August 17th, 2015

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71 Responses to “longing”

  1. They say the man on the corner of seventh and Alistair had a longing for someone he had lost long ago. We didn’t know much else besides that. All I could wonder was how old the man really was, especially since he looked so young. But the way he talked made him sound almost fifty years older than he appeared. He told stories the way my grandfather would, years ago, when he would bounce me on his knee beside the fireplace as the blizzard raged outside his little house.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.17.2015

  2. you deftly undo
    my buttons
    that look
    makes me come
    fire and moonlight and magic
    seep from your
    silvery tongue

    By katiekieran URL on 08.17.2015

  3. It’s not just the time.

    Or even the years.

    It’s every minute, second, pause, breath …

    Every single one where I see the possibilities …

    and you’re right at the tip of my fingertips.

    By Simone on 08.17.2015

  4. There was ten minutes left of the game, the time was longing and longing, I reached up to stretch as I’m only in defence, when the ball came flying down the field into my hands. I raced up the field length wise, all the big heavy scary guys came running at me, I was aiming for a touchdown but, I got tackled to the ground I passed the ball before I hit the ground, I jumped up, ball came again I dropped kick and went to the finals. That was till I broke my leg and suffered till the end.

    By Anonymous on 08.17.2015

  5. Longing for something different. Maybe somewhere new or maybe somewhere wonderful and familiar. I’ve been in the same place too long. Time to move on and break free. Leave risk and fear behind and just live.

    By Jessy on 08.17.2015

  6. I saw his longing eyes draw a tear as the car pulled away, She just left he turned round and said to me why would she leave. Let’s track back to where this all started, it was a hot summers day me and my best friend joshie were walking on the beach the thing about joshie is I have a huge crush on him and sadly I’ve been friend zoned. The whole time he talks about this girl Jessica with her perfect hair her perfect skin and her perfect life, well enough with the perfects joshie saw her in her bright pink bikini and nearly went mad. I have to talk to her he he said in a love struck voice I don’t think that’s a good idea I say. Jessica is the most popular girl in the school and the only time she’s noticed joshie was to get him to do her homework. He ran up to her and a few moments later I saw her slip joshie a piece of paper tucked in her bikini. He ran back to me like a mad dog we’re going on a date he screamed and did a little victory dance. A date I thought this can’t end well. Joshie dragged me along to their date just in case anything went wrong. They went down to the beach and suddenly Jessica asked him to sing joshie has the worst singing voice in history he sang the final countdown like a dog being ran over or child who’s lollipops been stolen I love Jessica says do you have any originals well I have one bs said no not hallapaloza he started singing hallapaloza yeah do you like bananas your a big banana oh hallapaloza suddenly I saw the flash of a camera a saw a cellphone sticking out of the bush, Jessica got a text and said I’ve got to go joshie said what was it was it me and she said I guess it just wasn’t meant to be suddenly ten or so kids came laughing out of the bushes with cameras and a car came and picked them all up, some things just don’t work out the way you want them to be he said sadly.

    By Bb332158 on 08.17.2015

  7. tried of longing for what i will never have
    a wasted verb
    an idle session
    a filler for the mind
    when will living be more fulfilling
    as the days pass
    & anxiety senses proximity
    peace of mind heals like summer

    By Chelsey on 08.17.2015

  8. Her leggings were longing to be stretched beyond her imagination.

    By Krys on 08.17.2015

  9. She longed to be away from the boring, dry, and sunny suburbs. Longed to live in a tiny apartment in the city, living out her artistic dreams. But, for now, she sighed, daydreaming while she looked out of the small window next to her bland white bed.

    By Anonymous on 08.17.2015

  10. Hook woke up to the empty room and remembered. Emma was gone, she was the dark one and she was in some other world where he couldn’t summon her. When he was asleep, everything was fine, good even. It’s when he woke up and when he saw Henry that it was bad. Henry had a tendency to ask when they were going to get her back and have her not be the dark one. When, not if.

