September 23rd, 2014

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94 Responses to “imagined”

  1. Imagined in the past tense of what we had dreamed, what we have felt, where we’ve been and where we want to go. It is limitless, something that can only be used to remind you what you wanted, compared to what you want now.

    By Brandon McGrath on 09.23.2014

  2. The winter palace of Erasmas was even more glorious than Shayla had imagined it to be. Its’ opulence seemed infused in every marble bust, in every burnished banister; had it been a person, it would have oozed from their every pore. Certainly there was no other place in the known world in which Queen Eriyna should call home.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.23.2014

  3. i closed my eyes and felt the orbs floating above me. their rainbow shadows seemed to wiggle into my pores, to become the shape of my smile. i reached up and touched one, and it balanced easily on my hand. inside, i gazed and saw eternity. inside, i gazed and saw anything i could dream of.

    By sunnysuraj on 09.23.2014

  4. “Wow,” Alex murmured. “I never would have imagined this happening in a hundred years.”

    Leslie shrugged and ran her fork around the edges of her plate. She knew that the chow mein she had bought at the food court was probably ice cold by now. Still, her appetite was almost nonexistent, and Alex was starting to look more and more imposing across from her at the table.

    “Maybe not,” she said. “But I’m standing by it. I’m sorry.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.23.2014

  5. I imagined this…right? How smashing it is just to be around one another, how much i really just wanted another person along the lines. And with all that imagination, I couldnt have imagined how life can be an amazing adventure…or maybe I’m just lying to myself. I can’t tell anymore. What’s real. What’s fake. All I can tell is that my imagination has just destroyed my sense of reality.

    By Andrea Diaz URL on 09.23.2014

  6. I imagined his breath on the back of a dragon’s neck. Where did we leave off? I think i’ve forgotten how to pick myself up. We existed so well.

    By Savannah Montgomery on 09.23.2014

  7. let’s imagine a plane
    running through you
    not like slicing through corded metal
    or the patriotism of thousands.
    let’s just imagine this plane
    and let it take us beyond these sharp jagged
    out of the ruin
    and into empty space.

    By Kairn on 09.23.2014

  8. I imagined a life together, with her. Perhaps some would have called it foolish, to think of such things so prematurely, but I think it not. For, if things had worked out the way I wanted them to, I would have been the more impassioned partner. And, wouldn’t she have wanted that anyway?

    If she didn’t, was she really right for me?

    By Iceman on 09.23.2014

  9. I imagined I could be anything.
    And I was.
    A wisp of wind,
    a campfire by the sea,
    a piece of fabric
    drifting away.
    But now I have to stop imagining.

    By Valkyrie URL on 09.24.2014

  10. ” IT’s fake.”

    “Whaddaya mean it’s fake? It’s right in front of you, this stuff is real!”

    “Ever heard of hoaxes?”

    “Yeah but-”

    “Exactly. This is a hoax.”

    By Mattoidneko on 09.24.2014

  11. When i’m borred or sad i love to imagine that i’m somewhere else. Like in Spain or something. Where it’s hot. Where you are with me.

    By ygkuyvl on 09.24.2014

  12. I imagined a man. My imagination is creative. We imagine a lot, ourselves, each other, relationship, status. Everything is an imagination and perception. Everything is up to our own minds. I just can’t seem to figure out which ones are real

    By dsadaq on 09.24.2014

  13. you can imagine great things u wish for, imagine more beautiful places than what you really are around. You can imagine horrible things that might happen to you. you can imagine what your future will look like and how u are gonna live

    By Anna Miilmann on 09.24.2014

  14. I imagined myself as a lumberjack the other day though i am very poor of my physical condition… Bu it seems as being less complex than being a lawyer :p

    By Sune URL on 09.24.2014

  15. I imagined myself being a horse. A big white horse. riding in Dyrehaven with horrible tourist in the cart.

    By hanne on 09.24.2014

  16. In life there’s a fine line, a brick wall more like it, between fantasy and reality. If you get to caught in your imagination you stop really living in your real life. See through your imagination with actions.

    By noonespecial URL on 09.24.2014

  17. imagined is something that is developed in the human brain. Imagine is the foundation of every possibility. Without it, we would have nothing.

    By Abdulla on 09.24.2014

  18. :D

    By Abdulla on 09.24.2014


    By Abdulla on 09.24.2014

  20. The national anthem of uganda is called imagination, or at least I imagine so. Because I have got much imagination.
    It’s also the theme of a south park episode called imaginationland 1,2 and 3.
    So that’s pretty cool.

