May 4th, 2014

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89 Responses to “miraculous”

  1. I’m not sure if they have ever realized how much luck they have had. Which is a miracle on it’s own again, I guess. You could compare them with birds. I doubt that birds are able to realize how blessed they are because they can fly.

    By Amaychan on 05.04.2014

  2. he looked just…….. miraculous

    By jenna mazur URL on 05.04.2014

  3. I like to think that if I saw the miraculous I would recognise it, know it instantly. But so often we pass by with our heads screwed down into our shoulders, our minds too full of doing and having and finishing to turn aside to notice the thing that shouldn’t be. We trample holy ground beneath office shoes and rub at our sore necks and aching temples, utterly oblivious to the toe singe-ing, life-changing ‘shouldn’t-be’s that hide in plain sight, waiting for those who will simply look up.

    By Tex on 05.04.2014

  4. His smile was miraculous, cookies fresh out of the oven, lemonade on hot summer days. The edges of his teeth biting at the soft skin of his upper lip, and a smile playing at the corners of those lips, teasing me, testing me.

    By Katherine URL on 05.04.2014

  5. It was a miraculous thing to watch your newborn smile for the first time. Something I will never forget as old as I become.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.04.2014

  6. How miraculous I wasn’t seriously hurt! The hinge on my vehicle’s trunk lid gave way.

    By Wand on 05.04.2014

  7. MIRACULOUS I look at the cat and think that each mark on each hair forms such a miraculous pattern, that they know how and when to form stripes and then I brush backward to see the smokey undercoat, with no stripes. If God can create this, then everything is perfection. And no power but God could create this.

    By Deb on 05.04.2014

  8. Miraculous. Beautiful, incredible. Stories that inspire us, amaze us. Ones that change our outlook on life. Stories about recovery, about gifts, about amazing stories of survival. The ones that fuel us to be better everyday.

    By DareToBeDifferent on 05.04.2014

  9. How quickly she healed from her sickness was, in short, miraculous. And kinda fishy. Do I trust Anna? Not in a million years, my friend. Something else is going on here…

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.04.2014

  10. It seems that the patient has made a miraculous recovery from the ever-pervasive and even injurious bullshit syndrome. After weeks upon weeks of treatment with books, robust and fulfilling discussion, and absence from societal locations that involved any sort of degrading or rudimentary opinion, the subject in question is able to communicate capably, form solid theories on life, and not cater to just plain wrong conclusions.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.04.2014

  11. love is miraculous. it warms the soul and girds the heart in golden wonder. miracles happen everyday but that is not nearly enough. we always want more of what is perfect

    By Layne Poplin on 05.04.2014

  12. life is miraculous. every person on the planet is unique and beautiful and held together by chemical bonds that are nothing short of miracles. the things that hold us together can easily be taken apart. Yet they hold so much within these bodies that we often forget are truly miracles in themselves.

    By Layne on 05.04.2014

  13. The miraculous sight bore down with a glowing white light. They shielded their eyes, the rays calling forward tears that pricked sharply at the back of their skull. She stepped forward, knees wobbling with the step as she squinted, vision piercing through the sheets of light and magic

    By Hana Kamel on 05.04.2014

  14. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
    “What…what is that?” I managed to sputter out.
    “I…I’m not sure.”
    We looked on as it rose from the ocean, a mere thirty feet away from us.
    It was absolutely colossal.

    By Alex on 05.04.2014

  15. Miracles are overrated. Miracles are what happen when you sit around and wait for something to be handed to you. To actually get up and accomplish something of your own accord, that is miraculous.

    By Sylver Moon on 05.04.2014

  16. I’m not waiting. My breath isn’t held and I hold no expectations. I spend each day as the last, surviving barely, almost living, not dead yet. I am not waiting. Nothing good can stay and nothing good comes and it would be a miracle to even think otherwise.

    By Chris on 05.04.2014

  17. Ears, feet, coordination, triangulation – I once heard a story on the breeze and then it died. Been tbinkng about an album my mind still likes to wrap around.

    By Ash Wednesday on 05.04.2014

  18. It’s brilliant really. How soon it can happen. It’s a miracle in its own right, how beautiful it is. Miraculous by definition. Happiness is what miracles are made of, and is one itself. It’s gorgeous and real-er than anything else in the world.

    By Liv URL on 05.04.2014

  19. And I saw it far away. I leaped across the creek, bouncing my toes off the tops of stones, pursuing a creature I had not yet encountered. And I have not yet crossed an animal I have not tried to conquer and this woman’s beaver is one of them. I made it to her in miraculous speed, and before any of the other brutes could introduce themselves to her first…

    By blahblahchoi URL on 05.04.2014

  20. life comes to mind, i mean. geez. how miraculous is the fact that a plants grows with only water and sunlight. How miraculous is it that through tough time, we survive. Do I believe in miracles though ? No, i believe when youre strong you make your own miracles.

    By Carolina on 05.04.2014

  21. Miraculous is nothing divine. Miraculous is when you dig deep and find something you didnt know was there. Miraculous is surviving, being strong. We are Miraculous.

