January 5th, 2016

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68 Responses to “instantly”

  1. the man was killed instantly in the car crash.
    it was instantly love at first sight.

    By imacowgirl URL on 01.06.2016

  2. il fallait que je bouge vite. que je coure après cet imbécile qui pensait qu’il allait pouvoir s’en sortir aussi facilement, en me laissant en plan, comme ça, au détour d’une vitrine brisée. J’enfilai donc sans attendre mon manteau, attrapai ma tuque et mon foulard, laçai mes bottes et sortis dehors dans la lumière crépusculaire d’un début de nuit polaire.

    By emperorgus on 01.06.2016

  3. She laughed instantly. He was funny, she liked him. The feeling was not mutual but what ever. She was happy. He was too. That’s all that mattered at that very instant moment. Instantly.

    By Emily Fretwell on 01.06.2016

  4. She tried to remember all of her mother’s advice and even reflected on her past experiences of wrongly judging books by their covers. She’d discovered a few gems underneath hard and worn veneers, and some stinkers dressed up as beauties. But when her new co-worker Bethany drank the last of the coffee and didn’t refill the pot, there was no doubt they’d be arch enemies.

    By Soft URL on 01.06.2016

  5. Instantly, my thoughts turn to mush. Instantly. Instantly. In writing these words, I instantly take the first steps to break through the wide white blank space that defeats. There is no block anymore, there are only these words, which, while they may not be golden, they may just be the iron and steel of a well-worn shovel that gets the job done.

    By Chris URL on 01.06.2016

  6. doing the same thing over nd over and expecting a different result. Having dreams and expecting them to come true without actually knowing what they are! thinking thing

    By Alicia URL on 01.06.2016

  7. Right away. With out delay. The power of feelings. the difference between a moment ago and now.

    By Megan on 01.06.2016

  8. In a flash. A second. Before you even realize what happened… I always heard it but never really understood how life can change instantly. Cancer. Boom- life instantly changed forever. Permanently altered just like that.

    By rachelgi on 01.06.2016

  9. He sat down next to me, gently kissing my cheek as he did. I knew instantly something was wrong. I look into his eyes and offered a soft smile, but he only gave me a frown in return.
    “He’s dead.” He whispered and I knew all was lost.

    By Lindsey on 01.06.2016

  10. :-)

    By Lindsey on 01.06.2016

  11. Instantly is such a powerful word in our culture today. It inspires our science to press forward, technology to get stronger. Our generation demands it. We don’t appreciate waiting. Which is actually a shame.

    By Alea on 01.06.2016

  12. Instantly is such a powerful word in our culture today. It inspires our science to press forward, technology to get stronger. Our generation demands it. We don’t appreciate waiting. Which is actually a shame. Life is in the journey, not the destination. Then again, not much journey in waiting for your webpage to load on a slow internet connection. Waiting for any webpage to load really isn’t a life at all.

    By Alea on 01.06.2016

  13. he instantly gave up smoking as soon as he heard about the news that smoking can give you lung cancer, he was shocked, so instead he tried vaping, that didnt last long because vaping has a HIGHER risk of cancer. so he took cigerrette mouth spray to stop the smoke craving. the smoking diet went well but he then found out that vaping is bad… if you put nicotine in it. so he went a bought a very expensive vape and bought non nicotine juice and lived lung cancer free ever after THE END

    By Devon on 01.06.2016

  14. No wasted time, immediate. Very satisfying, but often overly desired. Can be surprising at times. Our perception of it is not reality, as our vision is behind actual time. Woo!

    By Ryan on 01.06.2016

  15. Instant coffee, mixed with sugar, lots of sugar. That was my morning each day in Argentina. with a warm roll heated in the microwave, I would set off for the Universidad on the colectivo, reminiscing on my time home and reflecting on how lonely a packed bus is.

    By PlanetEarth on 01.06.2016

  16. Waking up to the sound of my newborn son, my eyes wide open, without the familiar sleepless fog present everyday of my life before he arrived penetrating the lenses of my new duty — providing nurturing survival to this littlest wonder.

    By jlulo on 01.06.2016

  17. the first word i instantly think about while hearing instantly is the act i tried to do now while making this exercise. its not easy to perform in such ruch and to think of something and write it down in only one minute. I hope i did well

    By ,xnu, URL on 01.06.2016

  18. instantly, I knew what I needed
    to be adhering to the throttle
    my life
    To crispen the chances of living the freedom I deserve!

    By Milad URL on 01.06.2016

  19. I only have one life than can instantly be transformed, by myself or others! In an instant I lost 4 friends and Instantly felt a great loss

    By Shane on 01.06.2016

  20. Right away. Things don’t happen instantly. But some things do.

    By Aubrey on 01.06.2016

  21. I instantly put the coffee back on the counter and ran out the door. I was late for an important meeting and I didn’t want to lose anymore time.

    By Kaizen Torres on 01.06.2016

  22. This is just what came to mind. It is not from a personal experience.

    By Kaizen on 01.06.2016

  23. The world thinks everything happens this way now. Your music, your food, lifting your spirits, forgetting shootings at schools, bad romances; you’re supposed to let it all happen just like that. Even love. You click something and, bang, there’s the person you’re going to marry and love and have children with and be with for the rest of your life. Well, shit doesn’t happen that way.

    By nyla on 01.06.2016

  24. I am instantly supposed to write now. What in the world do I write about? I think I will tell you how much I instantly loved each of you the first time I saw your faces. After you were born! I had been dreaming about what it would be like to see your faces. And then you were there!

    By Lisa on 01.06.2016

  25. feel better
    a promisebroken //
    healthy now they said, instantly
    they promisetrue
    1111111 they said
    no no no nothing, 0, FALSE.
    I am sick in my soul and sick
    of promises.

    By kim on 01.06.2016

  26. That’s how we want it all these days. Now, immediately, as soon as we conceive it – or preferably before. Instant gratification becomes addictive, but it is hollow. And so, it becomes more difficult to appreciate, relate, and to value – in other words, we are losing touch with ourselves and each other.

    By BeccaJean on 01.06.2016

  27. It was as if I’d just died.

    I hadn’t died, of course; no, the one dying here was the woman in front of me, her robes folwing behind her as she ran out into the street.

    There was a play going on, at one point, but look where that went. In that split second, she was gone.

    By Clare on 01.06.2016

  28. She walked into the café wearing the read scarf. He instantly knew it was her. She saw him, threw off the scarf and hid. Hi also hid.

    By mvesce on 01.06.2016