August 16th, 2015

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57 Responses to “undo”

  1. “What you do with it is, you get rid of it!” Matt growled. “Rub it down with some canned tuna to smudge any prints, wrap it in paper towels and lock it in a heavy toolbox, then chuck that sucker in a deep river so it will never wash up on shore.” His hair, long and frazzled like a psychedelic willow tree, shook as he spoke, and he snapped his fingers for effect as he pointed at Doyle’s face to make one more point. “But remember, these guys have planned this down to the last detail: it’s scripted like an episode of some TV show. You will not be able to stop them, or undo what they have done. Your only hope for survival is to derail it, to deflect it onto someone else. Only then can you crawl out from under, and maybe survive!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.17.2015

  2. Her fiery red hair that was once secured in a long braid was now all tangled in a fiery red mess. She was grinning with her lipstick smeared towards the side of her lips, laying on the bed with her golden buttons undone. Her crown was on the floor. Her long and hand-embroidered silky chiffon gown was crumpled up by his hands. “But are you sure, my queen…”, he was silenced by his honour, which then led to a rosy pink lighted dawn filled with passions and desires.

    By abigail rae on 08.17.2015

  3. she sat in the parked car, in the rain, waiting for him to leave the pharmacy. it was taking a while, which was fine, because she had an awful lot to think about. she had an awful lot to regret, so when alone, she was never bored. always something to wish she hadn’t done, always something she wished she could undo. she filled her empty hours with her past failings.

    By Benjie URL on 08.17.2015

  4. I was in a panic when I arose from my bed. The air was filtering through my window as it always does, my stepdads heavy footsteps came down the stair case monday through friday like clockwork. Everything was distinctly yet eerily untouched, but I was undone. Could it have been a nightmare? I wasnt wearing the matching boxer shorts and silk shirt I put myself to bed in, there were no traces that I experienced the horrible events my mind clung to except for a moon shaped bruise on my wrist and this baseball tee I was sleeping in.

    By AshleyKay URL on 08.17.2015

  5. All you have to do to undo what you ahve done to yourself and your future is to think that you have. think good positive things in light of your life and good things will happen to you.

    By trkstr67 URL on 08.17.2015

  6. I wish we could undo the things we have done. But the life we live we must remain thinking we should have no regrets. You were the only right thing in my life, and that love is something i would never want to rewrite or undo. You were my masterpiece.

    By Keila_Rider URL on 08.17.2015

  7. I wish we could undo the things we have done. But the life we live we must remain thinking we should have no regrets. You were the only right thing in my life, and that love is something i would never want to rewrite or undo. You were colorful art in a world full of grey coloring.

    By Keila_Rider URL on 08.17.2015

  8. I wish I could make this terrible mistake undone. When I looked at the screen and saw his picture on the news, all I thought about was his hand in mine, his warm lips and soft blue eyes. I never saw the horror behind them, but all the others did.
    I see myself walking to the police station, all the time looking behind me. I feel the fear in my stomach,

    By Annie on 08.17.2015

  9. to undo is to unmake. It is to disintegrate, to reverse, to make good or to dismantle. This can be either permanent or transient. To undo does not strictly mean to delete.

    By Yann on 08.17.2015

  10. Undo i play puzzle games on the computer when i lose i have to undo the puzzle

    By Tanis URL on 08.17.2015

  11. “The crime you can’t undo.” He said in a low raspy voice. He didn’t know the old man but he was right. It was to late.

    By Zeila Stardust URL on 08.17.2015

  12. If she could she would undo the spell she cast. But it was too late and she could not find a spell to udo the one she had cast.

    By JerriBeth1 URL on 08.17.2015

  13. Fly. Be invisible. Super strong!

    Not me. My superpower would be to undo.

    Not the chance to make fewer mistakes, but to make more of them.

    To risk, to take chances, to not just hope and dream, but to reach and do.

    I wouldn’t undo heartbreak, I would undo causing it. I wouldn’t undo mistakes, I would undo harm. I wouldn’t undo accidents, I would undo damage. I wouldn’t undo anger, I would undo fear.

    And then I would do.

    By Matthew URL on 08.17.2015

  14. I made a really bad mistake on the entry on my computer. I needed to undo what I had written, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it. I was nervous that my teacher would think I was stupid I ai asked her, so I asked my neighbor how to undo it and then I got in trouble for

    By Debbie on 08.17.2015

  15. undo mean’s to undo what you have already done. it’s a fine word,i really like it. it sound’s funny and weird i just really like it. it is a useful word. UNDO my favorite word, the best word in the world. probably the best in the whole universe.do you understand?

    By joshua lindsey on 08.17.2015

  16. i really made this in like 2 second’s it wasn’t that hard so i only made a little bit

    By caleb on 08.17.2015

  17. time floats away like a cloud that, i don’t know, also floats away
    i’m bad at similes i’m bad at puns
    i can’t quite forgot forget undone
    if i can go back and take time to think
    like, be in the moment, but then that moment lasts forever
    i can undo some of the damage i’ve caused
    not to anyone in particular
    but in myself

    By matt on 08.17.2015