March 24th, 2014

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84 Responses to “repressed”

  1. Repressed regrets, rewrite reset.

    Phone dead. You’re right,
    I can make it.
    Longer and harder.

    Animal instinct heightened
    at night. At night, I always knew,
    since outdoor school in sixth
    grade when we played
    Eagle Eye (hide in plain sight
    but don’t be seen) I wasn’t
    ..just sleepless. Sleepless nights
    from my parent’s divorce that
    year wasn’t the reason. I
    was thinking, “it can’t just
    be troubles sleeping.”
    “It must be the night”
    Light’s sting, ugh, blinding,
    shattering my retinas’ focus
    in just irrelevant seconds.
    Because you see, in the game,
    the Eagle’s eye was a flashlight
    meant to paralyze its targets’ stealth.
    So I closed my eyes in the dark.
    “I want the dark”

    Light, always there, always
    blinding, piercing, perceiving,
    seeking, seeing. Being calculated.
    Some constant.

    Tonight, it’s Spring, my nocturnal instincts
    are peaking. Since that first Spring
    when shrooms physically changed
    my mentality, each spring after
    I quite physically feel the season’s colors
    wrapping around my heart like the sun’s
    grasp on my skin during the summer solstice
    But I physically feel the season’s smells more,
    overbearing my mind, brutalizing my senses,
    like a psychotic lover’s ecstatic choking.

    Did you know there are 125 trillion
    synapses solely in the cerebral cortex?
    That means 125,
    zero zero zero, zero zero zero,
    zero zero zero, zero zero zero.
    That’s 125 multiplied by ten raised
    to the twelfth power. If we were talking
    about seconds instead of synapses,
    125 multiplied by ten raised to the twelfth
    power of seconds at a rate of 31,557,600
    seconds per year, we would be talking about
    3,961,010.97675 years.

    In other words, if synapses were seconds, our brains
    would have 4 million years. Tonight,
    I am experiencing 4 million year’s worth of sensory overload.
    Have you had an orgasm?

    So light.

    In those irrelevant seconds
    that light shattered my focus,
    it destroyed 4 million
    year’s worth of synaptic experience
    In the blink of an eye, every second is relevant.
    And now I walk with them
    closed, even at night.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 03.25.2014

  2. the pressure getting heavy, I don;t know how much more I can take. I’m an emotional being, I’m a peacock, I need to fly!

    By Biscuit URL on 03.25.2014

  3. Feel like a piece of cloth, to whom the dry wind at will, l, a person who may not be who is, a false identity, who pretend to be the other wants you to be. No more, no more, no more being repressed.

    By C.M. Fernández on 03.25.2014

  4. Bottled up frustration.Supressed reactions.Altered Responses. It’s going to all float to the surface one day. A Repressed human being will either lead a revolution or turn to crime eventually.

    By inkyveins on 03.25.2014