September 17th, 2014

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84 Responses to “oak”

  1. will you help me ? oak i will help you today. what can i do.

    By kaylee on 09.17.2014

  2. The oak tree’s shook as the tornado hit the ground, ripping the land to shreds as it roared to life. The various building in its path were tossed haphazardly, as the tree’s were ripped from their century long perch and tossed hundreds of miles away, where they would rot and help new life grow– Life created by the seed that stuck to their long, web-like branches.

    By Myana on 09.17.2014

  3. The oak trees shook as the tornado hit the ground, ripping the land to shreds as it roared to life. The various building in its path were tossed haphazardly, as the tree’s were ripped from their century long perch and tossed hundreds of miles away, where they would rot and help new life grow– Life created by the seed that stuck to their long, web-like branches.

    By Myana on 09.17.2014

  4. My feet crunched on the sticks below, my feet continued from the rimu, but my I stopped at an old man that towered over me, a little sign stood next to it, ‘ OAK ‘ well that’s your name.

    By Jackson on 09.17.2014

  5. Story about an oak;

    By Jackson on 09.17.2014

  6. The mighty oak tree stood resolute on the creeks bank. A reminder of years past, its branches having seen years more than my own eyes. The bark scarred from initials of passers by, it will remain when all of us are gone.

    By Sarah on 09.17.2014

  7. She saw that the chair was made out of oak. She didn’t know why she was so knowledgable about various types of wood or why that particular detail would leap out at her, but she didn’t feel trying to dive back into the conversation. It had careened so wildly out of control that it seemed impossible to get it back on track after everything. That would simply be far too difficult for either of them.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 09.17.2014

  8. Old oak doors. Reminds me of Nightvale. I miss getting the updates regularly, but my iTunes is fucked up on my computer and phone. I really need a new computer. . Gosh, I’m a slow typer.

    By Lexa on 09.17.2014

  9. Two chair with broken legs laid under the oak tree outside of the town.

    By Minnie on 09.17.2014

  10. His tables were oak. He said it to me with pride. He said it as if it was supposed to impress me, but it really didn’t. Oak wasn’t an uncommon wood to use for table-making. He looked at me, disappointed, because apparently I was the first person not impressed by his oak tables. I think the others were just lying to him, because oak tables are not something to obsess over.

    By B. Equi-Ampere on 09.17.2014

  11. Surrounding, a cluster of trees,
    Fat from the feast that lay beneath their roots,
    Perpetuating the cycle of life:
    Sustained, they grow,
    Sustained, they sustain,
    Conscious or unconscious,
    Who can tell?
    In their limited view, they possess the wisdom
    To ever continue to reach for the heavens,
    Which in turn allows those that lie
    Beneath them, waking or otherwise,
    To do the same.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 09.17.2014

  12. The ttree stood high upon tthe hill on the top of the hill. The ttree had stood ttthere tthrough numourus generattions of families in the ttown that satt far below it. Many children had climbed up it’s mighty branches, and many lovers laid under it’s shade on hott summer afternoons.

    By Luna URL on 09.17.2014

  13. Oak is a solid wood. It’s smooth, sturdy, and old, ancient as the breeze that rustles through its leaves. This particular oak loomed over the schoolyard of Shady Brooks Elementary, and children regularly dangled from its branches like monkeys

    By Kumquat on 09.17.2014

  14. I used to have an oak tree in my back yard, it was tall and beautiful and it always gave shade to the entire back side of my house which was great for summer picnics and fall birthday parties, but one day…

    By Emma URL on 09.17.2014

  15. I am more of a willow ,myself,useless and smelly,and I tend to break easy.

    By a false terl on 09.17.2014

  16. as is an acorn to a mighty oak; oakland; strong as an oak. I’m oakay (ha ha); an oak tree shading us, looking down upon us; leaves drifting down from the oak tree.

    By sabrina on 09.17.2014

  17. The tree, twice as wide as she was tall, shone white in the light of the moon, its pearly bark nearly glowing in the surrounding darkness.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.17.2014

  18. ned he said,
    ok, i breathed.
    the oak tree was very damp,
    there was a maggoty feeling in the air.
    it smelled just right,
    and i think that was just me
    trying to justify this decision.
    there wasn’t any I in this tree
    just dark safety

    By Kairn on 09.17.2014

  19. I sat beside the tall oak tree, its shade shielding me from the truth-filled daylight. I sat alone for the first time in ages; just me and my thoughts. A journal sprawled out on my lap; listening, and thinking. Content. With myself.

