November 1st, 2015

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76 Responses to “forest”

  1. A forest is a place full of trees. Forest would be cool as a name. It’s a noun, I think, because it’s a place. I don’t know what else to write. I don’t no wut else 2 rite.

    By Amber on 11.02.2015

  2. It’s like walking through a dark green fog – miles and miles high. It’s a refreshing fog, this. I feel like I can breathe for the first time.

    By travellingmonkey on 11.02.2015

  3. the trees swung below my face and blurred my vision and i searched and searched for you but all i could see was a moonlit forest and pure metaphorical darkness.

    By no on 11.02.2015

  4. foxes flowers trees sunshine alone home grass me my boyfriend narcisius all them is beautiful

    By Ayan on 11.02.2015

  5. sun me cup of tea tree kiss lie down old ladies bicycle van gogh flower

    By Ayan on 11.02.2015

  6. When this thing started, they’d played with the truth like a game of hide and seek. Both of them knew it had been carefully hidden within a forest of charming lies. But six months later, she was exhausted and lost in the wilderness of his deception, and found herself no longer interested in finding his truth.

    By Soft URL on 11.02.2015

  7. There were birds in the forest. The birds were gathering nuts inm prepratrion for the cold winter. The birds were fighting the squirrels for the nuts as they are usually bigger and are more furoucious than the birds.

    By Kim on 11.02.2015

  8. in the forest cato lived until willow found him they ran away and married and lived happily ever after

    By mackenzie URL on 11.02.2015

  9. they camped out at the edge of the forest that is where the boy asked the girl to marry him she said yes but the sweetest thing was there kiss it was 2 minutes long they kissed over and over until they went to sleep the girl in the mans arms still in a half kiss

    By mackenzie URL on 11.02.2015

  10. In the forest, with Papa– hand holding hand, feet crunching beneath dried, cracked, veined leaves. Towards the dam and sunset rock– a snake lies there, indulging in the last burning rays of late fall.

    By Melissa on 11.02.2015

  11. the trees whipping through the wind
    that smell that you notice
    has a million different things that you van imagine
    adventures are created
    lost and may not be found
    HELP said the little boy.
    animals good and bad

    By Elle on 11.02.2015

  12. A forest is a green place with trees. In the forest one tree is named tree. He lives in the center of the forest. When he goes to sleep every night he sings. He sings, “Forests, forests, forests, are green and

    By Grace on 11.02.2015

  13. A lot of trees are in a forest. Forest can be scary, and forest can be friendly.

    By Mary-Reynolds LeBlanc on 11.02.2015

  14. once upon a time there was a girl and she was abandoned because here hair looked like a forest and no one wanted a person with bad hair she felt like one with the forest

    By Lilliefaye on 11.02.2015

  15. The trees are the greenest as they could ever be. Their shining in the moonlight and once again in the sun. You hear the beautiful birds singing.

    By Taylor on 11.02.2015

  16. The night was black, pitch black. I could hear the birds chirping, the leaves rustling behind me. I couldn’t see the green trees.

    By Corinne on 11.02.2015

  17. The red riding hood got into trouble as she ran away from the wolf in the forest. Forest o forest she says. Why do you have to be so dull and boring so she plants trees and then it looks better at the end. Then It will make the forest look all beutiful and it makes it looks pretty.

    By Elena on 11.02.2015

  18. the forest was a beautiful place to read. The leaves fell of her book, on the earth floor. Making no noise and no sudden movements. NO disruptions to the girl or the earth floor.

    By Mimi on 11.02.2015

  19. in the forest you see a world. a secret one. worlds of wonders and secrets that no one will know. your life is one step ahead in this majestic place and nothing can slow it down, slow you down. life is moving in fast motion.

    By Abby on 11.02.2015

  20. I walked and walked. It seemed to never end. I knew that I wouldn’t find him if i kept up at this pace. I lengthened my stride. I felt myself moving farther with each step. I was going to make it to him. that’s what I needed. I needed to see him. Just once more.

