January 4th, 2016

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61 Responses to “moon”

  1. Crust of craters
    lipped in rock
    and moon dust

    I followed you there –
    sinking blindly with
    each silver

    Star of love
    (as corny as that sounds)
    guiding our way

    to Now.
    (all that

    By dinamspice URL on 01.05.2016

  2. A shadow spread across the moon “Ellie come look. Shes dead, shes dead!!!!” yelled my little sister Morgan “what whose dead?” I ask running to see what the fuss was about. And there, lying on the ground, was moonleaf,my closest friend, teacher and famliy.

    By Ellie on 01.05.2016

  3. moon is a cold blue circle on the sky. Many people thinks there is a dragon in the moon.

    By Tarik Machado on 01.05.2016

  4. it is in the sky night, it is very beautiful. There is a calendar based on it. The light is very important. The men was there.

    By july on 01.05.2016

  5. The moon shone on the water
    Everything was calm
    There was peace

    By skyler69 on 01.05.2016

  6. the moon orbits the earth and is smaller than the earth and has craters

    By Samuel on 01.05.2016

  7. The moon controls the tides. This is nature’s magic. We are mostly made from water and the moon gives us evidence that we are inherently tied to nature.

    By KM on 01.05.2016

  8. He didn’t need to look at a clock to know it was almost time. The incessant itch beneath his skin had grown unbearable, and his molars were punching their way out of his gums like sharp little knives. He locked the doors and slid down the walls, rocking his knees to his chest in hopes that this time, the beast within would do less damage.

    By Soft URL on 01.05.2016

  9. the moon beads into the starry sky
    where the malleable darkened black trenches
    suckle every bit of light into the galactic byway
    for, an astronaught floats, floats,
    where no one else can go because
    he believes in gravity!

    By Milad URL on 01.05.2016

  10. He looked up at the moon inte the vast night sky. It lightened up the dark sky and dominantly outglowed all the other stars. Even if everything else failed, he would always be there. Well, at least as long as he lived. After that, he found, he could stop worrying.

    By orangefish2 on 01.05.2016

  11. One time, my friend Eddy mooned a whole bunch of people waiting at a bus stop. We were on the bus going to school, and just when we went past all those people, Eddy jumped up on the bus seat and yelled, “Watch this!!” He turned his butt around (with his pants half down) and stuck it up against the school bus window. The ladies at the bus stop started hollering so loud, the policeman doing traffic came running over. Everybody was pointing at the bus and Eddy, and that was pretty much the last time he was allowed on the school bus. Then his mom got really sick and they all felt sorry for him, so they let him come back on the bus again. Only the next time, he did it again, this time when we were going past the hospital. He said the only reason they let his mom die was because she wasn’t from America. He got kicked off the bus for good after that. And when he moved away, I missed him.

    By nyla on 01.05.2016

  12. Brian I beg you in fact we ALL beg you send a vid already please or FaceTime one of us lol I’m using the one word app thing!!✌️

    By Geeki URL on 01.05.2016

  13. The moon shone brightly above us. We lay on the soft hill in the country, approximately 200 metres apart from my house. The silence was as unsure as it was relaxing. We looked each other in the eyes.

    By Didaktylos on 01.05.2016

  14. The moon causes tides and craters and there are several different phases. The waxing gibbous, the waning gibbous, whatever. If you’re in love with the moon, you’re Fester. If it’s a dark and stormy night, is there a moon? Would that change the excitement of the story

    By Elizabeth on 01.05.2016

  15. I was over the moon when I found out that what I was seeing in front of me was “also” called a moon. Imagine my surprise at seeing the two, perfectly shaped hemispheres of pale, sun-starved flesh, glinting in the light of the arc-sodium, from above the waistline of my future lover’s jeans – and that this should reference that most heavenly of bodies was surely a sign that we were predestined to be together.

    By Chris URL on 01.05.2016

  16. The moon is big, round and floaty in the sky. Like a plate. I like to imagine the other side has bangers and mash on it. That would explain where all the people from sic-fi films and tv get their food.

    By PetrichorTeacup on 01.05.2016

  17. a silent night guardian. my shadow play-mate. a friend with many faces. a beautiful, solemn jewel gliding through the night. the moon is as close to perfection as anything i can think of.

    By BeccaJean on 01.05.2016

  18. the moon is made out of cheese. Sweet, tender and tasty to the tongue. It may have a bitter after taste but it is good.

    By Kaizen Torres on 01.05.2016

  19. the moon is our only satellite. san men moon moonlight sonata, sailor moon, moona ziua

    By valentineni on 01.05.2016

  20. I love a full moon. As I have gotten older I have really started to appreciate seeing a big, bright full moon. I especially like to see it shining through my bedroom window at night! I don’t think people take enough time to look up and take in the beauty of a full moon!

    By oconnell4jkmr on 01.05.2016

  21. IMysterious, and full of a life that we can never imagine. They are tiny beings and they look up at us, as we look down on them. We are the planets to them, and they are the moons, revolving around us but never contacting us. We want to study them; but we should leave them along

    By Chanpheng on 01.05.2016