    By Carolina URL on 05.04.2014

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    By hamish on 05.04.2014

  23. the rain washes all the blood that has permeated into the ground away, the almost black crimson dulling down to a bright red, and slowly into a clear white. levi drops his blades, nearly throws them, and eren sinks to his knees. their eyes are wide, pupils blown, and eren’s face is tear-streaked.

    they did it.

    that was the last titan.

    they killed the last titan and humanity is saved and they can finally start living their lives, they’re free now.

    By heartful on 05.04.2014

  24. It was absolutely miraculous the child was healed. She stood up from the wheel chair and began walking around the room, a bright smile gleaming on her face. Then she began to run.

    By Crystal on 05.04.2014

  25. I said my last goodbyes to my life as i jumped from the roof. no longer did i have to put up with their shit anymore. i closed my eyes. be it Heaven or Hell i didn’t care. I wanted to laugh as the wind rushed past my face. but it suddenly stopped. eh…? i opened my eyes to a man staring down at me, his blue eyes wide with horror.
    “Are you alright!?” My own eyes were wide now. How did he catch me? Why did he catch me? What the hell!
    “i-i’m fine…” my savior’s face looked relieved.
    “thank god! if this wasn’t a miracle i don’t know what is!” he laughed.
    “yes…quite miraculous indeed…” i bowed my head a bit, blushing.
    “um…can you put me down now?” i asked and he immediately dropped me on the sidewalk.
    “Ah! Sorry!”

    By Dani J on 05.04.2014

  26. Life is miraculous. One day you are one, the next a baby girl is born and life just sparkles! To see life through a child’s eyes is miraculous. It lets us relive the newness again.

    By Peggy on 05.04.2014

  27. “So we’re having a baby, then,” he said.
    “You’re not upset, are you?” she asked, her brows immediately creasing.
    “How could I be upset? We’re having a baby. It’s a miracle!”
    “Oh,” she exclaimed, hoards of emotions being poured into that single syllable. “It is a miracle, isn’t it?”

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 05.04.2014

  28. Nothing could be further from the truth. Well, you can say it was a miraculous occurrence, after seeing the child being rescued from the burnt out vehicle.

    By victor URL on 05.04.2014

  29. it was that moment when you thought you won’t have the expected answers, you lost it and suddenly you got what you’ve been looking, waiting, hoping for.
    you wont know its mechanism and how did it really happen, all you can think of is that it was something unexplained, something you call miraculous

    By Duchess on 05.04.2014

  30. you loved me you loved me you loved me and in your arms in the little orange tent I loved you back. How come I always cry when the moment should make me smile? How come you didn’t say it first?
    The sky was dark that night.

    By Shink URL on 05.04.2014

  31. She was miraculous. It was my third day of recovery, and she was dressed in black leggings and a bright blue top. I was doe-eyed and quiet and awkward, but she made the idea of recovery less terrifying. I never really thought I’d fall for someone like that, but there she was, miraculous and heavenly, reminding me that there are unearthly beings among us.

    By Nicole on 05.04.2014

  32. That moment when our hands touch, our lips meet, our bodies fuse. Salty sweet. Maybe a little too risque to be called a religious experience, but definitely something miraculous.

    By Lucille URL on 05.04.2014

  33. He made a miraculous recovery, returning to school in only two days. This led Mr.Harley to suspect that Johnny’s sick note reporting that he had broken both his legs was possibly faked.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.04.2014

  34. He was miraculous. Beautiful in the way the stars at night shined. And he was kind. Men often weren’t these days. He wasn’t like the others here, they were crude. Degenerates. But he was holy.

    By Kyara URL on 05.04.2014

  35. The sun gently hooked its long, rays of fingers across the mountain tops, reaching higher and higher. The clouds stroked his fingertips, tempting them to grab hold of the pull higher. Colors changed, from dark blue to light blue, and pink with orange, yellow on the ends. A sight to behold, miraculous to any spectators.

    By umbazachika on 05.04.2014

  36. personal too close to see ourselves
    a mirror image of what we thought we should be
    miraculous we even had a concept of what we thought we should be
    a face that was once so beautiful
    cost cut behind broken bedsprings
    working late per usual
    nighttime left estranged
    while being held

    By matt m on 05.04.2014

  37. there was a miraculous recovery made today said doctor maleficent. “you have no idea how great this is. Everything is starting to clear up according to plan”. “I’m excited that this recovery is going so well!” said moth

    By breana on 05.04.2014

  38. It was quite a sight to behold. The two of them spinning around a giggling in the sprinkles. Sometimes together, sometimes at withershins, but always smiling and laughing. Letting out a long sigh, she leaned heavily against the rail and let herself fall into the most dangerous emotion of all: hope.

    By The Black Flamingo on 05.04.2014

  39. he always saw her from a distance. she was always trapped in her own mind- worrying about-well, whatever it was she worried about. What that was, he did not know. he did not understand the dark corners of her mind, or even knew where she was when they were apart. but what he did know, is that she was a miraculous person inside and out.

    By nikki on 05.04.2014

  40. spectacular!! ecstatic performances hit me like light shows burning endless loops and psychedelic flowers into my swiss cheese brain. it melts into the emptiest pit of my stomach and waters the seed of death rotting fruit. trees spring from below into the shallow air of spring.

    By Summer on 05.04.2014