    By Mesa Martorell on 11.02.2015

  21. Her body was like the scented pine forest he would wander around as a child. Ever so often, he’d find new pathways and sometimes get lost.

    By Sonia on 11.02.2015

  22. He meticulously straightens every piece of cutlery, running systematically from right to left all around the table. Everyone stands in a huddle by the kitchen half-wall watching wide-eyed. When did they ever go to so much effort for anything?

    This had gone far beyond “putting their best foot forward” and fully into the realm of “pretend we’re civilized people (that we’re not)” How was this supposed to be an honest representation of them?

    “I think you’ve got everything covered…”

    “No! We need napkins. Real ones! Not paper towels!”

    Maybe, he had lost sight of the forest through all the trees.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 11.02.2015

  23. I was walking through the dark, humid forest. It was very dark except for the subtle beams of moonlight piercing through the leaves above me, which was just enough to guide me safely- but to where? Where was I going and how did I get here? Suddenly, it happened….

    By James Carr URL on 11.02.2015

  24. i walked into it and let it take over this time.

    By BeccaJean on 11.02.2015

  25. The forest was dark and creepy. The sun had yet to make an appearance, and the combination of clouds and ground fog made it look like something straight out of a fairy tale. I was waiting for an evil witch or a headless horseman to come jumping out at me at any moment. But I was only in the forest looking for truffles.

    By Marni on 11.02.2015

  26. Forest fire? Pfft, forest ICE is more like it! I mean, have you ever dreamed of trees on ICE!? It’s awesome

    By Bradley on 11.02.2015

  27. There are many trees that linger about.
    Some are tall,
    Some are stout,

    They are green.
    And smell of oak,
    Often times,
    They provide a shade cloak.

    The trees fill my lungs with oxygen.
    Reminding me what it is to be alive again.

    By EllieLily on 11.02.2015

  28. The forest is thickening before my eyes, as if months of growth are being documented via timelapse photography: the Morning Glory vines creeping up the trees like lies, choking them, silencing their truth so that I cannot hear it; their Heavenly Blue flowering, like his burgeoning harem; and the undergrowth, it swells above their desires as a canopy that hides them, keeping me from finding out.

    By Nada on 11.02.2015

  29. Why is still stuck on this word -____- maybe if I submit this it’ll give me the option of a new word?

    By Danny on 11.02.2015

  30. Back here again
    Much more than just a friend
    Green as far as I can see
    There is no end, nor would I wish there would be.

    By Daniel on 11.02.2015

  31. As I walked through the dark forest I felt as if someone was watching me. Maybe I was just crazy or maybe I’m not but I swear I saw someone or something move out in the distance. It was tall and skinny.

    By kgd on 11.02.2015

  32. She searched the forest for her love night and day she waited their at the tree stump where they first met. she waited for him to come back from his voyage. Years had gone by but she still waited patiently for her long lost love.

    By Bailey on 11.02.2015

  33. let me take a drive in the forest hills,
    pass my greetings over tea with j cole
    We cool though haters cutting lines
    We building houses with them lines
    to real to be true Tupac’s son,
    I’m a son of a God,
    With a gun,
    Too many puns be blazing
    This girls they weeding
    where’s my wedding cake,
    that big ass

    By maxwell URL on 11.02.2015

  34. Run forest run!

    By Mario Cabrera on 11.02.2015

  35. the forest is really dope. i like how quiet it is but nosey at the same time. i like trees big enough to wrap your hands around, and i like the ones that smell extra oak like. they’re sketchy sometimes cause you never know whats in them, but thats the cool mysterious part about them. however i never feel unsafe in forest, its just a dope place to relax at and appreciate.

    By dabby ramos URL on 11.02.2015

  36. My family likes to camp in the forest. We sleep in a tent and cook over a fire. We like to hike in the forest and look at trees. Sometimes we see animals. I like to go in the Fall to see the leaves change colors. It is beautiful.

    By Melissa on 11.02.2015