March 23rd, 2014

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91 Responses to “selective”

  1. My memory is quite selective; when dealing with matters of the heart

    By melodyroop URL on 03.23.2014

  2. “You’ve got a very selective memory, don’t you?” she says.
    Maybe. So what if I do? Is there really anything wrong with that? So what if I didn’t remember that your “Meemah’s” birthday was this coming weekend. I remembered yours didn’t I?
    Or did I…

    By Jeff on 03.23.2014

  3. The library was huge. It was more than anyone could ever read. I know, I’ve been working at it since the moment I was born and I still had a world of books to select from. I tried not to explore so that I didn’t get overwhelmed by the largeness of it.

    By Kylie on 03.23.2014

  4. The library is huge. It’s always been huge, but I get the feeling that it grows larger with time. Imagine the biggest room you can. It’s way bigger than that. It would take lifetimes to read it all. I would know, I’ve been working on it since the moment I was born. It’s in my head, and I’ve always been reading. I just knew from the start what I was doing.

    By Kylie on 03.23.2014

  5. This is where I am typing about being selective. Is this about dating or picking vegetables out at the grocery store? It is important to know what you want and only select based on personal criteria. Don’t settle and also make solid efforts in picking the criterion.

    By gsusie on 03.23.2014

  6. A variety of spices enticed me, but I quickly moved past the overpowering floral scents, heading toward the back where somewhat more elusive smells lingered.

    By Beth A on 03.23.2014

  7. “One must be Quite selective in not only ‘the foodstuffs that they intake, but also the media that they consume. You are what you eat, on every possible level. In turn, this is the way that we judge our candidates, Mr. Blanke. Not only by the amount of discipline that we test through various physical trials and carefully planned tribulations, but also by testimonials of ones hobbies and pleasures during idle times.”
    That was very oddly worded, thought George.

    By Hillary on 03.23.2014

  8. She browsed each rack of shoes, eying each pair, searching for the perfect color. Of course, she had to be selective in her search for the perfect heels. Anything that would cripple her ankle by the end of the night was out. She wanted her shoes to feel like clouds, so she could feel like she was walking in heaven.

    By Ashley on 03.23.2014

  9. Selective participation. That’s what they called it back in the big leagues. When the teacher chooses lessons that require only a selective participation from a sea of students among the ocean of their peers.
    Those two words were on replay in my head as I sat at my desk while the students scanned and filled out the packet of papers recently handed to them.

    By umbazachika on 03.23.2014

  10. he was rather selective in the type of girls he would date.
    tall, thin, blonde, only ones that were his style.
    cliche til the very last day,
    but of course, the world is full of blondes,
    so he never ran out.

    By Nova on 03.23.2014

  11. It was a selective process, this.
    Too young and they were liable to break, too old and they wouldn’t let themselves be molded.
    To strong and they looked beyond what was good for them, too weak and they wouldn’t survive. Too passive and they were overrun but too stubborn and they’d never get anything done.
    It was a selective process, finding a new host.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 03.23.2014

  12. As I read today’s word, I chuckled to myself. It is the word I have been toying with, weighing, to make sure I am worthy of applying it to my description.

    It has been a year since I left architecture, since I started my new job. A year of big and small changes, adding up to who I am today. It has been a year of becoming accountable for things. That is a big one for me.

    Recently since I few months I find I am pretty happy, and I am still missing some thing. I don’t want to know what it is, afraid that finding out won’t be of much help.

    I tried to be more selective of what I am saying, but I still blabber on.

    By unkitjc URL on 03.23.2014

  13. We’re all selective in what we agree with. As long as it supports our ideas, we’ll accept it as a reality. We’ll accept what documentation says, but only if it supports us. We’ll accept what other people say, but only if it agrees with our argument or our ideas of how things should be. There are even people who only hear what they want to hear.
    My dad is one of those people. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell him who I am and who I will always be. It doesn’t matter if I do what he wants or if I do what I want, he’ll only see what he wants to see and to him, I’m nothing more than a mistake he’s sorry he ever made.

    By Ian on 03.23.2014

  14. Over the years he has developed the ability of selective hearing. He choses what he wants to believe and no matter of arguing will ever convince him otherwise.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.23.2014

  15. He was waiting for the onslaught with his eyes lowered and an air of resignation. “You need to be more selective about your friends”, snapped his mother. He fidgeted and pushed the packet deeper down in to his pocket. “Ferris has trouble written all over him. He is violent but worse still he is… sneaky, that’s what he is. You can’t trust him my boy. Don’t trust him. I don’t want you to get hurt Miguel.”

    “I’m cool Mum. It’ll be fine” he whispered and slunk away to his bedroom. He pulled out the packet and looked at the contents. He could handle it. He thought.

    By bb333 on 03.24.2014

  16. college.
    the thing we all want to get into
    wondering if we will get in with our “get-by” grades.
    can we all get to where we want to? some want one thing and others want another and we never ever ever seem to know what happens when we don’t.

