September 16th, 2014

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100 Responses to “frown”

  1. I frown when I see her face. There is something in that smile that seems unreal, that strikes me as false. After what happened, why is she smiling? Maybe it’s a coping mechanism.

    By Paul Teodori on 09.17.2014

  2. When I think of what she said I start to frown. It’s an involuntary reaction to be sure, and very hard to control. How could she be so callous, so uncaring, after everything we’ve been through together?

    By Paul Teodori on 09.17.2014

  3. she frowns when she’s confused—which confuses most around her who frown in sadness. her confusion is far separate and apart from sad. it is in fact her most exciting moments—moments of confusion, as it is out of this space she discovers and grows.

    By Safon on 09.17.2014

  4. I don’t usually frown I like to smile smiling is better than a frown. please be happy and smile. frowning doesn’t look as nice as a smile. don’t frown.

    By tyler URL on 09.17.2014

  5. It wasn’t the frown on her kids’ face that disapointed her the most, it is that no matter what she did to keep hhappy, he always wanted more, more, more!!! How did they raise a kid that was so needy and rude and entitled?

    By trkstr67 on 09.17.2014

  6. Her heart sped up as she crossed the street. The construction site at 34th had become a daily obstacle course. Clutching her briefcase, she walked briskly with her head up and eyes straight ahead. Their catcalls and whistles descended like dirty rain. A deep frown was her only shield from their unwanted attention.

    By Soft URL on 09.17.2014

  7. I will frown at all these mess just because they incapacitated me, which I hate from the very bottom of my heart.
    frowning is kind of the worst facial expressions.

    By Jack Errie on 09.17.2014

  8. frown means sad i am sad that i am righting about sadness cause i went umm wha wha hew wha rew so melo jelo threw a straw is not sad but frowns are and i don’t like sad it sucks i want to kill sadness cause it is mean and sadness sucks i wish it could taste cause then it would be tasting led and metal from my gun and my bow and arrow cause thats what it deserves and it makes me sad to see frown

    By beaux spuhler on 09.17.2014

  9. this sucks

    By beaux spuhler on 09.17.2014

  10. ya it really sucks

    By beaux spuhler on 09.17.2014

  11. it sucks

    By beaux spuhler on 09.17.2014

  12. I was walking down the street and i saw a weird guy and he had a big frown on his face. He was standing next to an angry pig with a mustache. I don’t know why he was frowning because the pig was also frowning and i think the pig was frowning because they were both looking at something they didn’t like…me. I don’t know what they didn’t like about me, maybe it was that i was wearing a polka-dotted tuxedo with pink with purple stripe pants. I kept walking down the street since it felt so weird to be stared at i went in one of the resturuants on that street. It was so weird because once i walked in, everyone stopped drinking, eating, and talking. That’s when i asked the DJ to turn on some disco music so that everyone danced to the music

    By Walker Smith on 09.17.2014

  13. Hmm. What was I going to do. The sweat that formed on her brow began dripping down her face. The t zone became soaked in the salty liquid. How was she going to pull this off without anyone knowing. How was it going to happen with minamal damage. How was she going to move her last, lonely tile to capture one of his many pieces. Just like his heart – it was impossible. And she just had to get over with it…

    By M URL on 09.17.2014

  14. It was a rainy, fall day and Mama had been baking cookies all afternoon. As Lisa dashed through the kitchen, she caught a whiff of the odor coming from the oven. She nearly slid on through the kitchen but decided to stop as quickly as possible. She asked Mama for a cookie and was shocked at her answer, “No, these are for youth group tonight.” Lisa tried to cover up her frown of disappointment because she knew Mama was making these for a special event and she would eventually get to eat one.

    By Kris Moser on 09.17.2014

  15. there I saw her frown as if some one slapped her on the cheek

    By star on 09.17.2014

  16. sad face, not happy, upset

    By Shane Novak URL on 09.17.2014

  17. once i had a frowney face then i was brought a pie by some sheep and then i became happy.then i was brought a present by all the sheeplings and their freinds.the present said sheep are as awsome as you (wich is very awsome.then we all had a goood time and then the sheeplings played tug a war then the farmer came to join in with even more sheeplings. then all of the farmers friends came withb more sheeplings and it was a sheep party.and then i was happy from then on i had alot of sheep friends and I was happy for the rest of my life.

    By anthony on 09.17.2014

  18. Why is she so sad? Tears well up in her eyes and I see her like a painting, all rich hues and highlights. The smile finally broke, I guess. Like porcelain. They do say the ones who smile most are the most broken inside.

    By April on 09.17.2014

  19. It’s funny how something they say is physically harder to do than smile can be so easy when you feel absolutely nothing. When your face is naturally facing down how can you turn it around so easily? 3 muscles to smile, those muscles must be seriously powerful because it seems impossible for someone completely empty to fill up so easily with sincerity. How can an empty cup fill itself? It has no arms and legs, it has no opposable thumbs.

    Positivist might say an empty glass only needs to be filled like it can magically fill itself. What the positivist forget is things are never so positively simple as turning something around or filling a cup. There are infinitely detailed processes that go into a sincere smile.

    How many neurons have to fire, in a specific order, to spark an emotion to release, to activate those simple 3 muscles? 3 simple muscles and over 100 to frown. If those 100 muscles are pulling against 3 and the cup you’re trying to fill has a hole in the bottom, then what? I say screw the “cup” and all the sunshine rainbow simple smiles promoted by these positively empathy numb neurons.

    The truth is not in the empty cup, half full/empty or whatever state its in. The truth is in your mind, body, and soul. Whatever is pulling that smile down, is trying to tell you something. Its you, telling you, that you are not happy. So, listen to your frown, especially if your down, and find out what keeps poking holes in your ‘cup.

    By RightEye Randy on 09.17.2014

  20. today i frown, as i sit here at work, with nothing, but the same old shit. Tomorrow i will not frown as i can look forward to the possibility of something new something exciting

    By nicholas on 09.17.2014