    By Mary URL on 09.24.2014

  21. Imagined white, blurred images, when I saw the face of an angel. Dreams of bitter love and frightened lovers, standing close in lines of two. Holding hands, tight together.

    By Leajkk on 09.24.2014


    By Ramallah on 09.24.2014

  23. I imagined myself being a free man… But i had to do the exercies on p. 24 64. 89 and in fejlstøvsugeren….

    By Sune URL on 09.24.2014

  24. I once imagined my self being a turd. The turd was brown and aaaall around town! I ran up to daddy, as jolly as could be. But daddy said “EEW” and I found myself weep. They threw me out with despair, like garbage and without a care. Now I am just a turd at the state fair

    By LORT :D on 09.24.2014

  25. I could only imagined that all was well after some of the people could be seen emerging from the crumbled building. My greatest fear however was realised when, soon afterwards another earth tremor occurred.

    By victor URL on 09.24.2014

  26. I imagined today would be nice and sunny. I imagined I need to eat.

    By sam on 09.24.2014

  27. done

    By sam on 09.24.2014

  28. Did I think this was what I wanted? If I had imagined this as the outcome, would I have jumped? People talk about the life and how it is important to take risks. They make it sound like a good thing. Without taking chances life would be dull, it would not challenge you. But I would love to be drenched in dull now instead of this panic sweat that prickles my legs and makes me want to scratch my head, It is entirely willpower that is stopping me hopping on one foot and twitching, my nerves evidenced by the slow soft tapping of a middle finger on the table at every hundredth heartbeat.

    By Meredyth URL on 09.24.2014

  29. She never imagined that her feelings could run so deeply for a man who obviously could give two shits about her. What was wrong with her? She needed to really take a good look at herself.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.24.2014

  30. i imagined a wonderful family home with that warm and cosy feeling
    but i was wrong it was nothing like that

    By jade URL on 09.24.2014

  31. given information that will make problem in the work place

    By Rajesh on 09.24.2014

  32. I was imagined by God before he made me he imagined the way I would look, the way I would live, and he even imagined the family I would live with.

    By Amelia on 09.24.2014

  33. “We all once imagined about that fairy tale life” her mother answered, “But this is getting out of hand. No one runs away from their life hoping to find that life, especially no one at the age of seven.” She just stared are her mother. “She doesnt understand me” She thought to her-self “She just doesnt understand. I imagined that this would ending better.”

    By Amelia on 09.24.2014

  34. “I hadn’t imagined this.” She said as she stared blankly at her friend laying on the ground. ” I am sorry it was supposed to be just a prank. I never imagined you getting hurt.” “It’s alright” her friend replied, “We all thought it would be funny. Nobody thought it would end like this. I imagined us all laughing and getting each other back in a friendly way. But I guess Andrew had other ideas.” She continued while cupping her hand over the gun shot wound. “I love you so very much! Be strong my friend. I forgive you. It not your fault. Please never forget it’s not your fault.” Then she took her last breath and said. “See you soon in heaven.”

    By Amelia on 09.24.2014

  35. It was imagined as a much lighter task but they finished in a much farther date. Why would it take them so long to do such a simple thing? I mean, it’s not a difficult endeavor. But at least it was done.

    By trkstr67 on 09.24.2014

  36. Caleb Hill imagined that one day he would win the bass masters Classic on Lake Champlain on all smallys

    By Caleb on 09.24.2014

  37. It is amazing what the mind can dream up for. Imagination paints us so many pictures or what was, what has been, and what could be. Sadly, it seems our imaginations, once wrought with dragons, faeries and ghosts, become barren as we grow older. We’re too busy imagining what will happen to us in the future; imagining our possible failures, our downfalls, our suffering. We imagine the worst.

    By Patch on 09.24.2014

  38. One day I imagined that I could fly. If I could fly I would roam around with the birds and wave to people in airplanes. But oh how I would dearly miss the ground and freedom to run and roam.

    By Isabella on 09.24.2014

  39. I imagined this girl who could touch the sky, stars, and moon. she would float with the sun all around the world.she was a brave girl. I imagined

    By allie williams URL on 09.24.2014

  40. i may have imagined it all. that is what they all say. but you don’t know how real it felt. the euphoria and then the crashing down that followed it. the pain. how could i have made that up?

    By Anu on 09.24.2014