August 30th, 2015

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61 Responses to “related”

  1. I am related to many people who are wonderful people. And it is amazing to know how diverse and unique we all are. It is such a beautiful picture when we all get together and fellowship with one another. Family is a beautiful picture of how so many different people come together as one and celebrate our uniqueness.

    By Zacahry on 08.31.2015

  2. I am related to ancestors in the Bible, because God made us.

    By limakidhouse URL on 08.31.2015

  3. Diane, I don’t know if it was fated or completely unrelated, but you felt it too, over there in the deep end, when you were teaching me how to swim for the first time. Before it arrived, that horrible feeling of dread, I felt as if I couldn’t save you if you passed out and sunk to the bottom. I didn’t know what it was, but the thought was strong, since I’m a beginner reaching you at that kind of depth would require hours of breathing practice. I knew if it came to it, I’d try, but probably drown with you, I’m just not that strong yet. But then you caught that same feeling too and swam with me quickly to the shallow end, then we felt it brush over us as we ran from the pool. Inside the house I saw something ripple across the surface at the deepest spot. You didn’t see it. But I did. It looked straight at you. I don’t think we can stay here much longer.

    By Intuition on 08.31.2015

  4. I am related to my cousins and all the rest of my family

    By James Fitzwilliam on 08.31.2015

  5. Slightly related, you start, only to go off on a tangent that slowly unfolds into its own animal, nothing but a shred of similarity. But this is how opinion is, many of them similar but as you go deeper, the idiosyncrasies differ, and you realize maybe you’re not so alike at all.

    By Ashi URL on 08.31.2015

  6. all points
    the woven pattern
    time is weaving
    features all
    related by circumstance
    if not blood-

    By katiekieran URL on 08.31.2015

  7. i love when your on YouTube and you look at the related topics and there’s something you’ve been looking for but didn’t know the name of. Those are the best things.

    By Alisha W on 08.31.2015

  8. We are all related. We came from Adam so we are all related it is just how close we are related.

    By Haleigh on 08.31.2015

  9. my family is related to me. if my brother marries some one then i am related to them. my cousins are related to me and my brother. so are my aunts and uncles.

    By levi on 08.31.2015

  10. banana

    By levi on 08.31.2015

  11. She just stood there, staring at her, hardly able to realize that she was related to him.
    “Say hi to your great uncle !” Her mom said. “Hi” She said bluntly. “Can I go now? I have something to do. “

    By Rebecca Whitney on 08.31.2015

  12. Finally she was alone. She thought about what just happened. One minute she couldn’t wait any longer and then the next, she was wishing that she could just disappear. She shuddered again, not wanting to believe that she is related to them.

    By Becky on 08.31.2015

  13. theres a ghost in my room, and it belongs to you
    its your shadow on the wall, your scent lingering in the air.
    you wore my clothes and stepped in my shoes,
    day after day when I was too weary to even breathe.

    By berenique on 08.31.2015

  14. They were on the subway, on opposite sides of the room, I guess you’d call it. But you could tell, just by looking at them, that they belonged together. Just a sense. Just a feeling. I wanted to shout at both of them, “Look up from your cell phones, hurry, look up and across the aisle. You two belong together, it’s astoundingly clear. You are soul mates. Then he, without looking up from his cell, rushed through the doors as the subway stopped. And she, for one moment, looked up to see him rushing past. And then, she knew too. Too late.

    By nyla on 08.31.2015

  15. The islands, facing one another, with rocks and waves and dark crustaceous waters between. My twin holds a dying bird in his hands.

    By sygil rose-pine on 08.31.2015

  16. Bond of blood and formation of bone- celestial marrow, same. Yet I’m tearing up the bibles baby, burning their pages with the fire I spit. I hope the names of the patriarchs get stuck between my decaying teeth, we’ll paint our streets with new stories, gold and crimson.

    By sygil rose-pine on 08.31.2015

  17. hello my name is related to a spanish person or something i’m not to sure.

    By unknown on 08.31.2015

  18. Nothing is isolated. Everything comes from something. From the deep labyrinth of the mind to the outside, chaotic world, there is still a delicate string that runs through it all and connects everything.

    By Gina on 08.31.2015

  19. “No” She thought as she put her warm coat and hat on. She couldn’t possibly be related to their family.

    By Becky on 08.31.2015

  20. Truth is, he reacted inappropriately when he heard the news from her. It is not until after three days he realized he might have saved their relationship instead of conceding to her terms and ended it in a whim. But all of that is behind him now. Anything else–courier typeface, single spacing–that will spawn forth from his typewriter is completely unrelated to her whatsoever.

    By nom de luc URL on 08.31.2015

  21. An interesting note can be made about the connection between the said and the meant. What can be said about something that has been created is in many ways related to factors that are beyond what can be said. On the other hand, the inferred meaning form the said word can be said to have its own set of relations that are independant of the speaker.

    By shashank URL on 08.31.2015