May 4th, 2014

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89 Responses to “miraculous”

  1. The kingdom rejoiced at the queen’s miraculous recovery; all over the country festivals sprang up in celebration, not only of her return to good health but also the birth of her daughter, whose coming into the world had not been acknowledged so joyously, not when her mother lay on her deathbed because of it.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.04.2014

  2. Mira, Mira
    Mirror, mirror
    Hear, here

    Honestly parts of speech can be weird and “tan-gentle” or “tangential.” But not as much as it was to see planes and hawks share the skies. Actually want to Wikipedia what the hell kind of bird prey is native here. They were pretty to watch in the lazy afternoon sun.

    By Intuition on 05.04.2014

  3. It wasn’t until after he made his miraculous recovery that we noticed the spots. There were hundreds of them, dotting the backsides of his hands, making constellations across his face, crawling beneath the collar of his shirt. We didn’t know where they came from. All that we knew was that they were spreading.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.04.2014

  4. rare, special, important, fortunate, luck, health, happiness,

    By a on 05.04.2014

  5. It’s wonderful that the sun rises every morning
    It’s wonderful that the sun givesmenergy for plants to grow
    It’s wonderful that I am aware of what I am typing
    Because of the patterns and placements, I move and I know

    By Rocksoxer on 05.04.2014

  6. There was nothing miraculous about how she had survived. She hadn’t meant to live. So she didn’t consider it a miracle that she had lived. Everyone had been so happy and alive when they had pulled her out of the water. They all thought it was an accident. She had only felt hollow. Like something had been removed from her chest and left a gaping hole. The same way she’d felt for the last two years. She watched birds fly past her hospital window and wished she hadn’t been seen by a jogger and rescued by police. They should have just left her there.

    By Emma on 05.04.2014

  7. it really was amazing
    the sun rose that morning
    and clung to your eyelashes.
    you were crowned king of the world
    and enthroned in the earth.
    night came and you passed beyond
    in a fiery chariot.
    i said goodbye and good morning.

    By Kairn on 05.04.2014

  8. I used to think that our love was miraculous, a love chosen by the gods. Yet, the longer we stayed together the quicker that amazing feeling dissipated. It was to the point where everything was fake and forced. I no longer knew what was real and what was fake. I hid my true feelings, thinking that a some point the right time will come to talk about it. Yet, the right time never came. It was as if I was trapped in this jail we call love and there was no way to escape.

    By foost URL on 05.04.2014

  9. The right decision. Miraculous things began to happen.

    By bb333 on 05.04.2014

  10. A breath against the foggy window. The sweet aroma of a morning shower. The lonely sound of footsteps on tile. Fixated on the cieling from the floor of my room. The miraculous feeling of being on my own.

    By Yahtzee on 05.04.2014

  11. Sitting at your computer wondering what a bullet tastes like, what a blade feels like, how hard a rope really grips. Day in and day out these feelings, these feelings, these feelings, these feelings.

    And then it stops.

    It stops when she tells me to.

    And I haven’t even met her yet. I hadn’t. I have.

    She’s mine, and I’m here for her eternally.

    By T on 05.04.2014

  12. How time changes us for the better or for worse, how it is able to tell us that we’ve changed without any words whatsoever. Things will be okay, things will be okay.

    RIP Miko Ancheta.

    By Tiffany Jillian Go on 05.05.2014

  13. The beauty in which the world lies, the wonders (at which) the world sighs, the souls of soldiers’ buried cries, a bleeding man who slowly dies, you’ll watch the sparks fade from the enemy’s eyes, because, (after all) the world’s beauty, it lies.

    By Heidi P. on 05.05.2014

  14. It was miraculous, the explosion of fireworks lighting up the sky. Reds, pinks, blues, yellows setting everything in my vision on fire. The booms blasting in my ears making them ring. I was captivated by the sights and sounds that were bombarding my system.

    By Gilltyascharged on 05.05.2014

  15. Some of the most miraculous things that happen don’t seem miraculous. They are little events that arise in the midst of bigger goings on turn our awareness toward ourselves.

    By Erica on 05.05.2014

  16. Nothing miraculous has ever happened in bars. Dont go there and look for your next miracle.

    By Sandy on 05.05.2014

  17. i can’t even retrace how i did it. but that evening, with no motivation to cook anything spectacular whatsoevern, i managed to produce the single-handledly most delectable meal i’d ever prepared before. it was easy enough: spinach, goat’S cheese and a ripe avocado mixed up with some spices to produce a poison green gooey paste.

    By berenique on 05.05.2014

  18. My friend has just informed me that her daughter has a number of malignant melanoma. She is going to need an operation and further treatment. We are hoping and praying for a miraculous recovery.

    By Alexandra on 05.05.2014

  19. And then he appeared. Like the light at the end of a dark tunnel. He believed in everything the small blue haired boy couldn’t believe for himself. The way he encouraged him to think that he was worth so much more than he thought he was worth, and at the same time, became the beacon which he would always look up to and follow.

    By Lin on 05.05.2014

  20. Once upon no time there wasn’t a time where time wasn’t. In this time that wasn’t air was not of existence, gravity held none or perhaps every; resistance. Into this nothing a light shone. It took but one whisper: and light shone, from light years or perhaps centimetres away (it was nothing to begin with so where it was we never shall know) against every or no obstacle this light was triumphant.