    By Molly on 08.17.2015

  11. Longing. We all long for something. We’re all longing to grasp that which may satiate the thirst in our heart, the hunger for meaning. We are all haunted by absurdity. We are drowning in a sea of chaos and pain. Our hands are clasping for air, clenching in fists, and we are tired, so tired of fighting against the waves. One day, we will succumb—whether self-propagated or through simply being exhausted by time, we will drown. Let go. Let go. Let go.

    By Aisha Momand on 08.17.2015

  12. I long for the sweet day when we were last together alone. We went to Qdoba and the park and, you offered me your jacket. You didn’t know how much it meant to me. I miss that day because now we barely talk, even though I see you everyday. Longing is not a sweet feeling.

    By Galya on 08.17.2015

  13. She didn’t see him again after that night. But all the while there was still betrayal in her marriage. It was hidden in the longing that had attached itself to the end of her breath, that followed her like a dark cloud. Some days it would descend in the form of a delicate touch or the burning memory of his voice urging her on; and other times it would crush her bones beneath the unbearable weight of departure, leaving her aching, gasping for air. It was so difficult to talk to her husband.

    By bb333 on 08.17.2015

  14. Sehensuck. That feeling of being awake and aware and ready for whatever’s going to come next, but also feeling scared that “it” will never come. Wanting to move forward but clinging to something wonderful, something delicious that happened on a yellow day.

    By Carley on 08.17.2015

  15. After I left the city, my heart felt dead without my sister. I never knew how much she meant to me. This longing feeling will never leave me. I know that I must leave the past and enter the future.

    By Mason on 08.17.2015

  16. diasporic longing, roots beyond the sea, but i want to love the ocean too even if it separates me from the me, the many mes I could have been, longing like sadness longing like joy longing like the lonely boat rides from the prisons just off the shore

    By Annie P URL on 08.17.2015

  17. I long for being carefree again. I long for the feeling when we first met where the days went on forever and nights were filled with parties and laughter. I long for not worrying about where our money was going to come from because if it didn’t come in we would just have to figure something else out. Longing is something that comes more with age. 10 years ago the only thing I longed for is more time.

    By desiree on 08.17.2015

  18. She stared at him. Unfeeling, Unwavering, Stoic, Nothing. There was no emotion. He felt nothing. But she did. She felt. Love, Affection, Worry, Want. But it was unrequited. And nothing could be done.

    By Shelly URL on 08.17.2015

  19. why? that was the question. Why were her feelings this way? Why did he not feel anything? Why did she yearn for him when he so openly despised her. She was stronger than want. She was stronger that longing. She was stronger than him. And her love was stronger than his hate.

    By Shelly URL on 08.17.2015

  20. longing means nothing to me. I mean nothing, all i did was longed for nothings that I will never have. I looked for things that I want and those are the things tha

    By asdqwe on 08.17.2015

  21. Want,
    To be
    They stop me.
    My hope,
    never fades.
    What I want,
    I will get.

    By Shelly URL on 08.17.2015

  22. Eventually, the longing stops, replaced by confusion and anger. Why didn’t you care enough? Did I do something wrong? It was me all along, wasn’t it? I brought upon this ruin, the chaos you jokes we wrought. But eventually, time goes on, the longing stops, and all that’s left is a black hole.

    By Ashi URL on 08.17.2015

  23. Deep desire for something. But I wish I knew what that something was. There’s this large soul-crushing weight of want in my heart, but for what I do not know. How do you long for something you don’t even know? Theoretically.

    By ManiYani on 08.17.2015

  24. Fire burning . sparks bouncing onto the cobble stone. ice cold hazelnut gelato. the finest kush that a pot head has ever seen. Note book. The only thing I miss is longing. I am belonging..and I miss longing. Or does longing miss me?

