August 30th, 2015

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61 Responses to “related”

  1. I am related to my mother and to my brother and to my grandfather and to my dad, I cannot tear them out of the family tree no matter how hard I try or no matter how sad I am over something they do. related to my brother, standing on the side of the road smoking, his head obscured, he is mine, he is my brother, he is ours. yours, and mine, and mom’s, and dad’s

    By c.b. on 08.30.2015

  2. In life sometimes there is an absolute necessity to shake off parts of yourself; to banish them from your thoughts, and if at all possible from your memory. You have to do this to save yourself from the shame and humiliation that will permeate your skin and your heart if you do not. I am related to a monster. An evil, manipulative narcissist. And the destruction he has caused, the pain and the suffering linger around me like a putrid odour, as if by association I caused them too. I need air freshener. And for my brother to be gone.

    By bb333 on 08.30.2015

  3. her heart thumps raggedly in her chest; bile burns the back of her throat. he bares his teeth, shows the blood staining them red, the blood they share. his eyes are her eyes, the color their mother gifted them. she hates him; she loves him.

    By tombstoneshadow on 08.30.2015

  4. I have family in my life that I do not feel related to. I have things in my life that I have related other situations to. I want the relationship of feeling related with my family. I’m not sure if I am still “related” to others that are divorcing in my family. I feel realated to Jason’s parents more in my life right now hand I ever have. That is a relief for me. I feel like I am related to them now. I understand that when your related you have “arguments ” and will say hurtful things. I feel very related to my work. My work is my family too. I feel a good relationship with everyone there and I feel respected and I feel “related” to numerous people there.

    By Ginger on 08.30.2015

  5. This surprised me how much I could write about!

    By Ginger on 08.30.2015

  6. “You guys are actually related?”

    My brother sighed, and I rolled my eyes. “Yes,” I repeated myself for what must have been the fifth time today. This party was not going to end any time soon. Everyone I met seemed to think that my bro and I were an item. Never mind the fact that I was gay and my brother was so asexual it wasn’t even funny. Not even aesthetic on a guy or girl did anything for him. He just liked living the single life and enjoying his hobbies and passions and friends without any romantic or lustful interference.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.30.2015

  7. “We are not related.” I claim as my sister dances around Wal-Mart singing on top of her lungs. It may have been cute when when we were little but we were now in our 20s, rooming together at Utah State. I wanted to curl up in a ball and hide.

    By Bre on 08.30.2015

  8. Oh okay they were related. Not in the way you think, like blood and stuff, but in interests. They both like weird cat videos, and that was enough. Enough to hand out to be memers.

    By What on 08.30.2015

  9. i don’t care what you’re doing tonight
    you’re all wrong when you say you’re alright
    retaliation related relation
    and i’m waiting
    you’ll never be ok.

    By matt m on 08.30.2015

  10. My cousin isn’t related to me. Her mom married my mom’s brother, so she is only my cousin by marriage. We never got along as kids. Our personalities clashed too much. Recently I’ve been trying to rebuild a relationship with her, because she’s been going through hard times.

    By Cricket on 08.30.2015

  11. It is hard to believe that we are related when we live like total strangers. None of us have any kind of real bond other than biology. This is not how we were raised, but it is our go to method for living our lives separately. Guilt. no communication. fear. hiding.

    By Maya on 08.30.2015

  12. Related
    belonging to the same family, group, or type; connected.
    “sleeping sickness and related diseases”
    synonyms: connected, interconnected, associated, linked, coupled, correlated, allied, affiliated, accompanying, concomitant, corresponding, analogous, kindred, parallel, comparable, equivalent, homologous, incidental More
    associated with the specified item or process, especially causally.
    suffix: -related
    “income-related benefits”

    By chris URL on 08.30.2015

  13. we met exactly the way people are supposed to meet
    and you sat with me when I was nervous and shy
    and you kissed me when I thought people might see
    and you laid with me on your roof
    and now we’re here

    By fluxandflow on 08.30.2015

  14. They hadn’t been introduced as cousins as such, but their respective parents had made the relationship between the two of them quite clear: they were not to be seen together, not to talk to each other, and under no circumstances were they allowed to play together either.

