August 29th, 2015

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33 Responses to “honorable”

  1. Honorable. Hmm…don’t think I’ve ever typed or said this word out loud. It’s a good word. Makes me think of a good person.

    By shadorma on 08.29.2015

  2. To be honorable is to honor things that you say you r going to do. To keep your word and do the honorable thing in any situation I will always do the honorable thing in any situation.

    By Roxanne Arcement on 08.29.2015

  3. What would be the honorable thing to do? How can I do what is expected, and maintain that sense of honor? Only time would tell. Only my actions would reveal the truth.

    By HMB on 08.29.2015

  4. His knees bent beneath him, his hands on the ground. His eyes were closed, his cheeks were damp. Soft winds rustled the tall grass around him. The stone marker rose from the earth, carved with weathered letters.

    By abigail on 08.29.2015

  5. There was a man. The most honorable. He did everything for his family. Then one day, he wasn’t there. He had left his wife, struggling to take care of their 6 children and a farm. She sought the king, but he refused to help. Her children became sick, and passed away. She then followed. The man heard the news and lived the rest of his life in shame.

    By Abbie on 08.29.2015

  6. I’m nobody special. I’m just an ordinary human.
    I try to live my life the best way I know how, without harming anyone else, trying to put a smile on everybody’s faces with silly jokes and antics.
    But… maybe that’s an honorable way to live in itself.

    By Shr on 08.29.2015

  7. The great and honorable General Talmouth will be hosting a great and honorable banquet at his great and honorable (and highly established) manor on the corner of Fifth and Main. There, he will deliver a great and honorable speech that will go into the great and honorable details of his next assignment as great and honorable general. After that, there shall be beer and shrimp cocktails. Those are not great and honorable. They are just delicious.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.29.2015

  8. She was an honorable woman and knew that she deserved an honorable man. Until he proved this to her, she would hold her ground and wait for him.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.29.2015

  9. “Sacrificing your own honor in order to honor another,” she growled, “means there’s no longer any ‘honor’ in the equation at all. Do you realize that?”
    The boy in the chair was silent, his body crumpled in on itself like a rejected script.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 08.29.2015

  10. Do you know anyone who now fits that description? Bet you know very few who do. It’s an old word, discarded to the scrap heap; it’s too easy to be an asshole–who needs honorable? Answer: The United States of America. We need honorable and we need it now. You tell me as soon as you find it.

    By nyla on 08.29.2015

  11. is it honorable to be only a mention
    in the category of your life?
    disdain dripping from lips, hissing like
    a snake wound around the
    ankle of all things left unsaid?
    The sum of all the
    equations we wrote
    on the wall
    trying to solve
    the mystery of us.

    By Constance URL on 08.29.2015

  12. To be respectable. To have virtues and goals and beliefs and to put forth every effort to follow such established moral beliefs. Overused perhaps by military and law enforcement personal, honorable can be displayed by anyone who determines how to act and follows these beliefs.

    By Miranda on 08.30.2015

  13. day 1

    By Miranda on 08.30.2015

  14. i own a plastic garden
    planting plastic souls
    those honorable mistakes are
    only plastic goals
    leave it to my mistakes
    to leave me all alone
    and left to my apartment
    my soul froze to stone

    By matt m on 08.30.2015

  15. He stood there, calm, like the sea. Because that is what he was meant to be, rough, and unpredictable. Cold and barren, deep and dark, unexplored and wild. She was the sky, watching over him always and forever.

    By catherine URL on 08.30.2015

  16. When a man stands up for his beliefs. A military veteran. Those who give to the poor. A teenager helping an old lady at a cross-walk. College graduates. Fathers who support their family. Those who love with everything they have. Single mothers.

    By Jenna on 08.30.2015

  17. Being a soldier is a very honorable job.

    By Pei Pei on 08.30.2015

  18. him, it’s what he is. it’s what he is to you, to your family and his, and everyone you meet seems to agree with you. he’s what you’re not, what you’ve always wanted to be, deep down, and haven’t been able to be. you hold a grudge against him because of that, but you know it’s not his fault. you know its not his fault and you don’t want to hate his guts, but you do.

    By rheyquaza on 08.30.2015

  19. I already did honorable you stupid, idiotic machine-generated, narcissistic, blob-trotter, whatever other weird adjective I can come up with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By May on 08.30.2015

  20. I live an honorable life and all things are therefore honorable back to me. Lead a clean life with love, peace and gratitiude and life will be awesome as you can be possibly stand.

    By trkstr67 on 08.30.2015

  21. I know a honorable woman. She doesn’t lie and likes to help other people. The other day I saw her buying some food for a group of homeless people near her office. I like her.

    By Tiago on 08.30.2015

  22. 1honorable=Hold Onto Now Only Reacting As Being Lets Enough

    By Garz on 08.30.2015

  23. His chest puffed out with pride, smiling ear to ear. She watched him cross the stage and shake hands with the dean. There it was. His diploma. He had worked so hard. Graduating with honors. She wanted to be happy for him. But there was a nagging feeling in the back of her head as she watched the next several people traverse the stage. He wasn’t the only one up there. He had a long road ahead of him.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.30.2015

  24. It is what it is. She cannot turn back time anymore. Giving him the goggles he entrusted her until his return won’t take back his life. He was the most selfless man she knew, the most honorable this country ever had, and the one she loved the most.

    By nom de luc URL on 08.30.2015

  25. To honor is to demonstrate particular respect and regard, whether for an institution, a person, a particular tradition, or a place. We show our veneration in different ways, but what makes one individual ‘honourable’? This is a difficult question, because surely, our standards of honourability – that which we measure ourselves against – must be quite different.

    By Anahita Sharma on 08.30.2015

  26. Hiding your emotions is not honorable
    when you are gone you turn into a monster
    Am I really going to let my heart be ripped apart again
    I do not want any of this

    By fluxandflow on 08.30.2015

  27. It was the strangest sensation, hitting a woman in public I mean. Having gone to a Catholic all girl’s high school, I know for a fact this was, let’s just say odd. But it was great because I was right. The things Cordellia Evans said about women had no right being said aloud.

    By Megan on 08.30.2015

  28. elderly humans far too often confuse old age with the privilege of unconditional respect.

    By berenique on 08.30.2015

  29. Honorable. She wished she felt that way about him. She wished he could have been more of what she wanted, what she thought she should have in this life.

    By weakmoments on 08.30.2015

  30. My brother was honorable. He fought by all the rules and the sword that killed him broke them. My brother was honorable. I am not.

    By Maddie on 08.30.2015

  31. My brother was honorable. He fought by all the rules and the sword that killed him broke them. And in a dirty fight he would have scorned, I avenged him. My brother was honorable. I am not.

    By Maddie on 08.30.2015

  32. hmmm. thats a tough one, and where is the submit button ? waiting on the timer. i guess that could be a good thing ? almost done. now what ?

    By Laddy on 08.30.2015

  33. He sits there trying to picture what she looks like in various situations. He imagines how she is in bed,what she sounds like, how she breathes. He wonders what she looks like when she is sad, the private grief, not the mask that’s worn outside the home. He thinks she’s into showers and not baths. Something she said once reinforces this hunch. He speculates what would make her feel shy, knowing her as he does, those time when she can’t help but to look away. He knows the way she gets when daydreaming, and tries to guess at what is running through her head. But then he questions, does he really know this woman so well he can picture her responses and musings as if they were his own? Still he wonders, should there be some mistake and that this woman is not at all like he thinks, if his intentions are honorable. Is it an intrusion to think of her like this as if they were ever intimate — or if they ever could be.

    By Intuition on 08.30.2015