September 18th, 2014

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58 Responses to “aunt”

  1. I had a pet aunt. It was really small. But one day I killed it by accident when I stood on it. Oh, sorry. Did you say aunt? I thought you said, ant.

    By Aunty Ant on 09.19.2014

  2. s

    By Aunty Ant on 09.19.2014

  3. An aunt to me is someone who cares for you like a sister, and treats you like a friend. They do not uphold the motherly duties that pertain to you, but they do care for you and protect you… You can laugh with them, and joke and smile and they will love you until the end. To me, my aunts are more like friends then family.

    By Cam Sessinger on 09.19.2014

  4. My aunt was my best friend, and when she passed away it was like the sky had fallen down and basically ripped my heart out in the process. She died from cancer. She was only 43 or something, and she was my moms best friend too. I’d never seen my mom cry, until that night. And still, the only time I see her cry now is when she thinks about her. I didn’t know how to help or what to do

    By Amber Kalix on 09.19.2014

  5. My aunt came over last night for a special pizza dinner. She used her special sauce and added the mozzarella cheese on top to make the best pizza in the history of man kind

    By Levi on 09.19.2014

  6. An aunt is the sister of the mother, someone who can become a great importance in a child’s life. This adult is not a parental figure, but someone who is fun and entertaining, and someone who you may not see all the time so she is missed most days.

    By Sarah Johnson on 09.19.2014

  7. She saw me and gave me a look of nothing but what I could describe as disappointment. Before my mother was taken, she had a way of exaggerating to other people, mostly about me. But the descriptions of my Aunt were spot on. She was beautiful, graceful, and the fact that she held a job at a law firm spoke for itself.

    By Elizabeth on 09.19.2014

  8. There was an aunt in bridgemoore,
    who waited and waited all day,
    under the apple tree in bridgemore,
    she sat and waited for hail,
    cause once they told her she would live until the day when hail would see bridgemoore,
    but she never knew that bridgemoore
    could never see a day of hail.

    By cd on 09.19.2014

  9. Aunt Emmalynn McGander was an amazing woman. The day she left home with nothing but a knapsack filled with her life’s work over her shoulder is a story my father told us often. I’ll never forget the look on this face each time he told it.

    By Jim URL on 09.19.2014

  10. My dear Aunt Par. She was the most amazing woman I have ever known. We all wondered where she was going the day she walked out the door. Perhaps the backpack filled with her favorite possessions should have been a clue. Now we’ll never know…

    By Jim on 09.19.2014

  11. my aunt is the best. she has a dog named brownie. she likes to take us to six flags sometimes. she is an awesome aunt, and I love her very much.

    By allie williams URL on 09.19.2014

  12. “Oh my! How you’ve grown!” his aunt exclaimed, pulling him into an oppressive hug. Sean grimaced and tried not to wrinkle his nose. His mother was watching. So he surrendered, closed his eyes, and submerged himself in the smell of early decay that was poorly concealed by too much perfume.

    By Soft URL on 09.19.2014

  13. He’s never been comfortable around her. She wears her materialism like armour – as if ‘brand’ still meant something seared into your skin, permanent and jarring. She smells like insincerity and too much money, and no matter how many kind-eyed smiles she passes his way, he still can’t see past the judgement in the curl of her lips.

    By Samuel on 09.19.2014

  14. She had to viist her aunt every Saterday while Mum and Dad went t do the shopping. Every weeke her Aunt conviced her that her parents would not be reuturning.

    By kirsty on 09.19.2014

  15. She couldn’t remember a word I had said. I realized that it was pointless. I ran out the front door and screamed.

    By Tillor Jae on 09.19.2014

  16. my aunt is sister
    to my mother and also
    is part of family

    By tones8 on 09.19.2014

  17. an aunt is a family member that is very loving and caring.

    By emily URL on 09.19.2014

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    By emily URL on 09.19.2014