    By Guillaume URL on 08.30.2015

  15. Our pandas are related to all the other pandas in the world. Our panda names are Yolanda, Pei Pei and Lily. They come from the pandas in Chengdu. They are very cute

    By Pei Pei on 08.31.2015

  16. i’m not related to any genius, i stand by that in spite of the love they all give me. but i do love them. i do i do i do.

    By livorsomethingbetterthanliv on 08.31.2015

  17. I’m related to my cousin and brother and mom and dad and grandma and uncle

    By Landon Dancy on 08.31.2015

  18. when two objects both relate to each other

    By Teyani Branham URL on 08.31.2015

  19. related is things or people that go together sort of like a family or puzzle.things can be related in life or in a game.

    By Nyesha Herndon on 08.31.2015

  20. comment

    By Landon Dancy on 08.31.2015

  21. Related means to be a family member of someone. You also have the same name

    By Nathan Haneline URL on 08.31.2015

  22. I am related to my family as in my brothers,my mom and dad,my grandparents,my uncles,my aunts,and my cousins.

    By Alayna Mclaughlin on 08.31.2015

  23. one word in in the same category

    By Diana Velazquez-valladares URL on 08.31.2015

  24. related means that you are somehow kin to he or she and you probaly know who they are.

    By Hailey starnes on 08.31.2015

  25. when two things are alike and similar

    By Antonio Longoria on 08.31.2015

  26. related mean that the person you are talking about is in your family.

    By Landon Lowtharpe on 08.31.2015

  27. someone that is in your family.

    By Lyric Contarino on 08.31.2015

  28. related means family or animals that are close to each other and probably in a family

    By luca on 08.31.2015

  29. it means that you have somebody in your family that cousin or brother that you are related to.

    By Haley Gibson URL on 08.31.2015

  30. related means to be connected or have the same blood or something

    By Nyesha Herndon on 08.31.2015

  31. related means family or animals that WAS CLOSE TO EACHOTHER OR IN A FAMILY

    By luca on 08.31.2015

  32. On a related note did you hear about the man who jumped into the river to save a drowning girl. It is happy but sad at the same time because he hit his head and he didn’t make it.

    By Becca Seale on 08.31.2015

  33. We were related? No, not only were we related, but we were twins?
    No. Jake and I had been best friends for ever since I could remember. Now we’re twenty three, and I had thought that I had fallen for him. He had been about to propose when both got phone calls to meet my Grandmother in the park where she had given us the surprising news- to which I stormed away, angry and extremely sad.

    By Maryn on 08.31.2015

  34. She could not believe that they were related.
    Her mother always told her to watch out, cause you just never know with Greek gods. But he was just so damn handsome.
    “Why did he have to be my cousin!” she shouted into the wind.
    “Cause this family is messed up,” the wind called back.

    By Katie on 08.31.2015

  35. Related means that the related bunch of friends or family that you love and care about a lot.

    By maggie URL on 08.31.2015

  36. We are all related in that we are all spirits that are part of this Universe and all part of each other and the Universe…let’s all be nice to each other. It can go a long way.

    By trkstr67 on 08.31.2015

  37. It was close. Really close. She looked intently at the photo. That nose. The setting of the eyes. If they weren’t related, then biology had a really sick sense of humor. She glanced into the mirror, touching her face, her chin. Same chin. Eerie.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.31.2015

  38. She was surrounded by beer bellies, missing teeth, and ill fitting clothes. Someone slapped her on the back and asked how things were going at that fancy school she was attending. She choked back a grimace at the whiff of tobacco filling her nose and smiled. Bad breath and warts aside, they were family.

    By Soft URL on 08.31.2015

  39. “But we’re related!” Andi cried. “He’s my cousin. Why would I want to go to the dance with him?”

    “Listen, stupid, he’s just an arm to walk in on,” Liesl said. “Once you’re there, you’re free.”

    By mrsmig on 08.31.2015

  40. I’m not related to her, I explained in the bookstore. The woman browsing nearby probably didn’t care, but I just didn’t feel that I could stand beside my mother while she read the back cover of Sarah Palin’s biography without somehow distancing myself. My mother looked up from her reading and glanced at me, rolling her eyes like she didn’t want to be identified with me, either.

    By Kimberly on 08.31.2015