March 23rd, 2014

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91 Responses to “selective”

  1. One shot, that’s all he had. He’d wasted too many swings on crap balls. But the pitcher was unreliable, and some of his balls were near perfect. The sweat beaded on his forehead and his hand trembled as he stepped up to plate.

    By Soft URL on 03.24.2014

  2. Selective hearing is what my wife used to accuse me of. I am selective in my choice of clothes and food. I do not consider myself an expert of either, but am comfortably casual.

    By gary on 03.24.2014

  3. The thought of selective responsibility will always daunt any organization, when those who step forward to represent persons on their behalf, behave in a manner that will cause conflict and distrust.

    By victor URL on 03.24.2014

  4. Selective, I think of a group. When I hear the word selective I think of The Hunger Games. Where they are pulling a name out of the bucket and Prim rose gets picked and she only had one card in there. Selective. It also makes me think of a voting, you don’t know who is going to get picked.

    By Kyndall Winkelman on 03.24.2014

  5. Selective. We can afford to be selective as to whom we hire, said the temp who answered the phone. It was great to be on the other side, even if that side was temporary, dishing out what she had received. A newly minted bachelor’s degree and a temp job was disappointing. She wanted to be selective, not just in a position to pretend to be selective.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 03.24.2014

  6. I am very selective as to which biscuit to choose. I should’ve picked the custard cream instead of the jammie dodger otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.

    By Danny on 03.24.2014

  7. I needed to be tough. Hard as nails. These kids were supposed to be the best we had to offer and they obviously were not ready. They had been handpicked by our leader and now it was my job to prepare them for the trials that lay ahead. It was a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

    By GeordiePenguin on 03.24.2014

  8. there was a day that the world had a theory. everything was selective towards the most powerful, the most adaptable, more so the smartest and strongest. many now are selective towards each other, in their hearing and in their significant others.

    By matthew URL on 03.24.2014

  9. choose more wisely
    the words you speak
    be selective
    when you open your mouth
    don’t utter drivel
    nonsense does no one any good

    By Poet Nia URL on 03.24.2014

  10. There was this time when i wanted cake So i told my mom and when she came back she brute chocolate kind an she knows i am berry selective that i hate chocolate but i like vanilla

    By Ben O on 03.24.2014

  11. Избирательность – это противоположность всеядности. Когда знаешь, что твоё, а что нет. И можешь сделать выбор легко и без колебаний. И это даже не выбор, это просто естественное действие, как следующий вдох.

    By Vita on 03.24.2014