    By ajloopy URL on 08.17.2015

  25. I have a longing for the future. I long to live in a big city named after an apple, writing away the days of winter.
    My longest longing is to be away from these people who are so kind to me. I don’t know why, they are so nice but so overbearing. I will miss them for sure because they are my life, but I have to move on sometime, right? I breaks me that I will leave them but the thought of living alone makes me be put right back together again.

    By AmeliaBroughton on 08.17.2015

  26. I had a longing to just mount my noble steed and gallop off to La-La Land. I had a longing to just be free to dream whatever I wanted to dream about instead of being yoked to school, work and no La-La Land, no Dream Land, no dreaming. I just had to be myself. So I broke free. I mounted my noble steed and we galloped off to La-La Land. After that, we galloped off to Dream Land. It was true bliss. It was my life.

    By DolphinDreams on 08.18.2015

  27. Although I haven’t seen my beautiful love in eight month, I still love her dearly and have much hope for us. I certainly have faith in her. We must stay strong in our distance, and we must be self-sufficient as human people.

    By Zachary on 08.18.2015

  28. is it my imagination
    is it reaction out of line
    could we make a strong connection
    or am i longing for time

    By matt on 08.18.2015

  29. To travel far and wide. To build the house to inspire all. To reach the top of a field of business. To feel true love. To be inspired.

    By Paula on 08.18.2015

  30. The two inches beyond my fingertips in the morning where you don’t exist yet, but make my body tingle and my heart ache anyway… like THAT. The endless vacuum that is so vast inside my small body, which like a needle to a balloon will one day prick. On that day in my universe, a big bang, and your arrival.

    By Abhineeta on 08.18.2015

  31. Waiting, watching, watching him show the love for another woman that should be me. Watching him place a loving kiss on her lips laughing about a private joke and making their plans for the future…family, friends, marriage. All of the things that we should’ve done.

    By Tiamonique on 08.18.2015

  32. It was sharp and painful, simultaneously as it was dull and gentle. She looked at him like he contained all the answers, as if his words could heal and contain the heartache in her soul. Which wasn’t a bad thing. The longing itself was fine. It’s what that feeling made her do that was the problem.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.18.2015

  33. you wanted someone that was specifically not me. what was i supposed to do? i think you might’ve expected me to want someone too specifically you to understand.

    By vina on 08.18.2015

  34. My life was a longing for greatness when I realized I was great the whole time. I just had to look around me and just take credit for just how awesome I was. And we are all awesome so just sit back and deal with it.

    By trkstr67 on 08.18.2015

  35. The sun is shining , the beaches are pristine, the water is bluer than blue, and the sky, oh my, the sky so clear and so blue, there is nothing more beautiful than the Greek beaches. Every summer I have this longing of Greece. Every summer my heart is miles away from here in the beautiful beaches of Greece. A longing that never goes away, even after I go there and come bak, I still long for the beautiful places and the beautiful country that’s called Greece.

    By mary URL on 08.18.2015

  36. I felt a longing to return to the mountains. Here in Florida, the land all around me was flat; the highest point in sight was a landfill. I wanted, yearned for the soft green folds of the New England mountains to pull around myself like a warm blanket, so I could feel safe again.

    By Annie on 08.18.2015

  37. There was a dull ache in her chest when he smiled. She tried to hide the bitter taste of jealousy behind a smile as he checked his phone for a new messages from his new girl. “How’s that going?” she tried to ask casually. When his smile faltered and he just shrugged, she cursed the new hope spreading like a virus within her.

    By Soft URL on 08.18.2015

  38. I am the type of person who always has the urge to travel. The feeling of longing for a vacation is painful sometimes because I don’t know when I can go on one. It needs synchronization. When everything lines up in place – work, school and family. All I can say is, “soon”.

    By abigail rae on 08.18.2015

  39. There was a longing behind her lips. A longing to say things she never felt confident of and there was hope in her eyes to say it.

    By saraheiser on 08.18.2015

  40. I am longing to be in a place where everything is super fantastice! I would like it to be

    By Celeste Pinckney on 08.18.2015