    Miraculous is that this luminous, found it’s way into a place that makes me quite delirious.
    A place full of fungus and darkness – no pit more odorous. This light shone in my heart and all darkness ran away. Or perhaps – just shrunk into nothing.

    By Jose on 05.05.2014

  21. It wasn’t really a point of achievement. They’d had a civilized talk. He just hadn’t thought that the feeling would be like this. Like he would enjoy it. His older self would’ve said that would’ve been a miraculous unbound to happen.

    By Peskiper on 05.05.2014

  22. Miraculous , is like surviving something that should have killed you or something that should have left you in a terrible state of mind or physical condition. or like miracles that are amazing like being healed of stage five cancer or being healed of being paralyzed.

    By joseph URL on 05.05.2014

  23. What i see in the little things: successes, saves, and things that make me happy or relieved

    By omowunmi on 05.05.2014

  24. I can feel the joy running to my fingertips. It is like someone has hooked up an electric current to my body, but I am numb to the pain. Stepping out into the world I feel the heat radiating down from the sky, warming me to the endless possibilities that await me. Too long I have been waiting for a moment like this. How I crave the touch of pure bliss.

    By KT on 05.05.2014

  25. wow! wow, wow, wow! amazing! but it has to have some physical reason. i mean, wow, that can’t have just happened. did you see what i saw? did i really see what i saw?

    By Lee on 05.05.2014

  26. Like the ocean on a warm summers day, or how a tree springs up from a tiny seed. How the sky is blue at the same time it isn’t blue. How the air can smell as sweet as honey with the pollen of a thousand flowers blowing in on the breeze. The soothing nature of music. The feeling you get when you see a sky at night with no light pollution. How the world is just one big, beautiful garden. The smile on a loved ones face when you make them laugh and then continue laughing for no reason. The world is miraculous!

    By Corinne on 05.05.2014

  27. Everyday I wake up and I don’t know what it is that I would be doing if I woke up and I was someone else. Each day I wake up and I am someone else. Each day I wake.

    By jar on 05.05.2014

  28. wonderful

    By joseph URL on 05.05.2014

  29. Augustus survives the first round of cancer. and Hazel survived the fluid in her lungs

    By joseph URL on 05.05.2014

  30. He lay in front of me, his little chest not rising or falling as it should. i reached out my finger, tears falling off my cheeks. he was so young. I touched his face.
    He blinked. He smiled.

    By JT on 05.05.2014

  31. At the age of sixteen
    I had realised that my body
    belonged to more people
    than just me. It
    belonged to the corner shop
    owner, who stared
    and made clicks with
    his mouth – clicks
    like how you might call over
    a dog. It belonged
    to my high school lover,
    who told me to wear softer
    shades in softer lights
    and my college affair
    who told me not to wear
    tight dresses –
    they made my legs look too big,
    said he. The
    day I wore my first
    bra was not
    wings weren’t born from the sky,
    I simply grew. There was nothing
    miraculous about
    it. I shed my skin
    and grew a cup more.
    You stare at my biology.

    By saskia on 05.05.2014

  32. It was all a dream. The steady stream of rain led the the smiles of the entire town. Miraculous was an understatement, but seemed enough to justify the feeling of sacred life that the people of that small desert town needed.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 05.05.2014

  33. somthing unexplainable

    By shandra URL on 05.05.2014

  34. miracles. happen.
    mira! look.
    azul blue
    60seconds is so short.

    amazing… how do you silence your brain and begin to write from the heart?
    journey to the heart… away from the brain… how do you turn off the inner voice of ego

    By smelltheroses on 05.05.2014

  35. the sunset.
    i pulled out my phone to take a picture then thought how silly of me to always view through a lens why not my eyes.
    runner stopped each pulling out their phone.
    even an old man; pulled out his silver flip phone and snapped a pic.
    thats a good one right there he said

    By smelltheroses on 05.05.2014

  36. A gift from heaven. That’s what they called you. All eyes were on me when we would walk through. Through the mall, through the parking lot, through the wedding, through the police department, through the courts. My heavenly gift turned out to be fool’s gold.

    By Soft URL on 05.05.2014

  37. These are days of miracles, certainly. She thinks that every day since the night she met him has been full of amazement. Even the most mundane things are full of sparkle. It’s as if a miraculous treasure chest opened, and blinded her with its contents, and now all she can see are the glittering diamonds left in his wake.

    By RS Bohn URL on 05.05.2014

  38. things that are miraculous: birds. children who make up detailed narratives in their own heads. the fact that we’re all on this earth. the sheer size of the universe. the way that things seem to converge sometimes.

    By Kara Weisenstein on 05.05.2014

  39. somtimes I used to go out into nature and think that no one else really saw what I saw. I saw the miraculous, the drew dops forming from trees as the sun rose and I saw the hills for all that they were. But ass I’ve grown older I’ve learned I’m not so special, that maybe I, am not as miraculous, as I once thought.
    But then again, I still see it in the hills.

    By Spencer Bergen URL on 05.05.2014

  40. That a living being the size of a watermelon, growing for the better part of a year in a water-filled sac will suddenly break free and make his way down a narrow tunnel and pop out a hole the size of a lemon is nothing short of miraculous. And that is to say nothing of the spark of life this being possesses, and the personality that will develop….

    By E on 05.05.2014