machinery. Zonta stood a meter away, her weapon pointed directly at my heart. What she didn’t see was my finger on the red button, ready to release.

    By Stacks URL on 10.28.2015

  12. I circled around the empty spaces along the edge of the bar. No stools, no empty tables. I’m not nearly cool enough to pull off the casual standing-room-only attitude.

    By asavas URL on 10.28.2015

  13. sometimes, you gotta take a stand. stop bein’ a doormat and tell it like it is. sometimes, you gotta shout, and wave your arms. sometimes, you gotta make fists for punching and shriek “i live!”. sometimes, you gotta take a stand, man.

    By BeccaJean URL on 10.28.2015

  14. on your feet. dont crumble. resist the urge to give in. its the best thing to do. speak out. be your true self. use your voice. raise up.

    By Cam on 10.28.2015

  15. I took a stand for what I believe in. And it may not have worked, and no one may have listened to me, but at least I can say that I followed my conscience. I won’t stand for anyone who is willing to take my power away from me, and I won’t let anyone get in my way. I will continue to fight for what I think is right, no matter who is against me.

    By Marni on 10.28.2015

  16. For something. Up to bad people. Against bullshit. Next to a dead tree. Around people talking. In the middle of a room with no one it it shouting, anything you want. With your son or daughter in the back yard looking up at the sky or down at the dirt or across the street or in the next guy’s back yard. On your head, with conviction, without reservation, in a crowded audience when no one else is doing it but you love what the performer just did so much you don’t care if other people feel the same way. Or, open a hot dog stand. And stand for that.

    By nyla on 10.28.2015