March 22nd, 2014

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60 Responses to “heightened”

  1. It wasn’t enough that her stomach was turning at the thought of walking into the room with !hat Person there. Her whole being was rendered a conduit, everything heightened by her anxiety.

    By Amimee URL on 03.23.2014

  2. There was no time as her fear grew.
    There is was.
    It happened.
    She had crushed the hamster under the futon, while having the best sex she had in the past few years.

    Totally worth it.

    By Sosuke on 03.23.2014

  3. He stopped and lifted his nose in the air. He could smell fear in the air. Hisnhightened smell worked well in the night when he was hunting his prey.

    By Jerri on 03.23.2014

  4. some people are heightened
    for no reason at all
    some people who are heightened
    they only deserve to fall

    the other people, however,
    the low and polite few
    the don’t get anything
    for all the things that they do.

    By maggy potter on 03.23.2014

  5. height is a very relative term
    those who are heightened don’t deserve the height
    those who are heightened don’t deserve the light
    instead of admitting
    they sell themselves to the night

    By maggy potter on 03.23.2014

  6. The intensity rose, my temperature heightened. I tapped on the side of the box curiously. It was cold and hard, like metal. I shivered and pulled my coat over my shoulders. I found an opening on my right, just a once inch square. I looked through with one eye shut.

    By brighterwriter13 URL on 03.23.2014

  7. The experience of visiting China was heightened by being able to walk along the great wall and seeing the terracotta warriors.

    By Alexandra on 03.23.2014

  8. her fear heighted at the thought of dying life was a glass rain drop
    and it was falling fast and hard

    By Rebekah on 03.23.2014

  9. his sense of smell was heightened to where it bled. nostrils wept tears of sweat and snot like nobody’s business. Hot sauce my ass, he thought. More like fucking volcano juice on roids. he wondered how his ass would handle it in an hour or two

    By kah URL on 03.23.2014

  10. Mathew’s anxiety heightened as the ships return message seemed to be filled with a great sense of animosity towards them. He felt his shoulders tense as he wanted to follow the enemy vessel, hoping to find them quickly. The captain gave the orders he hoped for, and Mathew’s fingers were quick to respond, floating over his console and making chase for the other vessel.

    By JR on 03.23.2014

  11. Hieghtened extra sensitivity. The sun is blazing and you’ve got blinding light in your eyes and the only thing you can see is a golden halo covering everything with a yellow tint and the warmth of the sun on your skin, it feels like you’re gonna burn.

    By Soeyin on 03.23.2014

  12. I could jump off the deep end
    Land swiftly on my flat feet
    Shins split slightly as you tightly
    Wind your fingers around my neck
    Deaths first and last kiss upon
    My cheek
    I could take that leep now instead of wait
    For his grace to spread upon me
    I just get so anxious sometimes
    To shake His hand
    An old friend

    By stargirl on 03.23.2014

  13. It hieghtened
    till I was frightened
    But what could I do
    there’s only one exit
    For this grand old stage
    In the glare of light, I see stars
    And what lies beyond
    in the hemisphere of darkness
    I heard waves, tides of tidings
    And so it goes as it flows
    Here I glow with a-muse
    Lit this fuse
    For the rocket
    To the moon
    There’s more
    Than one way

    By Intuition on 03.23.2014

  14. her body all of a sudden felt on fire. His lips on hers, his fingertips grazing her side, all of her nerves and limbs buzzing.

    By Paige on 03.23.2014

  15. wow haha

    By Paige on 03.23.2014

  16. Her body was on fire. His fingertips tracing her spine, his mouth replicating his fingers. Her nerves, and limbs buzzed, tingled.

    By Paige on 03.23.2014

  17. so lustful

    By Paige on 03.23.2014

  18. Her heart rate heightened, her palms began to sweat and she could sense something in her stomach that she was not used to feeling. Was she scared? Nervous? Excited? This was the same feeling she got when she woke up from a bad nightmare, but there was nothing to be scared of here. This was a happy event. This was a person she loved, holding her when she needed it.

    By Emily on 03.23.2014

  19. It was a strange feeling, my eyes dove into the light that leaked through the cracks of the door; the hairs on my arms stood on edge. I could even taste the salt in the air.

    By someone on 03.23.2014

  20. The surgery has heightened her senses. she can see the squiggling lines of the foreigners’ writing on the billboard across the Flyway. well, she could see it before, but now she can see the individual shapes. if she could read it, she would be able to.
    she can hear the crying of a baby down on the second block. The poor thing’s parents are fighting. The rumble of the airships outside is loud, even the shiny new ones, said to be nigh on silent. Hak’s junker, a roar on the best of days before the surgery, gives her a pounding headache. Hak himself is loud, with his clomping prosthetic and the loud rustle of his piloting uniform.
    “C’mon kid, ya can’t lay in bed all day.” he’s trying to be quiet, whispering, but his voice is gruff.
    “Go ‘way, Hak.” she turns from the grimy window, and falls back into bed. she’s not ready to face the world.
    “Damn it, kid. Up and at ’em.”
    “Go jump in the Flyway. My shoulders hurt.”
    “Those wings of yer’s won’t do ya any good if ya don’t use ’em.” he kicks a metal tin across the floor. it scatters its collection of bent nails and extra screws. Not that she’ll need them, without her airship. An Officer had smashed into the Sparrow, with a body built for speed and not combat they fell right out of the air. Luckily, Hak had been right behind her, and caught her before she could go down with the ship. there was enough shrapnel in her body to kill her, from what the doc said. they picked it out, and gave her a way to take to the air again. the wings, made of spare parts and the few pieces of the Sparrow that were found after, shudder against her back. they move with her some how, despite being metal and wood and canvas. Hak’s of the opinion that her ship’s still with her, moving where she guides, but closer than before.
    “I always knew you were a romantic.” she’s saying aloud, Hak’s frown wavers, and then he’s grinning the way he does when there’s a race on. he looks at her expectantly, tapping his metal foot. “Well, kid. Ya gonna get up?”
    “Yesser, you old hack.”
    He laughs, and she doesn’t mind the noise as they clamber outside and onto his junker.

    “Hey Hak, wanna race?”

    By Mae on 03.23.2014