August 17th, 2015

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71 Responses to “longing”

  1. I am longing for a longtime friend. I am looking forward to their visit!

    By Celeste Pinckney on 08.18.2015

  2. The girl never really understood what longing means… until she saw the back of the boy slowly walking away, and heard the quiet steps he make resounding in her ears. The sound of longing.

    By Wil URL on 08.18.2015

  3. She hasn’t heard any news from him since last week. She’s starting to worry if she had offended him, whether she had said something which enraged his senses for him not to respond to her texts. Of course, she knew it was something deeper than that. She only agreed on this date in the first place because her friend told her to. Sort of like a testing ground whether he would make the cut or not–and he did make the cut–but it was also the same for him. The roles have been reversed. Instead of him circling around her palms, it was her who was longing for him even more than she imagined it should be. He had her, and he had her good.

    By nom de luc URL on 08.18.2015

  4. The longing she felt was so overpowering that she knew one day it would come to be. He would come into her life, but when? That was the question.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.18.2015

  5. Longing

    I’ve been longing to see you for what seem’s like forever.

    It’s been so long i don’t seem to remember.

    What you look like.

    -the end

    By the end on 08.18.2015

  6. People long for many thing. They may long for a loved one or a pet. But who ever heard of longing for a tree or flower. We long for the important things but we never long for the little things. So next time you see a little flower die think about how important that little flower really is.

    By Alisha W. URL on 08.18.2015

  7. Perseverance, don’t give, up. Craving, Demanding. Wanting Something.

    By Jeremiah on 08.18.2015

  8. My One Word for today is Longing. I suppose you could say I have a longing to better myself and improve my lifestyle but really really struggle at sticking to any written or desired goals. I long to be a fitter, healthier person but mental health always kicks me down once I’ve come up with sustainable plans for doing this. I have a longing to improve almost every aspect of my life.

    By Julie on 08.18.2015

  9. longing is hunger

    By camry URL on 08.18.2015

  10. When I think of longing I think of Daniel. He was in captivity in Babylon. He longed for Isreal and couldn’t wait to return.

    By Haleigh on 08.18.2015

  11. There is no longing here only the absence of want or need. Desire evaporates.
    “Utopia,” they proclaim, “isn’t it perfect!” Of course it’d be phrased rhetorically.
    But I know better, as there is no such place and that is the longest running joke.

    By Intuition on 08.18.2015

  12. It seeps out with every heaving breath, slithers its way out of me with every step, every motion, every thought.

    And soon, I will be empty.

    The needle’s going down, down, down; I’m running on fumes and my body screams for rest (rest, and more rest).

    But the fight isn’t over yet and I have to hurry if I want my reward.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 08.18.2015

  13. He, I think, is my sun and moon. I do love him. But I long for that romance that we use to have. I wonder where it went.

    By Boo on 08.18.2015

  14. Once wet and juicy, it had slowly given up its moisture, darkened and dried, pretending to be as the dust that surrounded it. How it came to live in such inhabitable conditions is a mystery, but still it persisted. Still it remained. Because it was hardy. It was true. It was. How could it be anything beyond its nature? And like the succulent that waits for the rain – its only purpose is to be filled… and then to bloom.

    By Matthew on 08.18.2015

  15. Longing is what you feel when the tide is at its lowest point. Longing is the taste of a meal your mother used to make that you can never quite replicate.

    By Allison on 08.18.2015

  16. I long for the days when I could go outside and dig in the dirt, add water and make Gilligan’s Island in the mud. I longed to be on that actual island, in the tiny boat floating in my tiny pond. There was nothing else to worry about in the world, nothing at all.

    By Shadorma on 08.18.2015

  17. Longing, a terrible and awesome feeling. We long for love, we long for comfort, sometimes we long to be alone amongst a crowd of strangers. I, right now, long for happiness.

    By Pete on 08.18.2015

  18. I feel longing my mother. She dead at past two years old. She was an angel.

    By Jéssica on 08.18.2015

  19. there are so many times that I just want to punch a wall and feel the ripple of bones shattering throughout my hand, into my wrist, and thn crumbling throughout my entire body.

    By Lydia URL on 08.18.2015

  20. The moments in which we stand, watching people and things, but never really seeing them are the moments we never really recognize ourselves because we’re too busy not noticing anything else.

    By Lydia on 08.18.2015

  21. Who is this person I’ve become, that I don’t recognize? When I was born, was there a seed in my brain that contained this ridiculous person, a seed that sprouted a neuroses, mind-shackles like a slow death sentence that unfurled as I grew, its sneaky tendrils like SEALs on a mission, in this case to conquer my garden of Eden, now run by despotic serpents?

    By Nada on 08.18.2015

  22. There’s no denying the look in his eyes; there’s no denying that longing.

    “Astor, please,” he whispers. “This is what I want. This is what I’ve wanted for so long now.”

    By Julia A. URL on 08.18.2015

  23. I have been longing for the Paradise to come soon and there will be no more sickness or death. The animals will be nice to humans. I am longing for the paradise.

    By Becca Seale on 08.18.2015

  24. for the summer

    By Ale on 08.18.2015

  25. She sat at the window longing for the chocolate bar and a milkshake, but she didn’t know that they were poisoned.

    By Miss Madelle on 08.18.2015

  26. Everytime he lay in his bed, he tought about her. About her touching his hand. About his hand covering hers. He knew what that was: It was longing. He was longing for her so badly. He also knew that was dangerous. For both of them.

    By Kathrin on 08.18.2015

  27. I can’t believe shes gone
    it was a few days, or maybe weeks.
    She was gone as quick as she came

    By Michaela on 08.18.2015

  28. for a long time now, I have been longing to have a deserted island all to myself!

    By Malia Cook on 08.18.2015

  29. I’ve been longing to leave this place forever. The wallpaper is peeling and the floor smells of urine. But I can’t leave, they watch the windows, they watch my every move.

    By odaniel on 08.18.2015

  30. Its a constant piece of embedded glass in his heart, digging deeper at every glance. The worse of it all is that instead of digging in to rip it out, he only presses it more, trying to make the pain fade by wish, always, for more.

    By Dipuc on 08.18.2015

  31. I am longing for sleep and an end to this dreadful work.

    By ajreed on 08.18.2015