September 17th, 2014

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84 Responses to “oak”

  1. Soak.

    By Intuition on 09.17.2014

  2. The first that comes, it’s a tree. I imagine it very big and powerful. If you find an acorn, you can grow and see what comes out of it.

    By Julia Mäkinen on 09.17.2014

  3. I think of a huge tree overhead a little girl sitting on a bench with several foxes curled up around her with bluejays whistling in the trees. She is in her imagination, not paying attention to the world around her. She is in a bliss, imagining a huge forest with elves dancing in firelight, nymphs coming out to braid new branches in their oak trees, and fairies flit everywhere, their glowing orange lights like lanterns. She imagines she is the elf princess, with a crown of oak leaves, a dress made of oak leaves, and feet as nimble as a dragonfly. She is dancing on a platform with her foxes and bluejays, leading the elves, nymphs, and fairies in a dance.

    By Riley on 09.17.2014

  4. The old oak by the school was where they kissed for the first time. When her finger lingered on a loose button, tugging at the threads, wondering if, mid-smooch, something would change or be taken back. Words, pledges, feelings – they all felt so fragile even beside something as sturdy as that tree, which had been around for as long as she remembered.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.17.2014

  5. The oak tree sat in front of the house and it sat in front like a big guardian roman protecting its palace. ” Why would I WANT TO CLIMB THAT?” I said. Because” Bob said. I would not want to climb that tree. It was too big. I love to climb trees, but I would not climb to the top of that huge oak. I would not want to do that at all! I would really like to have the view, but climbing down? NO WAY! I decided that I would dare him to climb it while I do it. He said he would! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! That means I would have to do it!!! I would hate to do it. I really have to do it. I started the big climb up the tree. I kept on doing it, my brother below me I climbed higher and higher. Suddenly I lost my grip!!!! I was falling down and down and down.

    By Trace Gregory URL on 09.17.2014

  6. I walked in tho the forest. I was angry. Angry at the kids who wanted to steal our idea. I ran up the round, down the deer trail, and up a tree. My tree house was the only place no one would ever guess. I climbed up the ladder and into the clubhouse. I looked around. The old place my and my friend had found was old and dirty but it looked nice. We had fixed it up and it looked like a cozy bunker. We did homework here, played here, did everything here. I heard a noise coming closer to me and grabbed the emergency sling-shot i pulled it back, loaded, and aimed. My best friend climb through the hole, and into the tree house. I suddenly felt like i felt when it happens.

    By Curtis Waters on 09.17.2014

  7. Nice. very discriptive

    By Curtis Waters on 09.17.2014

  8. Like my response? Thanks!

    By Trace Gregory URL on 09.17.2014

  9. The oak trees whistled in the ice cold air on that dark October night. I saw a strange house at the end of the street, so I decided to go inside. The aura seemed lonely. I kept going on into the dark, strange house. Then, I saw a strange figure in a doorway, so I chased it.

    By Steele Luoma on 09.17.2014

  10. Strong.
    Sturdy and reliable.
    Inescapably, inexorably inert.
    Exploding Oxygen.
    Gorging on Carbon.

    By Jesse Ruiz on 09.17.2014

  11. Her dresser was an old, oak timepiece; years of wear and tear, edges chipped away by time and the zeal of two generations of frolicking children, and all manner of scratches formed an uneven tapestry of tally marks for bygone time .

    By Brandon on 09.17.2014

  12. hear an 8bit jam with a pixel screen fingers clicking and flashing on the buttons, the professor says it’s a new adventure

    By charco on 09.17.2014

  13. A tree. With leaves. They can be big. O-A

    By Zach on 09.17.2014

  14. tree grass branches field blue skies. beautiful girl. country road cool breeze

    By Thomas Andra on 09.17.2014

  15. Tree.. wood .. I sat beneath the wild oak tree with a glass of wine and a good book. I quickly dosed off into a deep sleep and dreamt

    By bee Smith on 09.17.2014

  16. oak and willow sturdy, old. grow or burn. build. acorn? climbable.