    By mikayla mitchell on 03.24.2014

  17. Someone who has discreet taste is usually selective. Often those who are plain picky are also selective. A selective process may be used to create an elite group of some kind. We cannot know for sure if this is a good thing or not. For example, if some selective process chooses for exclusion then that is not good. If the process is selective to elevate the quality of a group, then perhaps that is good.

    By AFern on 03.24.2014

  18. Do I need to be selective when choosing a new partner? Of-course I do, but at this age with little experience I could easily not be.

    By kirsty on 03.24.2014

  19. Why can’t I think of anything for selective! I’m very selective when shopping. My father in law had very selective hearing………………..

    By Alexandra on 03.24.2014

  20. I am being too selective about what I choose to write. I edit in my head before something even becomes a full thought. This is writer’s block, I suppose, and so I turn to It gets me writing … something … at least. I put aside today to write something, and so I feel as if I am wasting such an opportunity.

    By RebeccaZuvedru on 03.24.2014

  21. I am very selective with whine want in my life.

    By Nikki on 03.24.2014

  22. He was good with words. He chose them carefully, and with deliberation. Each was delivered at just the right moment, designed in just the right fashion. His words were sharpened to a point, precise in both the injury and love they brought. Not every listener suffered. His was a selective love that pierced only into my soul.

    By CWDP on 03.24.2014

  23. special, no one can have them, if you want you must work hard. if you do not work hard you can nnot get it. you neeed help . nodbody to help you. this is just too much stress.

    By zlm on 03.24.2014

  24. they told me i was special. they measured my limbs and stretched me out but they pulled too tight and stretched too thin and now i’m just a lanky mess of bones. they told me my hair was shiny, and that they could take me places i’d never seen before. i’ve only ever been on a plane to canberra, once when i was 14 and we went there for a school trip.

    By ella on 03.24.2014

  25. If I appear online but don’t talk to you,
    If it’s quite obvious that I’m avoiding you,
    That I’m filtering, being selective,
    Maybe it should occur to you
    That the sex was bad.

    And that, buddy, is called natural selection.

    By Abhineeta on 03.24.2014

  26. Choosing materials based on what the needs of my community are, what my budget allows for, and what my community wants or aspires to be. Being selective is different than censoring due to choosing based on what fits rather than excluding things which may be problematic. Being selective is necessary given time, resources, and

    By Katelyn on 03.24.2014

  27. She was very selective about who she hunted and killed. She always enjoyed the hunt very much.

    By Jerri on 03.24.2014

  28. You need to be selective in your life when choosing your partner, and life mate. Too many people jump into relationships and marriage only to be broken up and divorced too quickly wasting precious time, and becoming bitter as a result.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.24.2014

  29. I cannot write about this word selective. I don’t even know how i am supposed to write about this word. What is it? Seriously!? I don’t even know, I am just stalling by saying things over again in just a different style of text….. This is not a very good word to use…

    By Catherine E on 03.24.2014

  30. She was better than he was but they would never pick her. The reason being?

    She’s completely and absolutely insane.

    They could see it in the way she trembled when she tried to hold herself in. The way her smile seems a little tilted, like her soul was slipping of the edge of a jagged precipice. The way she giggled and giggled and twirled like a little girl.

    A mage has pride and mental fortitude but she did not.

    By Aluya on 03.24.2014

  31. How I select what I want to do. I’m selecting what food or choice I wanna do.

    By Emoni w. on 03.24.2014

  32. Selective hearing is the first thing that comes to my mind. I have bad selective hearing in class and at home. I wish I could break this bad habit.

    By Hunter Young on 03.24.2014

  33. I can’t help but be selective. Sometimes I pace to and from the top of the aisle for a half hour just weighing all the options that await me in my potential purchase. Usually I can only shop about once a week; the whole ordeal stresses me out so much that I nibble my fingernails to stumps.

    By asavas on 03.24.2014

  34. I am selective about my music. All I listen to is country music. I don’t like pretty much any other music.

    By Andrew brozek on 03.24.2014

  35. There’s only so much selective and than you run ot what else can there be? Be too picky and you won’t have anything. Open up and see what’s out there – selective can be good it can also limit.

    By Protean on 03.24.2014

  36. the selection process for getting hired was a grueling one. It took me two years, some delay on my part, but two years to go throught he process. testing, casing, behavioral interviews…it was exhausting but I made it into the club! I was one of the “smart” ones apparently because not everyone got in!

    By Linda on 03.24.2014

  37. Well selective everyone is..i have many friends but i a spend time with a few select ones.We are selective, except for parents and relatives.

    By hopelessromantic on 03.24.2014

  38. I was never incredibly selective about the music that I listened to. If notes were nutrition, my palate discriminated only as far as how it tasted. What it did for me, what was considered as having more value, I never paid much attention to.

    By ee on 03.24.2014

  39. Careful choosing. My selective choice would be to get a good education and most importantly to get a high school diploma. Many things, best choice, be selective.

    By Susan Rhom on 03.24.2014

  40. Some people have selective hearing, because they have a messed up ear. But what selective hearing is, is that you can zone out of what some people are saying and not even have any idea of what they just said. So that is sometimes good and sometimes really bad.

    By Quinlyn on 03.24.2014