August 18th, 2015

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66 Responses to “fortress”


    “HA! I told you you should’ve went Paladin.”

    “But I like Assassins. I’m telling you, this game is broken Fiona.”

    “Oh please, not that excuse again. Give me that, let me try.”

    He gave the controller to her, and she took over on this role-playing game he’s playing. She went Paladin as she was telling him half an hour ago, and the game went by fast like a breeze from Link’s Gust Jar from Legend of Zelda.

    “Easy peasy.” she told him with a playful grin on her face.

    “Well, you already knew what to do, you were watching me how to get through that damn fortress for an hour now.” he replied.

    “I’m hungry. Let’s go grab some grub, Finn.”

    “Ok, after I pass through these Dark Woods.”

    She watched him play more as he went through the Dark Woods with her Paladin character, chuckling every now and then every time he did something stupid in-game. Playing games was not his forte, and she liked him for that. It’s one of those little quirks she treasures and won’t exchange it for anything else in this world, whether it be reality or fantasy.

    After he finished the game, they got up from the makeshift couch, wore their coats, and went outside holding hands by this chilly Saturday afternoon, looking for the nearest 7-Eleven they could find to grab some grub.

    By nom de luc URL on 08.19.2015

  2. The forest queen hid her kind from the crowd in her castle, protecting them among the tree fortress. She cannot understand why humans would even come up with the idea of deforestation. “My queen, you must stay strong for us. You must win this war for us.”, said a group of tree nymphs, presenting an armor they exquisitely built for their honor. They helped her to put it on – thick and sharp tree branches pointing out on the shoulders, poison ivy infused arrows attached to her back, venus flytrap bombs in her pockets waiting to attack – and as a final touch, her crown. The forest queen nodded, thanked her servants, and stepped out of the fortress. She has never been this ready.

    By abigail rae on 08.19.2015

  3. God is the only fortress we can lean on, and He is the only one we can trust to support us. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn more from Him and help our faith. We have to remember this.

    By Anna Carolina URL on 08.19.2015

  4. Her fortress was an old home built in 1897. Five bedrooms with three fireplaces, big back yard terracing down to woods and a creek.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.19.2015

  5. She propped her chin to look up at him. “What happens when we have to go to the bathroom?” He rolled his eyes and laughed, caressing her hair. “Yeah, OK, so we’ll plan a few missions to the bathroom and the kitchen too. But we need to stick together.” She smiled as she rubbed her face against his chest, happy to pretend that his bedroom was their fortress, and leaving was dangerous business.

    By Soft URL on 08.19.2015

  6. It was a place where we could hide. A place to to get away and have peace, but after the breakup it was a place of nightmares. A place of bad memories and broken hearts.

    By Tiamonique on 08.19.2015

  7. a camp full of solders to keep the enemies away.

    By ava on 08.19.2015

  8. Teenagers think their room is their fortress, but is it really? You see is it the kids who pay for the room and the insurance. No it isn’t so, it wouldn’t be correct to say my room my rules unless you actually pay for the room. I believe your fortress is your mind you can do what ever you want be whatever you want to become

    By Alisha W. URL on 08.19.2015

  9. The fortress was white with frost, iced through and through. I looked up at it and couldn’t repress a shiver of hope and fear intermingled. Would this be my saving or my death? Suffering or ultimate creation? Perhaps I was pinning too much on a building. But it was the epitome of the inhabitants. The image all saw when thinking of them. How could I not associate the two?

    By Percy on 08.19.2015

  10. God is my Fortress. He loves me and he will protect me. I am so thankful that he is my fortress without him I couldn’t live. :)

    By Haleigh on 08.19.2015

  11. The fortress was built in the centre of a valley. It was an odd place for a fortress – being accessible from above on all sides. But the people inside counted on their vulnerability to draw their enemies in, and then the feasting could begin.

    By Chris URL on 08.19.2015

  12. It is within my mind.
    There is darkness, it’s tempid.
    Every step is lured.
    Every step is cautioned.

    By cing on 08.19.2015

  13. My fortress is strong. My insides are weak. I built my army cell by cell. My turrets reach the sky, but there is no look-out standing atop them. Thieves search for weakened entrances. I can only see so much at once. If someone finds the cracks–even just one–I am through.

    By Stephanie URL on 08.19.2015

  14. Doyle was longing to return home for a shower and shave, but he presumed the place would be guarded like a fortress. He had asked Matt to go instead, hoping he would not attract as much attention, and he knew Matt had the skills to notice and evade anyone tailing him.
    Since only Matt knew his hotel, he did not think to check who it was who had knocked, and when he opened the door, a gun barrel pushed him back, closely followed by Lisa.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.19.2015

  15. Castle, Big, Bad, Stone Castle.

    By Jeremiah on 08.19.2015

  16. We rode towards through the quiet town. The citizens peaked through the windows as our army passed on its way to the fortress. It was the best of the castles to fight from. Sitting atop a hill with a river on one side, no enemy could make his way to it without being noticed and struck down.

    By ZebraToMexico on 08.19.2015

  17. I went over the wall and there was a castle with its fortresses standing as tall as the clouds. I sure wanted to go in the fortress but the big wooden door was locked. I decided to scale the wall and try to get up to the window at the top of the fortress. Maybe Rapunzel was at the top waiting for me.

    By Debbie on 08.19.2015

  18. I aproached the fortress with fear in my heart. I knew what awaited me inside. So many things had led up to this day. So many regrets. But I knew what I had to do.

    By Kiluwe Mbuyu on 08.19.2015

  19. I build a fortress in my soul with blocks created by my own design. But blocks designed by me are fragile and crumble. The blocks of God are solid and will not fail.

    By R D on 08.19.2015

  20. I built a fortress in my soul with blocks created by my own design. But blocks designed by me are fragile and crumble. The blocks of God are solid and will not fail.

    By rd on 08.19.2015

  21. already did the fortress one… new word please.. :)

    By rd on 08.19.2015

  22. A shield of courage, an armor of bravery and still the fortress was devoid of security.

    Insecurity heightened to abnormal levels today and the mythical swords and shields faded into nothingness.

    By kyungsoo on 08.19.2015

  23. Ok so maybe I’m failing to grasp how this site works, but I thought I typed my thoughts on one particular word for 60 seconds, and then next time I would get a new word. But apparently I just get “Fortress” every fucking time. Cool.

    By rd on 08.19.2015

  24. Isn’t a fortress a castle like place? I can’t see the timer and I’ve probably just wasted all the time I’ve had to write about a fortress wondering what a fortress actually is

    By Shannon on 08.19.2015

  25. I am here now in my fortress, which is owned by the bank but which I pretend is my own. From here, I am strong. I make my own decisions, march to my own tune, cry my own tears; no one gets in, not even you who love me.

    By nyla on 08.19.2015

  26. superman quickly flew to yet another persons rescue. someone had gotten caught in a wire surrounding a field full of cows. after saving them, he used his super speed to fly back to his fortress of solitude. when superman got there, he found that zod had beat him to it! he used his laser eyes to melt the ice zod stood on and zod fell to the ground. THE END

    By miranda on 08.19.2015