    By John on 09.17.2014

  20. I’ve stood alone,
    For six hundred years,
    In the middle of a forest of trees,
    Who look exactly like me,
    But do not hold my lines on the inside.
    Whom I have never communicated with,
    Or rather, who have never understood me.

    Just waiting until the day where I’ll be cut down.

    By Siege URL on 09.17.2014

  21. At the bottom of the field was a huge oak tree, which his grandmother had told tales of climbing when she was a child. He had of course played there too many a summer’s day, but today was the first time he noticed the gap in the bark, just large enough to slide his hand in. He could feel something hard and round at the very back of the crevice, and in a few minutes had worked it loose. Pulling it out into the light, it shone brightly, a ring of silver or platinum , engraved with an intricate, swirling pattern ,and encrusted with tiny jewels, far too many to count. He slipped it on his finger hesitantly, and as it sank into place behind his knuckle, the world changed forever.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.17.2014

  22. The big tall oak tree stands about 30 yards from my house. It is so huge that if someone where to cut it down my house would be nothing but a wood pile!

    By Andrew Adams URL on 09.17.2014

  23. Smash through the trees like the shards spread to create the universe. Pure creation is the destruction of something beautiful you never had the strength to let go of.. Nothing is ever diminished and nothing is ever better. We are; the trees, us, and the heat.

    By Cullen W. on 09.17.2014

  24. I suppose it’s what I thought of first. For the record I believe it at the very least.

    By Cullen W. on 09.17.2014

  25. And as we sat by my favorite oak tree, my palms grew sweaty, my heart raced, and my mouth began to dry. This was the moment I had been waiting for, but I had not the words nor the courage to continue.

    Alas, it would all remain a dream.

    By Iceman on 09.17.2014

  26. mighty oak
    solid roots
    never running
    always standing
    to the sky
    never goodbye
    always by my side
    standing tall
    mighty oak

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.17.2014

  27. I’d never seen you as a tree till that day in the park. You don’t belong underfoot, a piece of furniture, you’re a squirrel’s perch, porch.

    By Matt Crowley on 09.17.2014

  28. An oak tree sits near the river. alone and lonely. proudly and boastfully blocking sunlight, yet there is no one around to recognize his triumphant feat. proud oak tree.

    By Donovan on 09.18.2014

  29. it is a tree it grow in northern

    By sarah on 09.18.2014

  30. I was impress with the oak tree that stood against the edge of the cliff. Year after year of hurricanes and floods, and it still stand reflecting its strength and the will to survive.

    By victor URL on 09.18.2014

  31. stand proud, you are dressed in oak tree’s leaves.
    You, of all people is honorable enough.

    By emil on 09.18.2014

  32. the oak stood apart from the rest. it escaped the axe but its trunk bore marks and bruises and memories. was it oblivious to the pain or did simply choose to rest in its strength? Aloof and vulnerable.

    By Anu on 09.18.2014

  33. And there we were, lying upon soft pillows and under cozy blankets that saved us from reality. It wasn’t comfortable at all though… Because his wooden hands were made of an oak tree.

    By Dreamscape on 09.18.2014

  34. She bit the inside of her lip as she entered. Fresh oak, furniture polish, and the smell of new carpet flooded her senses. Her eyes canvassed the walls, looking for any signs of the wall ruler her and her brother prized. But there were only freshly painted white walls. No marks, stains, or chips of broken memory remained.

    By Soft URL on 09.18.2014

  35. While she was walking through woods, something hit her head. It was amusingly unexpected and it triggered an idea. She knew what to do next.

    A bit further, pass her steps, a large oak was buried in grass.

    By ss on 09.18.2014

  36. I sat by the old Oak tree and waited for him. It had been years since we had last been here, and so much had happened. Was I ready to see my brother again?

    By kirsty on 09.18.2014

  37. Big and strong. Staying along. Wize and kind.

    By Anna on 09.18.2014

  38. I walked up the hill to my favorite spot… our spot. It had been seven years since we last met under the oak tree. Our conversation had been about the future. A future that neither of us would ever know.

    By Emily on 09.18.2014

  39. I walked up the hill to where my favorite spot used to be… our spot. The last time we conversed at the oak tree had been around seven years ago. We spoke about the future… our future. A future that, now, neither of us would ever know.

    By Emily on 09.18.2014

  40. The old oak tree stood solemnly in the valley. It was an old escape of mine. My friends and I used to go there whenever it rained or snowed. We loved that old oak tree.

    By Hank on 09.18.2014