September 22nd, 2014

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73 Responses to “hardly”

  1. I hardly had a chance. She was pretty, well spoken, soft and kind. I mean, I might have had a chance if I had arrived sooner rather than later. But a girl like that… chances are she’s got a guy who’s equally handsome, well spoken, soft and kind.

    I hardly had a chance.

    By Iceman on 09.23.2014

  2. “you’ve done hardly anything to make me trust you,” he says, looking down at you with what is surely disgust.

    “but you’ve done a lot to make me distrust you, gourmet.”

    something inside you crumbles apart at those words, despite the truth in them.

    you open your mouth to protest, to insist that you are still trustworthy, but the one-eyed ghoul silences you with a look of pure, utter contempt.

    By laze URL on 09.23.2014

  3. he was hardly a pro at this, but his skillset made him a very skilled novice. She could hardly contain herself as he did his best to make sure she ended up very satisfied.

    By trkstr67 URL on 09.23.2014

  4. I Hardly know myself. I think I should study about humans in general and my Personality type (ENTP) specificly.

    By Ali on 09.23.2014

  5. The weather was hardly typical for a summer afternoon. Clouds covered the skyline and were bursting at the seem. They looked like they were ready to pop open and drop water all over the dried up dirt roads. People in the town were more then ready for this mid summer surprise. It had beet over a hundred degrees and dry for the past month. The city felt more like the desert and people were starting to walk around defeated by the dryness of the situation. Nobody who had lived there their whole life was use to such long drawn out days of hot temperatures. The rain and cool weather was welcomed with open arms by all. Greeting the clouds like a gift from God. As soon as the rain started to pour, people could be seen dancing in the streets.

    By Cris N URL on 09.23.2014

  6. I can hardly stand the fact that the grass on my neighbors lawn crisply sits a mere .3 inches above the rest of ours. who does he think he is, king mighty man of the Withering Grove community?!

    By david on 09.23.2014

  7. Jeanie looked up, the knife halfway to the cutting board.

    “What do you mean?” she said. “I hardly even started.”

    “I guess I should’ve said it earlier. I’m just not in the mood for meatloaf,” he said, eyes to the floor.

    She sighed and lay the knife flat on the board.

    By Yona URL on 09.23.2014

  8. I hardly ever stop singing. I sing while I do school. I sing while I do my chores. I sing while i am Showering. I sing when we are going for a car ride. Sometimes I even sing in my sleep.

    By Amelia on 09.23.2014

  9. u cant do something very good. I can hardly walk today

    By sam on 09.23.2014

  10. done

    By sam on 09.23.2014

  11. softly, he hammered the nail into the board. softly, the diamond cut the iron. softly, a punch shattered four ribs. softly, the plane crashed into the mountain. softly, my heart broke as you smiled. softly.

    By dominguez URL on 09.23.2014

  12. “There’s hardly any money or food left, Carol. I can’t just let us starve,” he said. She opened her mouth to retort, racking her brain for convincing platitudes. But as she watched him pack his mask and load his gun, she realized all those great sayings about the virtues of honesty wouldn’t help them much.

    By Soft URL on 09.23.2014

  13. Hardly. Hardly means when you don’t work that hard or you don’t do something as much as you can. I don’t know what else to write so I am going to write about food. Food is really good.

    By Megan on 09.23.2014

  14. homwork tests jym liten tomy parents geti

    By amber on 09.23.2014

  15. i hardly know what to know what to right about okayu i know i juast said that twice but im too lazy to fix it so yeah anyways i had a reallyt carzy dream yesterday its funny because i cant even remember what happen so but hardly means you cant or cant really i spelled alot of words wrong whoa oh my min is almost up
    ! tikes.

    By Abby on 09.23.2014

  16. i don’t hardly do homework and reading

    By bridgette on 09.23.2014

  17. nothing, something, ungreatful

    By Samantha on 09.23.2014

  18. I hardly want to go to school.

    By Anna on 09.23.2014

  19. I didn’t have enough time to tell him how much I loved him. There was hardly enough time to do anything. I couldn’t believe how betrayed I had felt. I realise now what I should’ve done. I shoul’dve thake the awaker from his hands fised the future forever. It would’ve been a happy ending that way. I would’ve been happy. Then I wouldn’t have lost him.

    By Samantha on 09.23.2014

  20. I could hardly get up this morning to go to stupid school i’m tired as heck and now i have to type on a stupid computer for a whole minute please leave me alone this is stupid goodbye.

    By steve perry on 09.23.2014

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    By miubdj on 09.23.2014

  22. laughing is hardly something to get in trouble about
    i mean really

    By jade URL on 09.23.2014

  23. i can hardly see why that guy is staring at me
    i am hardly good looking
    i look more like a goblin than a person

    By jade URL on 09.23.2014

  24. I hardly get to ever stay home alone. I hardly get to sleep over at a friend’s house. I hate it when I hardly get to do things.

    By allie williams URL on 09.23.2014

  25. Hardly, the boy could hardly believe he had won the art contest.

    By Jennifer England on 09.23.2014

  26. Its one word we use when we are hopeless.It has a negative sense but doesnt show that sense harshly.You can always use hardly instead of didnt.

    By Aandrew on 09.23.2014

  27. There is hardly anything I could possibly write about. It’s all too complicated to even put into words. I’m hollow and everything hurts. What could possibly be enough.

    By Lucian Petrova URL on 09.23.2014

  28. hardly means very little like if a girl tell you she hardly likes me then that means very little!

    By Shane Novak URL on 09.23.2014

  29. I can’t do that , I won’t do that , I can hardly reach that ,
    I hardly thought of that ,I can hardly tell that, I can hardly see
    That , I can hardly drive this thing , I can hardly see it ,

    By Emily Morris URL on 09.23.2014

  30. there’s hardly a word for what she’s feeling right now. she feels like she’s being completely ripped and torn apart, but she’s never felt more refreshed than she does now. she feels like she’s hanging on a limb, but she’d probably feel more breathless and free if only she knew how to let go. life is hardly a choice. it’s a place you just let yourself get lost in.

    By Jess URL on 09.23.2014

  31. It hardly seemed like an issue compared to the overall problem. People die every day, whats one more in the name of science?

    By Hank URL on 09.23.2014

  32. I could hardly tell what she wanted. She was behaving in a strange manner. She remained secluded and was trying to get away from me. I thought I hardly knew her, but she remained firm that she knew the whole of me. And I would exclaim, ” hmmpph, you know hardly know anything”.

    By typing monkey on 09.23.2014

  33. im hardly

    By The Muffinman on 09.24.2014