May 3rd, 2014

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67 Responses to “dating”

  1. Completely hidden behind laughter and beauty, sometimes even the purest souls must leave.

    By t URL on 05.03.2014

  2. If I die, how will anybody find this? The truth is, they won’t. This is the longest I’ve ever held a secret.

    By t URL on 05.03.2014

  3. The truth is, I am not your manic pixie dream girl, I am not that for anyone. If that is your sole motivation for dating me I suggest you find someone better. I am not here to save you, to save anyone. I am trying to save myself.

    By t URL on 05.03.2014

  4. Nobody needs to understand the meaning, because the instant I lay eyes upon the sentences that have poured from my soul it is as if I am back behind the keys that wrote them, back in the stream of thoughts that stitched together words so true.

    By t URL on 05.03.2014

  5. I’m not sure whether to go by the yellowing along the bottom of the page, or her delight over the picture of the new kitchen appliance, but either one might be a way of dating her. It doesn’t matter. We both love cooking and that’s what brings us together. I tell her that, before we pick out a recipe.

    By Dara on 05.03.2014

  6. It’s really stressful for someone in my position. But she makes me feel so alive and so ready. Nothing can hold me back anymore even though it still feels like it can. I feel the restrains still but I choose to let them go, choose to ignore them, choose to be me for once and let someone feel my everything. In all honesty, I decided to choose life because of her. And I love her,

    By Tj on 05.04.2014

  7. My first date was with a boy at the tender age of sweet 14. We sat in the movie theatre and watched the simpson’s movie and all I could do was stare into his eyes while he stared into mine. Have I ever mentioned that we lived 500 miles away from each other and I met him, in person, for the first time that day?

    By Heidi P. on 05.04.2014

  8. It begins anew.
    The flowers bloom, the mature, the grow strong.
    They hit their prime and are as beautiful as they are powerful.
    But this flower never wilts.
    It won’t.
    This flower is mine, and time can’t take it from me.
    It’s mine until I’m pushing them back up.
    It begins anew.

    By T on 05.04.2014

  9. Dating. Why is everybody so obsessed with finding their perfect match these days even if they have to go through countless horrible dates just to find the one? It will be a lot easier if you just wait for the right person to find you.

    By Sarah on 05.04.2014

  10. It wasn’t a requirement of decency but he’d be a fool not to admit that certain relationships– even theirs– are prone to society’s customs. So, he took him out dating– much to his disgust, and much to his amusement.

    By Peskiper on 05.04.2014

  11. They’d been dating for less than a month when Carmen knew, deep in her bones, that she was her one, her only, the one with whom she would spend the rest of her life.
    Unfortunately for her, no one told Alice.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.04.2014

  12. dating is a tough thing to do. for one thing you never want to hurt someones feeling and another thing is you dont want to get too attatched right away. sometimes I dont even like to go dating, its a lot of work. but who knows? maybe one day you’ll meet the one… you might even meet the definitely wrong one and they’ll lead you in the direction of the right one

    By kai on 05.04.2014

  13. We’d found the bones, back when we’d thought they meant something. The sad thing is, we really thought that they’d make something of us. But when the results from the carbon dating came back, well, that was the end of that.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.04.2014

  14. It was hard for her to say they were dating sometimes.

    On good days it felt like a fantasy, how he’d convince her to call in sick between quick, playful kisses and they’d have Netflix marathons that would last days, living off of whatever was in the kitchen, usually peanut butter and diet Coke. Other days it felt like they were just really good roommates, ones who’ve learned everything about each other as to not step on toes and slept in the same bed, but with a large gap between them as he’d tell her about how he only felt half-alive.

    By Jessyca (@goawayjess) on 05.04.2014

  15. To be yourself. Not to win the other’s heart. But to not lose your mind at the end of it all.

    By Sara on 05.04.2014

  16. likely I have not finished
    this poem last night
    the idea seems vanished
    left this paper in plain white
    like those words fled away
    when we were dating
    we could not even saying
    good bye on that Christmas day

    By Eligia V. A. on 05.04.2014

  17. he was standing near the door way, greased hair and a loose fitting shirt. i held my breath, fingers trembling as i grasped the door handle. summoning my courage i opened the door. Submerging myself into a new part of my life.

    By Jack on 05.04.2014

  18. They did know, they had touched souls and had smiled in that moment. Though, a trial was to be faced – they had to step through the enchanted forest called “date”. They had to weave through lies and falsities, to be patient below and above the mist that blurred the truth. They couldn’t see their souls through this most and so all truth of their love was obscured. Could they still make it through this treachery?

    By Jose on 05.04.2014

  19. She hated dating. It seemed pointless to her. She didn’t understand the point of going out and eating or seeing a movie with someone whom you feel you could fall in love with easily and then maybe get married a little ways down when you could do that with your friends and not have to worry about your heart getting thrown in the dirt at the end.

    By Bristol on 05.04.2014

  20. The town slept like the weary. Cries of anguish had been replace by a confused, defeated silence. It had been too much. First the fire that devoured the pub and Perry Keye’s butcher shop and now this, just one week later. This not quite believable, terrible happening. Like any twenty four year old on the land he been pushing the boundaries and dating with death here and there. Just the usual stuff like drag racing out on the Peterson farm and clowning around with rifles while he was out roo shooting with the Mason boys, but no one ever expected this. No. Angela Leary had never imagined that she would find Allan Piper hung from a tree with an arrow through his heart.

    By bb333 on 05.04.2014

  21. I once knew a man called The Doctor, at one point I guess you could consider we were together. We traveled among the stars, explored places never traveled by man. We’ve seen the impossible. By unfortanate events, we were seperated. Now I’m spending my life trying to get back to him, The Doctor and Rose in the tardis, as it should be.

    By kaylee URL on 05.04.2014

  22. Dating is a word that’s not in my vocabulary. To me, dating is finding out when something was made or when it first came into this void we call earth. It’s not the process of searching to find one whose heart will “fit yours perfectly.” It’s not the cuddles or the kisses you get that lead you to wanting to spend the rest of your life with a person. It’s not the fun hobby that so many young people engage in, thinking it’s just that a hobby.

    By Franny on 05.04.2014

  23. i was not connecting. my anecdotes contained references that no one got. it wasn’t just pop culture, but what i thought were the rock solid underpinnings of conversation – music, the arts, but my references just lay there like stones before my younger companions.

    By Lee on 05.04.2014

  24. Oh to be young again when dating was so exciting. You can’t beat the feeling of getting ready to go out on a special date with a new boyfriend.

    By Alexandra on 05.04.2014

  25. I began dating in high school. The scene was not one to my liking. Pressure built and I stumbled. College dating seemed more straight-forward, but I still lacked finesse. I’d sooner not date.

    By judyb on 05.04.2014

  26. Dating is the only thing that I am afraid of. In all the things that pass through my life, dating is the only that tears me apart. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

    By Stephen Forstmeier on 05.04.2014

  27. When you meet someone and hope to get laid or a relationship.
    You go out and eat or drink something and talk about interests and see if you fit together or not. Can be fun or disapointing. Depends on the person. Today made via the Internet.

    By Marquis on 05.04.2014