    By Henry on 09.17.2014

  17. The old oak tree was one of the favorite things about their new home. She could see the kids swinging from the

    By Mandy on 09.17.2014

  18. intrigued

    By bee Smith on 09.17.2014

  19. reminds me of the old oak tree in my parents backyard. we would tie a tire the the tree and swing from it. My brother was always the dare devil doing unique tricks that

    By Tamyra on 09.17.2014

  20. Oak wood is my one of the woods I use when doing wood work projects In the restaurants I service. Oak trees are somewhat good looking. Oak is oak.

    By Marcus on 09.17.2014

  21. The squirrels ran up the oak tree to gather their nuts.

    By Erik on 09.17.2014

  22. Tree. Oak trees are big and beautiful. You see them in the forrest, with their long branches full of willow. One day walking through the forrest we stumbled upon a small family of rabbits. They hopped freely through the vines.

    By Kerrin Gantt on 09.17.2014

  23. At the Oak As game when a fly ball comes my way. Lighting fast reflexes kick in and I catch it. “Aw man I wanted that!” I hear a kid moan behind me

    By Kia Saunders on 09.17.2014

  24. I need a drink

    By Mandy on 09.17.2014

  25. There was this dude name Oak he was as big as a Oak tree. Now, Oak is this whiteout star football player that play for the Florida Gators.

    By PJ on 09.17.2014


    By TEROSHA on 09.17.2014

  27. strong tree, producing acorns, mascot for private school Raven went to.

    By Jeff Campbell on 09.17.2014

  28. I saw my woman holding him close as he babbled beneath our old oak. Daniel and Clair were laughing and gently pinching his cheeks. I just couldn’t believe that all those joyful noises and smiling faces were mine to enjoy until I was too old to remember my own name.

    By McKynzie on 09.17.2014

  29. Underneath the oak tree,
    Anything can happen.
    Where some are in bliss and others kiss,
    and journals are opened and flattened.

    While the bluejays report it to the sky,
    the oak tree says nothin’.
    Underneath the oak tree,
    Everything can happen.

    By SunnyBlu on 09.17.2014

  30. On one of the branches of an oak tree on the hill, a wooden swing on frayed straw ropes creaked in the wind. Twitters of birds echoed through the air, lit by afternoon sunlight. Children down below played jump-rope and ring-around-the-rosy. A small farm below was surrounded by waving yellow grasses, in which horses, goats, and cows grazed. And still, the wooden swing creaked.

    By SunnyBlu on 09.17.2014

  31. Tall and fragrant. Stark against a grey sky. Housing patterns of unbelievable complexity.

    By Ciarra on 09.17.2014

  32. “Dude, which table do you prefer? Oak or pine?”

    “I really don’t care. I’m not some sort of – wood aficionado.”

    “Sure you aren’t.”

    I scoffed and rolled my eyes at the woman. “Listen, the weird modern plastic ones are half the price anyhow.”

    By a terrible poet on 09.17.2014

  33. Iv’e got a oak tree on the fraunt lorn. My sister like’s to clime it. thers a lot of acecons on it in spring and summer. in summer i sit undr it in the shade that ceaps you nice and cool.

    By Z@rLAm URL on 09.17.2014

  34. Big oak trees remind me of old grandpas they’re old and strong just like my grandpa
    he was great
    he was kind, gentle, strong, forgiving, loving, anything and everything good you name it
    i loved him a lot
    he’s gone now…
    he died quickly so no one really worried if he had suffered or not
    i remember when he started losing himself
    it was scary
    he couldn’t remember me anymore
    he stopped calling every week…

    By Eri on 09.17.2014

  35. mum can I then kak

    By nakit on 09.17.2014

  36. mum can I have that then? oak

    By nakita on 09.17.2014

  37. I will you help me? oak I will help you

    By jess on 09.17.2014

  38. OAK ISL

    By jess on 09.17.2014

  39. can you help me? oak

    By will on 09.17.2014

  40. is a another word for yes

    By will on 09.17.2014