August 31st, 2015

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64 Responses to “disturbed”

  1. I was quite disturbed when I learnt that I was no longer alive. When did I die? I can’t recall the funeral. One should have a recollection of the moment when one ceased to exist. Surely.

    By stephthewriter on 09.01.2015

  2. I was deeply disturbed yesterday. My dog I’ve had since i was little ran away. I was so disturbed that after I spent all day looking for him, i went to my room and cried. I am not disturbed today because he came back.

    By Kylie on 09.01.2015

  3. The pond was disturbed at the intruding visitor who crept quietly among the trees. He sat there and waited for he spotted a fish jumping up for bugs that were landing on the lily pads.

    By limakidhouse URL on 09.01.2015

  4. I am disturbed by hate. Hate causes pain and hurt. I am hopeful for the day that we all can walk in love with one another. May God have mercy.

    I am disturbed by the lust and thirst people have for power and control. It causes so much pain and hurt. May God have mercy.

    I am disturbed as to how quickly we forget the past and the failures we made that could lead us to a brighter future. May God have mercy.

    By Zacahry on 09.01.2015

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    By Kylie on 09.01.2015

  6. It was sick, of course. He never had any delusions that his cravings were normal. He’d tried to stop many times, prayed, cried, and forced himself to go to church to confess his sings. But the stark contrast between his filthy thoughts and the larger than life crucifix looming near his head only exacerbated his hunger.

    By Soft URL on 09.01.2015

  7. The cat was disturbed from its slumber when somebody stepped on its tail, frightening, and hurting it.

    By Alexandra on 09.01.2015

  8. angry with people but dont know how it happened , out of focus

    By vale on 09.01.2015

  9. I am disturbed when i see roadkill such as deer.Just the other day i saw one all across the road.EW!

    By James Fitzwilliam on 09.01.2015

  10. Something had disturbed their slumber causing them to wake with fright.

    By saraheiser on 09.01.2015

  11. There was something about the shape. Or maybe the color. She tensed her eyes, squinting at the object. She couldn’t quite see it, and that disturbed her. She lay back down on her bed and stared at the ceiling instead, until it seemed to press down on her. She looked again at the object which attracted her attention before. It was simple, a glass of water on her nightstand.

    By Chanpheng on 09.01.2015

  12. I am very disturbed that I can not log in today. I am not a robot, but having a robotic part would be nice.
    What is wrong with being part robot? Well you do disturbed some people, with the clicking and the whirling. Other people will just never trust you, cause of the robotics. Even more so if you have robotics in your brain.

    By Katie on 09.01.2015

  13. I want to go to bed. im so disturbed. I saw the most terrible thing ever and i need to lay down. that is all i can think of

    By KRIS on 09.01.2015

  14. The bad dream disturbed the little girl’s restful night. This dream was very disturbing to her and to her sister who was next to her as she was tossing and turning all night

    By Haleigh on 09.01.2015

  15. I hate to be disturbed. Especially during church when the preacher is talking.

    By Alisha W on 09.01.2015

  16. “Kill, kill, kill.” There’s something in my head. It twitches my brain and whispers epithets. “Kill, kill, kill.” Hahahaha. They’re so funny sometimes. Hey, even I don’t know its gender. It curdles my stomach acid and drips into my lungs with poison. My eyes twitch all the time. “Kill, kill, kill.”

    By Stephanie URL on 09.01.2015

  17. What disturbed her most was not the words scribbled across the pages of the book, but the lack of respect that it showed. Not just to her, but to the book itself.

    By Rachel W on 09.01.2015

  18. he had been sitting in silence for he didn’t know how long when the bird hit the window. It took him a moment to register that there had been a sound, and an even longer moment before it hit him that something had, in fact, hit the window. He stared, and had to remember how to move his legs.

    By Benjie on 09.01.2015

  19. This was where we left the flowers…

    And this was where the candle stood in its little glass, as if such a small, thin shield could protect it. We were fools.

    Over there were the thin sticks of incense, and here had been the two pennies left by our great-grandmother and now…


    Now it was all gone.

    Well, not quite. To be fair, everything was still there.

    And there.

    And over there.

    And under our feet.

    And in piles here and here.

    There were several disturbed graves nearby. We should count ourselves lucky, they told us. We could replace flowers and candles and incense and pennies. No one had dug at the grave, torn up the soil, defiled the body (the body…?).

    Somehow, we didn’t feel lucky at all.

    Our mother’s grave was too sacred. The attack, too personal, despite the other graves meant to throw us off the scent.

    We knew exactly who was behind it.

    And (we were sure) they knew that we knew.


    By crashedtime on 09.01.2015

  20. well, i suppose i’m reminded of my dear Ogre. here is one young man whose mind is shaken to the core by icy siberia and excesses ranging from drinking rubbing alcohol to throwing tv sets down embankments. all i can hope for is that the Beauty from krakow can save him.

    By berenique on 09.01.2015

  21. “Human skin? What is this Lily? Why this obsession with death? You and your sister. I don’t understand! Help me understand! Why did you kill him?”

    Those were last words to her daughter… Lily jumped.

    By sacaguweea on 09.01.2015

  22. Disturbed I can’t find a job yet. I know I can be a cashier, but don’t seem to be able to get a job anywhere. I’m a graphic artist that used to do ads for print and web, now can’t find a job. Disturbed at why.

    By shadorma on 09.01.2015

  23. The boy was distur

    By Third Grade Students on 09.01.2015

  24. The look in her eye, misty gray like the fog was full of teeth- she wanders down yellow linoleum floor of squares- the look in her eye, they call it, “disturbed”.
    Funny, they’re the ones recoiling, as she sighs with a sharp coyish grin.

    By sygil rose-pine on 09.01.2015