May 5th, 2014

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96 Responses to “fought”

  1. The characters in the book the fault in our stars fought for their life. They didn’t allow cancer to over topple them and ruin their life.

    By Anis URL on 05.06.2014

  2. Coralline mathers (Augustus ex-girlfriend) fought her way thorough brain cancer.

    By Preet URL on 05.06.2014

  3. They fought for their rights to make rights regular and proper

    By taofeek URL on 05.06.2014

  4. That is worst

    By taofeek URL on 05.06.2014

  5. I love that

    By taofeek URL on 05.06.2014

  6. She fought hard, intent on winning, but her feeble fingers didn’t cooperate. When clasps couldn’t connect, she flung her bra across the room. “Maybe tomorrow.”

    By Wanda on 05.06.2014

  7. Was what we should have done.

    By Tiffany Jillian Go on 05.06.2014

  8. Miorria fought for her life. Kicking, biting, clawing; anything she could do to get him off of her. She felt him, his hot sweaty body beating over hers. As she felt him finally get off she fought to not cry in pain.

    By Grace on 05.06.2014

  9. I have never fought anyone in my life. Never was much of a fighter. Not really an overly angry type of person. Or violent I guess. I get angry, who doesn’t? But physical harm has never (and I hope not ever) come from my anger towards myself or anyone else. My father has sort of a temper (we’re Italians, shocker) and I guess that’s where I can get it from. I hope not to ever let it get the best of me though.

    By Sam Quatrini on 05.06.2014

  10. i have fought the dragons inside my head, i have nailed those undertakings in the front row of the battles and i have ceased the setting of the sun, for i have triumphed over the weaknesses in me.

    By Duchess on 05.06.2014

  11. I fought as hard as I could to get to where I am right now. And I am going to continue to fight until I reach my dream. I don’t care how hard it is going to be, I know I just need to make it

    By Clement Lenoble URL on 05.06.2014

  12. Fought. It’s a word that tell you something that happened yesterday. It’s in the past, it’s gone. It’s been resolved or enhanced. To have fought a war, to have fought a….

    By Maddy T on 05.06.2014

  13. beat up yo mama mah nigga. fite me bro ur gonna lose. Im from da hood. Where u at mah bruthu

    Behind the church, 12 o clock on sunday
    see you there johnny
    lets go woot
    fite me

    By veroop mahrtya URL on 05.06.2014

  14. keep it real yo

    By veroop mahrtya URL on 05.06.2014

  15. The door slammed causing the little girl to shake. She knew what would come next: voices, loud and angry, loud and hurt, loud, loud, loud. “They’re just words” her brain told her as she buried herself under the blankets. “Yeah,” she told herself “Words are the most dangerous weapon known to humanity”

    By Ella-Belle on 05.06.2014

  16. I have fought for generations, for the simple lives away from my life now. I have fought to find you. But my struggle becomes blind, unitul and empty because nothing can beat what already is, and what is now. We.
    We fought for us, for the present, and We can not follow us struggling, the real life is here.

    By C.M. Fernández on 05.06.2014